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Executive Summary: People court death every year, especially this year! –Little Flower

Chapter 40

  ”That…can you let me down and let me walk by myself?” Shi Luo was a little embarrassed. This was the first time she has been carried princess style by someone.

  There were tears on Mu Suo’s face. Her whole face was like a rose in full bloom, full of uncontrollable joy.

  Mu Suo lowered her head and softly said in Shi Luo’s ear, “Dear, your foot is injured. I’ll take you home.”

  When Shi Luo listened to this gentle voice coupled with her words, she felt that they were following the wrong script. Didn’t she always touch her head and called her good?

  Everyone in the hall was nearly motionless when Mu Suo appeared.

  Then they were blinded by the smiles on the two people’s faces!

  They wondered about their relationship.

  ”Oh, by the way, Mu Suo, there’s a driver outside. I didn’t bring any money with me when I came here. Please help me pay for the fare!” Shi Luo suddenly remembered this incident.

  Mu Suo nodded, “I will ask someone to give him money, now let’s go home first!” When Mu Suo said they were going home, her peach blossom eyes were shining.

  When Little Flower saw such a Master, it could only cover its eyes. This image was too detrimental compared to the image of the Master in its mind. It can’t look anymore! Such a big existence, it has to match the style of the cold Master in order for it to be harmonious!

  ”I’m home.” Mu Suo held Shi Luo in her arms and walked in.

  Shi Luo’s first noticed that it was empty. The black-and-white layout made people feel that it wasn’t homey, rather it was desolate.

  ”This is your home…” Shi Luo started, but Mu Suo interrupted her.

  ”It’s our home…” Mu Suo put Shi Luo on the sofa and went to get medicine after speaking.

  ”Our home?” She always firmly believed that Mu Suo had never forgotten her. At this moment, her heart felt better, and she even forgot about her foot pain.

  “You beat it for a little. It’s going to hurt a bit.” Mu Suo returned with a green ointment in her hand.

  ”En.” Shi Luo nodded, indicating that she will.

  Mu Suo looked at Shi Luo’s swollen ankle in distress and frowned, but her tone was still gentle, “How can you walk and fall? And it’s swollen like this.”

  “At the time, it was an emergency. There was no other way! It all happened at the door. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity so tragically like in a bitter drama…” A piercing pain came from her ankle, and Shi Luo twisted her face and clenched her teeth.

  After hearing Shi Luo’s words, Mu Suo paused for a moment, but soon continued to rub Shi Luo gently.

  ”Mu Suo, why haven’t you doubt my identity at all?” Shi Luo felt a little strange. She suddenly turned 17 years old again. Mu Suo didn’t doubt her authenticity at all.

  “Whether it’s this home or the bioengineering center, there’s no one else who can enter it directly with their bare hands except you.” Mu Suo raised her head and looked deeply at Shi Luo’s face. How could she remember it wrong at this time? This is the same Shi Luo she met for the first time that year.

  ”Does it still hurt?” Mu Suo was sure that something was wrong, so she asked.

  Shi Luo’s wrinkled face loosened, and she moved her feet, “It seems that it feels better!”

  ”That’s good!”

  Shi Luo hugged the squatting Mu Suo, “I miss you so much.”

  Mu Suo’s body froze for a while, and then she hugged Shi Luo back harder. “Me too.”

  ”That…” Little Flower pulled its chubby petals and really couldn’t bear the atmosphere between the two people anymore. It poked the air next to it, “Hey! Boss! When are you going to be done?! Don’t I have people I need to eat?”

  The air flowed symbolically, but nothing appeared. Little Flower sadly said, “Boss, don’t you look a little ugly? Why are you disgusting…”

  The air suddenly became cold for three minutes, and the Little Flower shivered and immediately flattened itself like a dog, “That’s the Master’s aesthetic deformity! Boss is the most beautiful in my heart!”

  The air immediately warmed up, and Little Flower took this opportunity of the other’s good mood to run away!

  The chubby petals flicked and flowed cutely.

  Shi Luo looked at and smiled, “The little chubby flower is still the same as before.”

  The atmosphere between the two people suddenly changed, and Mu Suo glared at the swaggering Little Flower.

  Little Flower gathered its buds grievously, can I do anything right?!

  ”Gugugu…” Suddenly a strange sound was heard.

  Shi Luo’s face turned red. “That…I’m hungry…”

  Shi Luo remembered that she hasn’t eaten anything all day.

  “Should we go out to eat or should I cook for you?” Mu Suo’s eyes were was stuck on Shi Luo’s body the entire time and refused to move.

  ”Let’s do it together…” Shi Luo felt that she didn’t want to leave Mu Suo for a moment, so she happily agreed to the suggestion.

  ”En.” Mu Suo let go of Shi Luo, then took Shi Luo’s hand, crossing their fingers one by one, feeling the temperature of the other’s skin, and the silky touch. The two looked at each other and smiled.

  When they entered the kitchen, she saw that it was empty.

  Shi Luo turned her head back, “Didn’t you cook at home? Why don’t you have kitchenware?”

  Mu Suo’s expression remained unchanged, “It’s better that I eat something casually when eating alone. I might as well eat something…”

  Little Flower pretended to be dead in the flowerpot, weighing to itself whether it should really become a flower that was planted in the flowerpot or run out and expose how someone destroyed the kitchen numerous times! It really is better to become a flower that was planted in this flowerpot!

  Forget it, Little Flower sighed. This home is like home. Five years ago, it was like a home. It was decorated with a warm and romantic atmosphere by one of Master’s servants. But as a result, it was destroyed out of anger.

  Then a year later, it was arranged again, and when the owner celebrated her birthday, it was broken…

  Then, then, it became like this. Upon visually inspecting the Master’s mind, since the person who represents family wasn’t here, it was upsetting to keep these kinds of things!

  In the kitchen, Shi Luo frowned, “Then what did you have for lunch today?”

  “Something, someone will bring the kitchenware and ingredients in a while.” Mu Suo comforted, “We will eat first, else you’ll get a stomachache. I’ll cook for you soon.”

  ”En.” Shi Luo nodded.

  Shi Luo and Mu Suo returned to the empty living room, “Mu Suo, shall we consider rearranging our home? This living room, it makes me feel cold and chilly…”

  Little Flower rolled in the delicate flowerpot. Hearing Shi Luo’s words, it poked out of the bud and said, “How can you even still feel cold and chilly? Don’t you feel the heat of the enthusiastic person beside you?”

  Shi Luo couldn’t hear Little Flower, but she noticed it.

  Mu Suo smiled, obviously very satisfied with Shi Luo’s words, and replied, “En, I’ll listen to you!”

  Shi Luo looked at Mu Suo acting like this and had an inexplicable urge to cry. She felt that it was worth all her hard work to return.

  ”Mu Suo, I will never leave again.” Shi Luo stretched out her hand to hug Mu Suo and slowly said.

  Mu Suo held Shi Luo’s body tightly, and there was a flash of madness in her eyes, you will never leave anymore!

  Mu Suo’s subordinates were very efficient, and soon everything was prepared.

  Standing in the middle of the kitchen, Mu Suo smiled and asked Shi Luo, who was standing at the door looking at her happily, “What do you want to eat?”

  “The bread that I ate before. That’s the one I missed the most when I returned!” Shi Luo said and walked in.

  Mu Suo started to make it and nonchalantly asked, “Returned? Did you really go back to your world?”

  Shi Luo nodded, “I was in my world for five days and desperately tried my best to return! I found out that I didn’t want to apart from you…” Shi Luo hugged Mu Suo, who was cooking.

  Mu Suo’s heartbeat sped up, but her face remained unchanged. She knew that Shi Luo’s meaning was different from her imagination.

  ”Me too.” Five days have passed for you, but five years passed for me.

  ”It’s strange, it’s been five years since I left!” Shi Luo suddenly recalled a serious topic.

  ”Mu Suo, do you have someone you like now?” Shi Luo guessed based on Mu Suo’s age, it was about the time to get married.

  Mu Suo hesitated, but nodded.

  Shi Luo immediately let go of Mu Suo and looked at Mu Suo face-to-face, “Don’t scare me! It’s not Shangguan Ao, right?”

  Little Flower silently gave Shangguan Ao incense. If Shangguan Ao dares to bully it in the future, it seems that it found the best counterattack!1Basically, Little Flower can remind Mu Suo about this conversation and provoke her ire.

  Mu Suo shook her head again, and her eyes overflowed with affection.

  When Shi Luo saw Mu Suo shaking her head, she was relieved but immediately felt lost. Although it was a good thing it wasn’t Shangguan Ao, the cabbage she raised would still be eaten by a pig anyway. It was an overwhelming feeling, even if it was changed into a good pig, she still felt uncomfortable in her heart. It turns out this is how all parents felt when their child got married!

  When Mu Suo saw Shi Luo’s varied expressions, she smiled and said, “I’ll make your food first!”

  It was evening, and Shi Luo had a hard day and wanted to sleep after eating.

  ”Go take a shower, then let’s go to sleep.” Mu Suo said watching Shi Luo, who was yawning constantly.

  Shi Luo nodded, took the clothes given by Mu Suo, and went to the bathroom.

  Shi Luo went to the bathroom, while in the study, Mu Suo’s bracelet flashed.

  Mu Suo touched it with her thumb.

  A virtual image appeared in front of Mu Suo, and the other party was shocked when he saw the joy on Mu Suo’s face, but immediately reverted to his usual expression.

  ”President, I found out everything that you’ve asked me to check, Shi Luo…” The other party didn’t know how to address Shi Luo for a moment and felt that her name wasn’t respectful enough.

  ”Madam.” Mu Suo glanced at the other side coldly, apparently very dissatisfied with just Shi Luo’s name.2Madam in like furen which means wife of the household lool

  ”…” The other party’s mouth looked like it was stuffed with an egg, but when he made contact with Mu Suo’s eyes, he immediately closed his mouth, “Madam appeared a month ago in the ruins of the Shi Family’s Research Institute. She was penniless and was rescued by a passing restaurant owner. Madam has been anxious to find you but had no money, so she worked in the restaurant. Then, it was unknown how she found out about you, but she took a taxi to come find you. As a result, she didn’t bring money, and the taxi driver…” To the other side, seeing Mu Suo’s expression, he could only bite the bullet and continued, “The taxi driver wanted Madam to replace the money debt with her body….”

  Sure enough, the killing intent in Mu Suo’s eyes materialized.

  Little Flower poked out its head. There are so many people courting death every year, especially this year, it has so many, ah!

  Mu Suo glanced at Little Flower, who was obviously gloating, then turned her head and looked at the person, “Madam asked me to give that person money, so you go and give it to him. Let him learn the words of replacing money with his own body!”

  Then Mu Suo shook the bracelet, and the person disappeared.

  Mu Suo came over, lifted the chubby petals of Little Flower, and threw it into the quiet air.

  Suddenly, the world was quiet.

  When Shi Luo came out, she felt that the air in the living room was a bit cold and had goosebumps. “Is there something wrong with the thermostat system? How come it feels so cold…”

  Mu Suo hugged Shi Luo, who was only wearing a white nightdress. “It should be your illusion, you just finished taking a shower. You go to bed first and I’ll be there in a while.”

  Mu Suo’s breath fell on Shi Luo’s ear, causing her to feel a little itchy.

  Shi Luo moved, “En, I’ll go to bed and wait for you.”

  The two mentioned bed casually, as if it wasn’t an issue at all.

  Mu Suo entered the bathroom, using the coldest water to remind herself that everything was true, that Shi Luo returned.  

  Looking at herself in the mirror, Mu Suo felt as if she was separated from the rest of the world. Yesterday’s heart-piercing pain disappeared. Today, God sent such a big surprise.

  Mu Suo closed her eyes and let the cold water pour on her.

  On the other hand, Shi Luo rolled two times on Mu Suo’s big bed. It feels good not being alone.

Author’s Notes:

I’m so stupid, I didn’t know the update was stuck in Chapter 25 and you couldn’t jump to the next chapter.

I cried stupidly later. In retrospect I’m moved by your tears. You’re a hero if you can see this chapter! I love you so much! I have to write another chapter to express my feelings.

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