Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 4

Translated by Novice Translations

Executive Summary: Actually, it might possibly make people turn into a devil for their voracious desire for the sun. – Mu Suo

Chapter 4

  The housekeeper looked, Shi Luo was squeaky clean and rode on her own…bike!

  “Come up.” Shi Luo said to Mu Suo.

  Mu Suo lowered her head and paused, then got on the bike.

  When Shi Luo looked at the tiny stones on the road, she thought of Mu Suo’s pale face and said, “Hold me.”

  Mu Suo was a little flustered, then slowly reached out her hand to hug Shi Luo’s waist, the tip of Mu Suo’s nose touched the washed white clothes on her body, there was a good smell from her that couldn’t be said. Mu Suo closed her eyes to cover her own eyes that begun to glow red.  

  “Slowly eat.” Shi Luo said when she looked at Mu Suo who was drinking white rice porridge.

  Because the doctor said that she shouldn’t try to eat oily food or meat, thus she could only drink some white rice porridge.

  Shi Luo looked at Mu Suo’s appearance who drank the white rice porridge, for the first time, she felt that she had the guts to do something for herself. Originally, she was really her stepmother, ah!

  When Shi Luo return to her home, the housekeeper greeted her.

  ”What’s wrong?” Shi Luo found that the housekeeper’s expression wasn’t right.

  “Da xiaojie…”

  Shi Luo thought it was a little strange, when has the housekeeper became so slow-going, “What happened?”  

  “Da xiaojie, we have found those people.” The housekeeper’s face was strange.

  “If you found them, send them to the police station. We will handle everything ourselves. What do you want the police to do?” Shi Luo took a coffee as she spoke.

  “We found them at a funeral home.” The housekeeper continued.

  Shi Luo put down her coffee, “What happened? Are they dead?”

  “En, as a matter of fact, the important point is that the cause of death is unknown.”

  ”Unknown?” Shi Luo thought the word was a little strange.

  “It was as if they were bitten to death by something. There were only bones left from their corpses except for their faces. Apart from the gang’s boss who didn’t even have a face left. The housekeeper seemed to recall what he had seen at that time and his whole body was trembling.

  ”…” Shi Luo didn’t know how to respond. If this was bad karma, this retribution was too big.

  Shi Luo wasn’t the same as the housekeeper, because Shi Luo knew the world’s development, so she didn’t feel that it was too terrible.

  In the evening, in Shi Luo’s room.

  Shi Luo fell asleep with the quilt in her arms, she slept very well, but suddenly the window opened.

  A black shadow with nimble movements came to Shi Luo’s bedside.

  Shi Luo didn’t know if it was a dream or an induction. Her brows were wrinkled, the shadow lowered itself and extend its hand to help smooth Shi Luo’s brows. When it saw its hand, it withdrew its hand.

  If a single thought makes one into a devil, then she is now one. After enduring for so many years in the darkness, she would have rather struggled all her life in the mud than to succumb. But as a result, she still gave in, the sunshine was really an addicting thing.

  The black shadow deeply looked at the person in bed and then left.

  The next day, as soon as Mu Suo entered the school gate, she saw Shi Luo who was not standing far away.

  ”Mu Suo.” Shi Luo said.

  She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but today Shi Luo felt that Mu Suo was particularly pleasing to the eyes.

  ”Senior sister.” Mu Suo’s voice was very small, it gave people the feeling of a little white rabbit.

  Then Shi Luo suddenly knew why today felt a lot more pleasing to the eye, it was because Mu Suo raised her head.

  Shi Luo smiled, “How long since you’ve arrived?”

  “Barely arrived now.” Mu Suo stared at Shi Luo’s smiling expression.

  “Then, let’s go to the classroom.” Shi Luo said, then handed the lunch box in her hand to Mu Suo.

  Shi Luo saw the doubt in Mu Suo’s eyes and explained, “I brought it from home, it’s breakfast. Remember to eat it and wait for me at the sports field at noon.”

  The classroom buildings for these two people were not in the same building.

  Shi Luo watched Mu Suo enter her school building, then turned to her building.

  ”Shi Luo…” A voice rang from behind.

  When Shi Luo turned around, she saw white hair.

  She had to say that this white hair really made people feel that it was unbearable to look at it straight.

  “What’s wrong? Junior brother?” Shi Luo asked in a deemphasizing manner.

  “Shi Luo, also, can you chat?” Lan Che looked away.

  “I have to go to class, I’m afraid there is no time.” Shi Luo looked down at her watch and said.

  ”That… I didn’t mean to target that girl that day.”

  ”It has nothing to do with me.” Shi Luo finished talking, then left.

  Lan Che looked at Shi Luo’s back that was far away. He gave a fierce look at the crowd around him that watched the scene, then walked away angrily.   

  The classes were classified as alphabets, Shi Luo belonged to class A.

  The so-called alphabet classes refer to the school students’ backgrounds. The grade was divided into four alphabets: A, B, C, and D. The corresponding numerical classes belongs to those who were from poor families and enter with excellent grades.

  As soon as Shi Luo entered the classroom, she saw everyone looked at her strangely.

  Shi Luo dropped her bag and sat in her seat.

  “What happened to you, these past two days?” Yu Yang Yang came up and asked.

  ”What’s wrong?” Shi Luo asked in confusion.

  Yu Yang Yang looked at her and said, “Don’t tell me that you didn’t know that our alphabet class’ natural enemy is the numerical class! You actually went to the numerical class to find someone!”

  ”Is there such a thing?” Shi Luo thought to herself that she wasn’t aware of this.

  “Before, there was no distinction between the alphabet classes and numerical classes. But later…hey, I won’t mention this. What were you doing at their school?” Yu Yang Yang asked.

  “Wasn’t doing, went to find someone. They were okay.” Shi Luo said.

  Yu Yang Yang was completely speechless. “Of course, for you. The numerical class treats you like a legend and you went to look for someone, they certainly won’t give you trouble. What you should be thinking about is how to face our side!”

  “What to face, why face.” Shi Luo was calm and collected, she took out a book.

  In fact, it wasn’t as complicated as Yu Yang Yang had said. Shi Luo simply thought to come to the questioned person and obviously involved few people.  

  Because of Shi Luo’s family background, no one dared to come up to make trouble.

  When Shi Luo went to the sports field, she saw Mu Suo standing on the lawn staring at the sun.

  Shi Luo placed the lunch box on the platform and walked towards Mu Suo.

  “Why didn’t you wait for me at the bleachers?”

  Mu Suo heard the voice and turned around. “Senior sister.”

  “Go, go to the bleachers.”

  Mu Suo obediently followed Shi Luo from behind.

  Shi Luo opened the lunch box and gave a portion to Mu Suo. “Now, can only eat liquid food.”

  Then Shi Luo smiled and said, “But this time, I had minced meat added.”

  Mu Suo look down and picked it up.

  The two people quietly ate together.

  Obviously, the both of them felt that the contrast from their perspective was too great. As a result, when the two people sat on the bleachers to eat, there was no sense of violation.

  After the meal, the two people sat and didn’t speak.

  After a long time, Shi Luo finally uttered a sentence from nowhere, “Be yourself, and say no when you want to say no. Don’t be bullied all the time and resist.” Then, she looked at Mu Suo carefully.

  Mu Suo’s lowered her eyelids and dwelled in the mood.

  “Learn how to look up, when you look down, you can only see the shadows.” Shi Luo wasn’t a warm-hearted person, but when it came to Mu Suo, she couldn’t just be a bystander.

  Mu Suo lifted her head and her eyes were clear.

  For the first time, Shi Luo looked at Mu Suo seriously. Shi Luo found that Mu Suo’s eyes were beautiful. She seemed to understand why the male lead loved her eyes so much.

  “Your eyes are very beautiful.” Shi Luo said.

  Surprise flashed in Mu Suo’s eyes, followed by pleasure.

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      Imagine if Mu Suo gouged out her eyes and gave it to Shi Luo just because Shi Luo said they were beautiful.

      “Here are my eyeballs, Senior Sister. Now you can look at them forever,” said Mu Suo as blood trailed from her empty eye-sockets.

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        dude you made things escalated so fast and hard. i am terrified but intrigued. help!

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