Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 34

Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 33

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Executive Summary: [Pokes with finger] Sorry, I was so sleepy that I accidentally fell asleep, so this came very late! –Mancheng Shiguang1This is the author btw

Chapter 34

   ”What did you say?” Shi Luo was startled.

  Mu Suo knew that Shi Luo would react like this, so she repeated herself again, “Dean Shi wants to destroy the Shi Family’s Research Institute…”

  Shi Luo became depressed. She knew the reason why, and who the Dean hates the most, it was her.

  “The Shi family isn’t easy to destroy.” Mu Suo tried to change the subject, “Luo Luo, how about we leave the Shi family?”

  Shi Luo looked up at Mu Suo and replied, “How do we leave the Shi family?”

  Mu Suo hugged Shi Luo, “It’s definitely possible. During this time, the Dean shouldn’t come looking for us to cause trouble. After all, he wants to destroy the Shi family. The first thing he will destroy is the Shi family’s Central Laboratory. He won’t make a move until he accomplishes that goal.”

  Mu Suo’s words reminded Shi Luo, the Central Laboratory!

  ”Mu Suo, can you take me out right now?” Shi Luo eagerly asked Mu Suo.

  Although Mu Suo didn’t understand what Shi Luo wanted to do, she was still unwilling to refuse Shi Luo’s request, “Yes.”

  ”Let’s go to the Central Laboratory! There might be something wrong there!”

  ”Ding…” Before Shi Luo finished her words, someone came in.

  The person who just entered was obviously surprised to see Mu Suo, “Who are you? How did you get here?”

  Before Mu Suo could reply, Shi Luo grabbed Mu Suo and asked, “Who are you?”

  “Eldest Miss, the Dean asked me to come pick you up to see him.” It was obvious that the person who arrived was a little more respectful towards Shi Luo.

  ”Luo Luo.” Mu Suo held Shi Luo’s hand, she didn’t think that Dean Shi had good intentions towards Shi Luo.

  ”Let’s go then.” She will go because she owes two lives to his family. One is the person who she’s occupying, that is his daughter, and the other was Mother Shi…

  Mu Suo looked at Shi Luo, “It’s dangerous, you know?”  

  Shi Luo nodded. “But I have to go.” Shi Luo insisted.

  Mu Suo looked deeply at Shi Luo and finally said reluctantly, “Go.”

  When Shi Luo walked halfway there, she realized that the direction she was going wasn’t towards Dean Shi’s exclusive courtyard.

  ”Where are we going?” Shi Luo asked.

  Just now, the person replied in a good mood, “The Central Laboratory.”

  As soon as Shi Luo heard the location, she only had one feeling, was the off-track plot trying to fix itself?

  Sure enough, as soon as she arrived at the laboratory, the Dean was facing a group of senior researchers.

  ”Dean, is it true this time?” An elder saw Shi Luo’s figure and stood up excitedly.

  I have a bad feeling.

  Sure enough, Dean Shi directly confronted the group of people without looking at her with a smile and said, “This is the result of my careful consideration, we should sacrifice one in order to complete the revival of the whole family.” 

  Shi Luo was stunned by what she heard. She didn’t understand what Dean Shi meant. Didn’t he want to destroy the Shi family? Why did he need her here to complete the revival of the Shi family?

  ”Thank you, Dean!” A group of old people gathered around and surrounded Shi Luo. In an instant, Shi Luo had a bad premonition, why does she feel that she’s been sold!

  On the other side, Dean Shi spoke, “Then send her into the final system.” At this time, Shi Luo met Dean Shi’s emotionless eyes.

  Although Shi Luo didn’t know what he meant, she knew that it wasn’t something good.

  The elders were extremely excited. “Our family’s dream is finally coming true!”

  Shi Luo felt uncomfortable, but she didn’t resist. She thought this outcome was okay as long as it eliminated the guilt in her heart.

  If she dies, then everything will be over.

  Shi Luo didn’t resist, and resistance was futile regardless. She was taken away.

  In the corner, Little Flower docilely looked towards Shi Luo, who was obedient in the face of death, and its owner’s face, which was so black that she dripped ink. It could only say that Shi Luo is clearly facing a big disaster ah! Why wasn’t she being considerate for its owner, who obviously lacked love and calcium?2I think the Little Flower mentioned calcium cause it was mentioned a lot that it was a bone flower. So, all these organisms that live in Mu Suo are probably formed from her bones, etc.

  Should it be reminded now that it would be regretful if it doesn’t catch up to her in a while?

  After thinking about it, its owner beside it chased after her!

  It knows that it was only grass in its owner’s heart, but Shi Luo was a treasure ah! It really wanted to burn itself, it actually wanted to remind its owner!3Little Flower wanted to remind Mu Suo not to act so rashly but didn’t wanna be burned by its careful consideration towards its master.

  Shi Luo suddenly turned her head, Mu Suo is here?

  Her right hand was held.

  ”Keep going.” The people who took her looked at her.

  Shi Luo broke free from Mu Suo’s hand. It was already at this point. It was impossible to escape. Most importantly, she didn’t want Mu Suo to reveal her identity.

  Mu Suo stubbornly grabbed Shi Luo and looked at Shi Luo with sad eyes.

  ”Let go, maybe this is what I want the most.” Shi Luo said.

  Mu Suo was stunned for a moment, then when her hand lost contact, Mu Suo and the Little Flower watched Shi Luo disappeared in front of them.

  Little Flower glanced at Mu Suo, who became gloomy, and silently closed its petals, hoping that she wouldn’t harm those who were innocent!

  On the other side, everyone was excitedly looking at this big scene!

  “Next we will witness a miracle! Think about it, how many years have passed! How many years has it been since! We can finally see it today!” An old researcher said excitedly.

  “Come on, the results are still unknown. After all, there are no traces of that thing in Shi Luo’s body.” Another calmer researcher said.

  “It doesn’t matter. We all knew that at that time it didn’t matter if it didn’t succeed. Anyway, it was the result of the Dean’s selfless contribution.”

  Dean Shi, who was at the side, looked at Shi Luo, who already walked in, without any expression.

  There was no joy in his heart.

  He still remembers the excitement and joy of two people when they learned that they were going to have a child. From the day they knew about the child, the two people began prenatal education and planned their future lives.

  When he knew that he was going to have a daughter, the Dean thought to himself that his daughter must live like a princess.

  In the end, the two held another child that wasn’t theirs and cried.

  No matter how much they looked, they both knew that she wasn’t their baby girl.

  At the beginning, Dean Shi was repulsed, but as time went by slowly, his love for his daughter slowly was transferred to this girl who looked exactly like his daughter.

  Dean Shi knew that he was looking for somewhere to store his love for his daughter.

  The moment Shi Luo walked in, Dean Shi’s heart suddenly hurt.

  Dean Shi no longer cared, all of his attention was focused on the people outside. He thought that all of this would be over soon. He will soon have revenge and will be reunited with his wife and daughter.

Novi’s Notes: So, last chapter…does that mean Mu Suo killed the male lead out of anger and fed it to her Little Flower??? LOL Goodbye male lead, we will never know you. Sorry about the lack of updates on my site, been struggling with life. Hadn’t found a job since I was laid off from COVID back in March.

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