Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 36

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Executive Summary: Mu Suo, I’m starting to miss you. –Shi Luo

Chapter 36

  ”Teacher??” The student in the first row called out.

  The teacher didn’t know what she was looking at, she was dazed for a long moment. Teacher Shi rarely did such a thing during class, so as the class monitor, the student reminded her.

  ”En?” Shi Luo came to her senses and recalled that she was in class now. Shi Luo looked around the classroom. Nearly one-third of the students were chatting and sleeping and the other third were playing on their cell phones. She wasn’t used to it, but she quickly adjusted herself, “I’m sorry, I had a cold these past two days and haven’t felt well.” Shi Luo apologized.

  I didn’t catch a physical cold, rather I have a cold in my heart. When Shi Luo woke up from bed last night, she was sweating profusely. Thus, she concluded she had a psychological cold now. Otherwise, why would she be like this? She has always been hard-working all this time!

  The students in front of her echoed that it was okay, and that the teacher should pay attention to her health.

  Shi Luo smiled and continued the lecture, facing the large classroom of nearly two hundred people. She was a little unused to it.

  She had two classes back-to-back with a 15-minute break in between. She heard the bell signaling that class was finished so Shi Luo walked out of the classroom towards the bathroom that wasn’t too far away.

  Shi Luo looked at herself in the mirror and clearly saw a person, but Shi Luo felt that the person in the mirror looked lonely.

  Shi Luo looked away and washed her hands.

  It seems that this face hasn’t changed, whether it was in that novel world or now in real life, this face seems to have always been like this.

  After two classes, Shi Luo was already exhausted when she returned to the teacher’s lounge.

  ”Teacher Shi, are you okay?” Another teacher who was also in the teacher’s lounge asked when she saw Shi Luo’s tired face. 

  ”I’m okay, I just haven’t slept well these past two days.” Shi Luo managed to reply with a smile.

  ”Teacher Shi must pay more attention to your body and health! You can’t simply ignore it just because you’re young now.”

  Shi Luo nodded, indicating that she understood.

  Shi Luo went through her schedule and realized that there were no more classes for today.

  “I don’t have any more classes. I’ll be going home now.” Shi Luo bid farewell to the fellow teacher in the teacher’s lounge.

  At her apartment door, Shi Luo’s first thought was that it was really unfamiliar. She didn’t know when she was accustomed to this apartment before. Maybe she was used to her other home that had that coquettish person there that was always acting cute and smiling.

  Pushing the door open, a sense of coldness hit her face.

  Shi Luo went in.

  Looking at the calendar, this was only the second day after she transmigrated.

  In other words, after spending so many years over there, it only accumulated to one night here.

  Shi Luo pulled the chair and sat in front of the computer.

  From then to now, she didn’t have the courage to bring up the novel that she had written before.

  She has always been a person who was used to avoiding things. Regardless of whether the plot has changed or not, it was still an unacceptable thing for her.

  Because of the former, she couldn’t accept that Mu Suo, that cowardly, timid, gloomy insecure girl, which…her departure would be a sad thing for Mu Suo.

  Shi Luo closed her eyes. The sunlight shined diagonally through the window. Now that it was winter, the sunlight looked different indoors. The light was now warm and gentle.

  Shi Luo suddenly felt a sense of loneliness. It was inexplicably uncomfortable.

  Shi Luo sighed and touched the area where her heart was. Why are you feeling uncomfortable now? Obviously, I’ve been living here for so many years before. So, why is it so unbearable that I’ve returned to this life now?

  Shi Luo knew it was a thing called a habit. In the beginning, even when Mu Suo approached her, she felt uncomfortable. But later on, she became completely used to them sharing the same bed.

  Shi Luo couldn’t help but sigh that now she understood why a husband and wife of many years, that had made seemingly unforgivable mistakes would forgive each other. It’s because they are used to having that person around them for so many years and became used to that person. So, how could they get used to that person disappearing all of a sudden?

  Shi Luo quietly basked in the warm sunlight.

  ”Dong dong dong…” There was a knock on the door.

  Shi Luo opened her eyes. Who was looking for her at this time? A student?

  Although to some extent, Shi Luo has only been away for one day, it was several years for Shi Luo. Shi Luo could hardly remember people in this life.

  Shi Luo opened the door, and standing on the other side was a tall beauty that raised her eyebrows. “I thought you wouldn’t open the door for me?” 

  Shi Luo looked at the person and immediately dug out a memory from a few years ago, then closed the door with a ‘pa’!

  If she knew it was this woman, she wouldn’t have opened the door! Although it has been several years, she still didn’t want to face this person!

  ”Shi Luo?!” The woman outside didn’t expect Shi Luo to suddenly close the door.

  Shi Luo’s expression remained unchanged and she sat back down in her chair.  

  A few years ago, to be precise, Shi Luo just graduated from university.

  At that time, Shi Luo was the same as she was now. Because of her personality, she was always by herself. She was a person that always felt insecure and was dense towards romance.  

  Because of an internship, she met Nie Xin from a company at the time. Also, students were categorized together, so she also met Li Yi, a boy her year that graduated from school.

  At that time, the internship was led by Nie Xin, so they spent a lot of time together. Because Shi Luo didn’t like to talk very much, Nie Xin talked most of the time. She was really good towards Shi Luo and taught her a lot of important things. She was always attentive and considerate.

  Shi Luo has always been glad that she met Nie Xin. Until one day when Li Yi began to pursue her, then everything started to change. Nie Xin began to nitpick any mistakes in Shi Luo’s work, even if it was the smallest error.

  How can Shi Luo, who only started working, be able to endure such a big change and Li Yi kept pursuing her. Shi Luo started to wonder if it was worth trying to have a relationship with him so that at least one person could listen to her complaints.

  But ironically, the next day after Shi Luo struggled to come to a decision whether she wanted to try having a relationship, Li Yi and Nie Xin were together.

  Shi Luo was open-minded, and she didn’t really like Li Yi. So, she understood why Nie Xie treated her like that during that time…Shi Luo thought that now that Nie Xie achieved the results she wanted, she would have an easier time without being scolded every day.

  It didn’t take long for Shi Luo to realize how naïve she was!

  ”You’re drunk, you too! Me too!” Shi Luo said to the drunk Nie Xin, “I’ll call Li Yi and ask him to pick you up!”

  Shi Luo was drunk when Nie Xie told her that she likes her.

  ”Don’t bother, I broke up with him! Luo Luo! I like you!” Nie Xin wanted to hug Shi Luo.

  Shi Luo recalled the series of events from before and suddenly felt sick. So, she pushed Nie Xin away and ran away.

  The next day, Shi Luo didn’t go work at that company anymore. There was no other reason except that she didn’t want to see those two ever again. She chose to continue her postgraduate studies and didn’t want to be part of society anymore. She originally thought she had a slight social phobia and concluded that the academic life might be more suitable for her.

  Nie Xin didn’t bother Shi Luo since. Later on, Shi Luo heard that she got married to Li Yi. Shi Luo simply thought that Nie Xin was just a mere passerby in her life.

  Until a few days ago, Shi Luo encounter Nie Xin again at school. She still had the image of being a capable and smart girl.

  When Nie Xin met her again, she was blatantly flirting with her which made Shi Luo feel disgusted.

  Shi Luo felt uncomfortable with her behavior since she was obviously married but still wanted to seek her out.

  Perhaps it was due to her childhood experience that caused Shi Luo to feel extremely insecure about relationships. In the past, she had thought of Nie Xin as a teacher and friend, so when Nie Xin did all those things to her, she felt sick.  

  Shi Luo thought of Mu Suo.

  Shi Luo thought that in this life no one would treat her like how Mu Suo did nor would anyone trust and like her like Mu Suo would.

  Shi Luo pondered for a moment.

  In the end, she decided to sit in front of the computer, but she couldn’t concentrate.

  She hasn’t written a novel in years.

  The so-called “Iceberg Prince Fell in Love with Me” was written when she graduated from middle school.

  Shi Luo looked at the computer screen for a while and finally opened up Baidu.1Baidu is like Wikipedia

  The reason why she used Baidu was because she forgot her account when she wrote this article, so looking it up on Baidu was much faster.

  She entered the words on the search bar then waited for the results.

  Baidu was fast, Shi Luo looked at the rows of websites that populated from the results and clicked on the first link.

  However, she just looked at the penname and the brief summary on the page.

  Shi Luo silently skipped the novel’s copywriting information and opened the first chapter.

  However, she began to understand what unbearable meant!

  Shi Luo was silent. This kind of simple and rude text, plus the setting for abuse for the sake of abuse and the setting of scum men and cheap women, was this really written by her?

  Nonsense ah! Just scum! The heroine in this isn’t my family’s heroine! Shi Luo couldn’t find any familiarity here.

  I think I’m about to die from heartache. I didn’t think much about it and didn’t have any feelings at all. No, I didn’t feel at all. At least, she thought if the text was in front of her now, Shi Luo felt that she would definitely wake up!

  Shi Luo turned off the computer, because the words ‘Mu Suo’ on the computer didn’t evoke any feelings of familiarity from within. As far as Shi Luo is concerned, it’s just a character in a novel with the same name as Mu Suo.

  Shi Luo knew that for her, Mu Suo was more than just a character in a novel. She was a close friend in need or a daughter that she has always cherished.

  When Shi Luo laid in bed, the room was deserted and cold. She thought of Mu Suo.

  Is Mu Suo okay now?

Author’s Notes:

I don’t know what’s wrong. Things haven’t been going well these past two days and I can’t get to my messages. So, I continue to type the text silently…

I’m in a bad mood, I don’t want to sleep. I want to write all night tonight…so come back and see me tomorrow for the results!

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