Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 35

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Proofread by Nesryn

Executive Summary: I’ll definitely be back. Well, that phrase definitely sounds like a catchphrase. –Shi Luo

Chapter 35

  Suddenly, some of the researchers began to scream, “Look! Look! She’s floating!”

  The other researchers focused on the girl floating in the air with her eyes closed on the big screen.

  They knew that this method has never been used! But it was sure to succeed!

  Different from the people’s feelings, the Dean’s jaw dropped. How could this be possible? How could she possibly be floating inside!!

  Wasn’t she just an undercover agent? So, how could she float!

  When Shi Luo on the screen stopped floating and was still in mid-air, everyone was surprised and exclaimed, “What’s going on?”

  Then, they saw another girl appear on the screen, with long hair reaching to her waist and a long white dress. When they raised their eyes and looked towards them, her entire body exuded a haze!

  ”Who is she?” The crowd boiled, “How did she get in?”

  Dean Shi’s mind was now filled with the image of Shi Luo floating in the air, that same image coincided with the little figure that floated in the air many years ago!

  At that time, the Dean recalled his wife’s smile before her death again.

  Dean Shi glanced at the group of excited people, then walked out.

  “Dean, why did you come out? Everything you said has been done, we are waiting for your order!”

  ”Rescue Shi Luo in a while!” Dean Shi ordered.

  ”But Dean, your plan wasn’t…” The person was obviously surprised by Dean Shi’s decision.

  ”…” The Dean looked at him in warning, then entered the laboratory.

  The sudden appearance of the girl prevented Shi Luo from continuing onwards towards the center of the laboratory.

  ”What should we do now? How did that girl get in?” The crowd shouted.

  ”No matter how she got in, get her out first!”

  ”It will be safer for her to stay there for the time being, and I don’t think we have time for that.” Dean Shi slowly walked in front of the screen and said.

  ”What do you mean?!” The crowd obviously felt that something was wrong with the Dean.

  ”Literally.” The Dean sat down after speaking.

  And then, everyone smelled something strange.

  “What’s this?” Someone sniffed twice, then said, “It’s fire!”

  “What are you doing? Why is there a fire in the laboratory!” All of a sudden, the group got angry, “Don’t you know this is the laboratory?!”

  The Dean’s face didn’t change, “It’s because it is the laboratory.”

  The crowd’s expression differed and were colorful.

  “You’re playing dirty!” Everyone then reacted! He actually sacrificed his daughter in order to gain their attention, then caused a fire! This will destroy the Shi family ah!

  Dean Shi laughed, “Now it’s too late to escape.”

  The crowd glanced at the girl on the screen who held another girl in her arms, then looked at Dean Shi, who obviously looked a little crazy in front of them. Everything was stored here, and he wasn’t afraid of burning it up! The crowd began to scatter!

  Dean Shi looked at the pale girl with her eyes closed on the screen with complicated eyes.

  Mu Suo hugged Shi Luo, who was pale and had her eyes quietly closed and was unconscious. Mu Suo’s whole person was gloomy and terrifying.

  Little Flower desperately tried to open the door of the laboratory but discovered that it couldn’t open it.

  Mu Suo’s body was getting colder and colder.

  “Master, the door won’t open…and the situation outside isn’t looking good…” Little Flower closed its petals, it knew that it would die if it continued!

  “Mu Suo?” Just when Little Flower was about to accept its Master’s abuse, an angel-like voice rang before Little Flower.

  Mu Suo lowered her head, ecstatic, and looked at Shi Luo in her arms.

  However, Shi Luo’s eyes were still closed, and her face looked quiet and serene.

  “Mu Suo…” The voice sounded again, and Mu Suo was confident that it wasn’t her imagination.

  ”Luo Luo?” Mu Suo’s voice trembled a little.

  Shi Luo looked at the Mu Suo who was like this and felt guilty. “Mu Suo, don’t be afraid. I’m by your side.”  

  Mu Suo looked around and saw nothing.

  “I don’t know what happened? Anyway, I’m standing beside you watching you hold my body…” Shi Luo said.

  ”Luo Luo…” Mu Suo’s voice trembled, looking extremely fragile.

  Shi Luo felt uncomfortable, looking at such a fragile Mu Suo, she couldn’t help but feel distressed and sad.

  ”Don’t be afraid, maybe it’s a problem now. But it might be fine after you leave.” Shi Luo comforted.

  Mu Suo didn’t speak but held the cold body in her arms tighter.

  Little Flower seemed like it wanted to say something, but it was useless to say it ah! The premise is if we’re about to get out ah!

  Rumble rumble…

  Little Flower looked in surprise when it saw the door open.

  A group of people wearing white protective clothing came in.

  Their eyes were locked on the person in Mu Suo’s arms.

  “Hand over Eldest Miss!” One of the people said.

  Mu Suo tilted her head and glanced at them sideways, as if there was nothing there.

  Then Mu Suo held Shi Luo and ran through the crowd.

  Her speed was too fast, and the crowd didn’t have time to react at all. Mu Suo had already reached the door.

  Little Flower was surprised to see the sparks outside. What happened? It was okay just now, but how can it be so fiery in the blink of an eye?

  Mu Suo stopped in surprise. I can’t get out! To be precise, I can’t get out while holding Shi Luo’s body!

  Mu Suo turned her head, and Shi Luo was also very anxious. It seems that she couldn’t return to her body!

  Shi Luo tried again, but still couldn’t. Yes, she could touch her body but not Mu Suo, she couldn’t touch her at all. Mu Suo felt like air to her, perhaps more precisely, she was air to Mu Suo.

  ”Eldest Miss!” The group slowly arrived in front of Mu Suo.

  ”How could this be?” The leader obviously knew about a lot of things. Didn’t he say that this girl wasn’t the Dean’s daughter? Then why are her soul and body bounded inside!


  No wonder the Dean asked for help!

  The leader glanced at the growing fire outside.

  ”No, it’s too late, we have to go!” The leader said.

  Shi Luo was also anxious, “Mu Suo, put me down and get out! If you don’t get out, it will be too late!”

  Mu Suo didn’t speak, she held Shi Luo with the intention of rushing out! But the despair in her eyes became more and more apparent.

  ”Mu Suo, hurry!” Shi Luo looked at the others that had already left running and continued, “Mu Suo, let me go! Get out!”

  Mu Suo’s heart and eyes were about to burst into flames, tears flowed out inexplicably. “I can’t let go! Luo Luo…” The affectionate love in her voice made the flower on the side close its bud immediately! 

  No, why am I closing my buds?! At this critical juncture, you’re still worried that it’s something inappropriate for children?!

  Little Flower opened its buds.

  “Mu Suo, listen to me.” Shi Luo didn’t notice the love in Mu Suo’s voice. “I’m not from this world. If I die now, I will definitely return to my own world. One day, I will have the chance to return again. But if you die now, then you won’t be able to pick me up when I return!” Shi Luo said.

  Mu Suo was stunned for a moment but didn’t put Shi Luo down. How could she believe this kind of whimsical explanation? If she lets go, then there might be no Shi Luo in this world in her lifetime. If there’s no Shi Luo, then life would be meaningless.

  ”Mu Suo!” Shi Luo looked more and more anxious, if she didn’t leave, Mu Suo might really die!

  Shi Luo suddenly remembered something, grabbed her hand, and tried to drag her body out of Mu Suo’s arms.

  However, she didn’t expect Mu Suo’s strength to be so strong, and she wasn’t able to pull her body out of her arms.

  Shi Luo’s heart became more anxious and didn’t care about anything else. She couldn’t watch Mu Suo die in front of her!

  Shi Luo didn’t want her to die, so she kept pulling her body. Shi Luo couldn’t help but scream because of the pain she felt when she tried her best to pull on her body.

  Mu Suo heard Shi Luo’s voice that was in pain and out of reflex relaxed her hands. At this time, Shi Luo resolutely kicked Mu Suo with her body, and Mu Suo suddenly flew out of the door.

  “I’ll definitely be back.” Shi Luo closed the door after she finished. Then looked at Mu Suo’s face that nearly went crazy.

  Shi Luo said in her heart, I’m sorry, there’s no way to accompany you for a lifetime like I said before.

  Wrong! Did I forget to say something?! Shi Luo suddenly remembered! I forgot about the plot!

  Wait a minute! This abusive storyline! It’s making a comeback!

  Now that the Shi family’s Research Institute was burned down, Shi Luo is now considered dead! 


  Shi Luo didn’t feel good! She forgot to tell Mu Suo to stay away from someone named Shangguan Ao before he becomes a powerful mutant! Shi Luo was now afraid of this plot! She forgot! There were too many things happening these past two days! She forgot!1Pretty sure she mentioned it before somewhere…

  Shi Luo didn’t know that while she was full of regrets and grieving, her body and soul were fading, and the most important thing wasn’t that far away. A white, glowing mouse ran out and began its destiny.

  Shi Luo’s sentence, ‘I will definitely come back,’ was to deceive Mu Suo in hopes that Mu Suo wouldn’t be so sad! 

  Shi Luo slowly lost consciousness, but before her eyes closed, she seemed to be looking up at the ceiling of her own home, which she hadn’t seen in a long time!


Author’s Notes:

Shangguan Ao [an angry face]: Can you give me an explanation? Didn’t you say that I’m the male lead? Then why so far, my appearance rate is zero! There hasn’t been a single line!

The author Jun looks up in surprise: Don’t you know we changed the script?

The little fat flower quietly came out: Hello and now goodbye…

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