Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 37

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Executive Summary: I must go back. –Shi Luo

Chapter 37

  When Shi Luo woke up the next day, she habitually touched the cold quilt beside her and blearily thought that Mu Suo had got up first again! Can’t she stay in bed for a while like before?

  ”Mu Suo…” Shi Luo’s voice had a thick nasal sound. Shi Luo was awakened by the sound of her own voice. She woke up and realized that she returned….

  Shi Luo sat up, feeling dizzy.

  Shi Luo smiled bitterly, her body would catch a cold like this.

  Shi Luo put on a thick down jacket and breathed in the cold air, feeling even more uncomfortable.

  ”Dong dong dong……” The door rang.

  Shi Luo came out of the bathroom, so early, who could it be?

  When Shi Luo opened the door and saw a shaggy-bearded man standing outside.  

  Shi Luo felt that person was very familiar but after a while couldn’t remember who he was.

  ”Hello, who are you?” Shi Luo’s voice was still hoarse.

  ”You forgot about me…” The other person’s eyes faintly shone with resentment…

  Shi Luo roasted in her heart, can you not have resentful eyes? If Mu Suo’s eyes were like this, I would feel heartache, but with this shaggy-bearded man my back is cold.

  ”I’m Li Yi…” The man felt that Shi Luo had really forgotten him, so he identified himself.

  Shi Luo looked at his direction and thought about it, it really is!

  It’s just that…

  Shi Luo looked at the man in front of her speechlessly, did she return just to see this wonderful couple? Yesterday, the wife came by, now it’s the husband’s turn today?

  ”Shi Luo, can I come in?” Li Yi asked when Shi Luo didn’t show the slightest hint of asking.

  If it was Shi Luo from before, she would have let him in. But today, Shi Luo wasn’t feeling well and was in a bad mood, so she directly said, “What’s there to talk about for you to come in!” 

  ”Shi Luo…I’m sorry…” Li Yi said, looking straight at Shi Luo.

  Shi Luo was confused, I’m sorry what?

  ”The person I liked at first was really you…” Li Yi apologized, “but later, I really fell in love with Nie Xin…”

  Shi Luo wanted to ask, “What does that have to do with me?” and did.

  ”I know you hate me, but now Nie Xie and I have been married for so long. So can you stop pestering Nie Xin…I know you want to get back at me…” Li Yi continued.

  Shi Luo was speechless, that this person and her aren’t in the same world, right? He thinks that she’s pestering Nie Xin! And it’s for revenge! Bullshit!

  ”…” Shi Luo began to develop a slight headache again. Shi Luo looked at him impatiently, “I think you made a mistake. As for what’s wrong, go home and ask your wife!” Shi Luo then closed the door!

  I’m really not suitable to be sociable! The only two people I know who are still close by, are like this!

  Shi Luo closed the door and ignored the person who kept knocking outside. Shi Luo felt a little uncomfortable. She sat down and listened to the knocking sound. They really were a couple, they chose not to use the doorbell but to keep knocking!

  Fortunately, today is Saturday, otherwise, she wasn’t in the right state to go to class. Shi Luo closed her eyes.

  Vaguely, Shi Luo seemed to have seen Mu Suo…

  Shi Luo shook her head. It seemed that it wasn’t Mu Suo. How could Mu Suo be so gloomy? Her Mu Suo is bright and sunny!

  The scene changed again. Shi Luo seemed to see Mu Suo begging for someone…

  Shi Luo wanted to step forward but found that she couldn’t move. Shi Luo couldn’t feel anything. In short, she was very uncomfortable. Then Shi Luo saw that Mu Suo was pushed to the ground by an enchanting looking woman and kicked. She still couldn’t hear what they were talking about. 

  Shi Luo wanted to swear! How dare you kick her heroine! Unacceptable! But she couldn’t speak.

  ”Mu Suo!” Shi Luo suddenly woke up and found that she was sleeping on the sofa and sweating profusely.

  Shi Luo had a lingering fear. Although the scene she just saw now was fuzzy, it left a deep impact on Shi Luo. Just now, her consciousness was fuzzy and she hadn’t realized it. After being fully awake now, Shi Luo immediately thought of the plot of the abusive text!

  Shi Luo couldn’t help but sweat! At that time, she wrote all that abuse for the sake of abuse! Plus, with her unsatisfying life, she wrote to vent off!

  Although when she left, Mu Suo was very different from the original, whether it was personality or ability! And she was a mutant!

  But Shi Luo was still worried. She thought about it, how many methods did she use but she still can’t escape fate! When the plot unfolds, it will not deviate! And even though Mu Suo is a mutant, that little flower’s ability was too weak! Surely, she can’t beat that scumbag!

  Thinking of this, Shi Luo felt that her head didn’t hurt as much as she thought. She sat up and wanted to go back!

  She is going back to see Mu Suo! If Mu Suo is really like how she wrote her to be, Shi Luo doesn’t think she’ll be safe!

  Shi Luo decided to go back, but how? Shi Luo thought for a while, how did she transmigrate last time? Did she do something before?

  Shi Luo thought for a while and was confident that she didn’t do anything special. The only thing was that she went back to the orphanage to see the person who took care of her before and the Dean.

  Shi Luo was a little disappointed, what can she do to go back?

  Could it be the orphanage?

  Shi Luo thought, just have to try it. She really couldn’t stand it. It was like watching a cabbage that was surrounded by pigs! And it was her family’s little cabbage that she took the initiative to send to pigs! Just thinking about it makes me feel uncomfortable!

  When Shi Luo thought about it, she went to pack up her things and brought some things for the children in the orphanage. Then, she was ready to go out after she had packed up.

  It turns out that she didn’t had breakfast yet.

  Shi Luo shook her head. It seems that she really has formed a habit. All this time, Mu Suo always got up to make breakfast. Now…

  Shi Luo rummaged through the refrigerator and made a bowl of shredded pork with sauerkraut noodles.

  When she ate the noodles, she felt it was necessary that she goes back! How could the noodles she make taste so unpalatable! Or were the noodles made by Mu Suo too delicious?! Obviously, her cooking skills weren’t bad…

  When she arrived at the orphanage, it was already noon.

  As Shi Luo stood outside the orphanage’s big iron porch and watched the children frolicking inside, the weight on her heart was alleviated by quite a bit.

  When the Dean saw Shi Luo, his face was slightly surprised.

  ”…” Shi Luo remembered that she was just here a few days ago.

  ”Luo Luo, you’re back so soon? Is there something wrong?” The concern on the Dean’s face was beyond words.

  Shi Luo smiled, “I don’t have class today. I want to come and see these children and brought something for them to eat as well.”

  ”Luo Luo, you’ve really grown up…” The Dean sighed and invited Shi Luo into the orphanage.

  Shi Luo followed him in, and the Dean asked, “Why did you leave without saying goodbye last time?”

  Shi Luo thought to herself that she didn’t know why she transmigrated when she was here last time. And when she woke up, she was in her bed.

  When the Dean saw that Shi Luo didn’t say anything and didn’t ask anything. He didn’t follow-up with his previous question, instead he just smiled and said, “Child, you’ve always been like this since you were young. Your heart has always been stuffy. Others may look at you and think you don’t care about anything else, but in fact, you care more than anyone else…”

  In the evening, Shi Luo choose the same room as last time.

  Before going to bed, Shi Luo put her bank card and title to her home under the pillow. If she leaves, Shi Luo hopes these things can help the orphanage.

  Shi Luo closed her eyes.

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