Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 32

Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 31

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Chapter 32

  After everyone left, Mu Suo and Little Flower appeared in the middle of the room. When everyone arrived earlier, Shi Luo forced Mu Suo and Little Flower to hide.

  Mu Suo squatted down and observed the blood on the ground.

  A small flower appeared in front of Mu Suo, its petals were about to fall off, slumping weakly.

  Mu Suo frowned, the expression on her face didn’t change, but her hand movements were much gentler. Mu Suo looked at the wilting little flower in the palm of her hand, then glanced at the blood on the ground.

  Her irritable mood was relieved quite a bit.

  The reason why was because Shi Luo and Little Flower were able to rely on Mother Shi, an ordinary person, who rescued them successfully.

  Mother Shi’s blood had a calming effect on the mutant mice, but unfortunately, the effect was too menial.

  When Mu Suo entered Shi Luo’s room, Shi Luo looked like she lost her soul. She looked out of the window and didn’t even say a word when she came in.

  Mu Suo hugged Shi Luo from behind, “Luo Luo…”

  Shi Luo moved, her face full of sadness, “If only I wasn’t here.”

  Shi Luo understood that if she didn’t exist, then there would be no damn abuse novel, and her mother wouldn’t have died, this all happened because of her!

  Mu Suo buried her head in Shi Luo’s neck. “Without you…” Mu Suo’s voice was light, as if she were saying something insignificant.

  “If there was no you, I wouldn’t have met you and wouldn’t have understood that there were still people in the world who likes me and treats me well…” Without you, I would never know the meaning of life.

  Mu Suo’s tone was still calm, but Shi Luo felt large drops of warm liquid falling on her neck. Clearly, her temperature wasn’t high, but Shi Luo felt hot.

  Shi Luo wanted to look back, but Mu Suo hugged her tightly, “Don’t look back.” I don’t want you to see me now.

  Shi Luo stopped, then realized that all her words denied her interactions and encounters with Mu Suo.

  ”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.” Shi Luo placed her hand on Mu Suo’s hand and said weakly, “I can’t forget my mother’s last smile. She must have been so happy to save her daughter, but I’m just a fake, I wasn’t worth it.” Shi Luo’s voice became more and more sad.

  ”Luo Luo…” Mu Suo didn’t know how to comfort Shi Luo.

  Shi Luo suddenly burst into tears, as if her tears would melt away all her pain and make all her pain flow out of her body via tears.

  Mu Suo held Shi Luo quietly, listening to Shi Luo’s cries, pain flashed across her face.

  ”Mu Suo…” When Shi Luo stopped, her hands and feet began to soften. “No matter what happens in the future, don’t hurt Dean Shi. I feel sorry for them.”

  Shi Luo has been avoiding this problem for so many years. She took someone else’s everything and numbed herself. This was only a novel that she had personally written, but she didn’t expect to steal someone else’s life.

  However, Shi Luo rarely used the things that originally belonged to Shi Luo. Shi Luo rode her bike to school, personally cleaned up her room, and cooked her own meals whenever she could. She never disturbed Mother Shi and Dean Shi. However, Shi Luo still felt guilty subconsciously about taking other people’s lives.

  If it was someone else, they might be okay occupying someone else’s body. But if you have any sense of guilt, you’ll undoubtedly treat that person’s parents twice as good to make up for it. However, based on Shi Luo’s life experience, she was unable to do that.

  Shi Luo grew up in an orphanage. For her, what she desired the most but never had, was familial affection. So, whenever she faced Mother Shi and Dean Shi, she always felt that she robbed others’ most precious thing. Thus, she kept on avoiding this issue.

  But it all ended the moment when Mother Shi bled out in her arms and died. She destroyed Mother Shi’s last hope.

  Shi Luo didn’t know that she was crying in Mu Suo’s arms. On the other hand, one person was silent, facing Elder Dean with a smile on his face.

  “You don’t have to think about that girl. We all agreed to the plan you came up with last time.” Elder Dean said and looked at Dean Shi.

  Dean Shi raised his head and looked at Elder Dean with a fiery gaze, “Give her to me!”

  Elder Dean murmured in his heart that he was really a freak. His wife tried her best to save their daughter, but he actually wanted to personally end his own daughter’s life.

  Elder Dean didn’t know that Dean Shi never felt that person was actually his daughter. Even if that imposter girl wasn’t involved, he would still make the same decision! For him, there were only two people in this world that was important to him. One was his wife while the other was his daughter who he has only met once. But now, they were all dead! He had no scruples! At first, he was worried about many things because his wife had a strange disease after giving birth to a child. So, he had to rely on his family. But now, he wasn’t afraid of anything.

  “When she was a child, she was still your daughter, wasn’t she?” Elder Dean sneered in his heart that illegitimate children were illegitimate children and were never meant to be of any importance.

  Dean Shi looked at Elder Dean as if looking at a dead man, “My daughter has been dead for more than 20 years.” Dean Shi said this word by word, revealing his scars that he kept hidden for many years.

  Elder Dean’s eyes widened as he stared at Dean Shi as if looking at a madman, “What are you talking about?”

  Dean Shi’s eyes were filled with bitter hatred, “What do you mean? You didn’t know? Oh, at that time, your ecstasy killed your reason.” Dean Shi said and approached Elder Dean step by step, “Then you know what? That girl was picked up by me later.”

  When Elder Dean heard this, he completely froze, “You! You’re a traitor to your family!!” Elder Dean thought about this disgrace and couldn’t help but curse.

  ”Family?” Dean Shi seemed to have thought of something and continued, “There’s also this family! If it weren’t for this damned place, I would have a gentle and lovely daughter. Now that this place has ruined everything in my life, why should I give anything back?” The Dean was already in a state of madness.

  Elder Dean obviously could tell he was up to something, “You, what are you…what are you going to do! Didn’t the family give you so much? You became the Dean of the Shi family even though you’re an illegitimate child! What else do you want?”

  ”Dean? Can being Dean return my wife and daughter to me?” The Dean looked at Elder Dean and continued, “I will not do anything to you. Just do what your so-called family has done to me. You can see with your own eyes of the things most important to you being destroyed little by little…”

  ”You madman! Madman!” Elder Dean’s forehead burst out with blue veins, and his face became completely black.

  Dean Shi glanced at the triggered Elder Dean. “Take good care of him. He must live before the Shi family is destroyed.”

Author’s Notes:

I wrote this chapter while crying. As for what the writing looks like, I don’t know how it looks. The author is easily tearful and really can’t bear to write even a little abusively…

Tomorrow will be a double update because I swore that whenever a cat touches me…I will do a double release and at last it happened! O(∩_∩)O

Also, thank you for all the donations! ~Memeda~

Novi’s Notes: Sorry for the delay release.

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