Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 42

Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 41

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Executive Summary: Under normal circumstances, after a girl encounters love, her IQ and EQ are no longer contained by common sense. As a bystander, I will help as much as I can. –Shi Luo

Chapter 42

  On their way home, Mu Suo received a message.

  “I’m going to the Bioengineering Center. Will you come with me?” Mu Suo turned her head and looked at Shi Luo beside her.

  Shi Luo nodded. She was very interested in the pupa-like Research Center, and while she looked around, she could also see the people who worked with Mu Suo as well.

  Mu Suo read into it too much. Shi Luo’s character wasn’t used to staying at home for a lifetime. However, if she asked to work somewhere, Mu Suo definitely wouldn’t be comfortable with this. Thus, it was better for her to work in this Research Institute. Mu Suo had even thought beforehand the type of work Shi Luo should do, to be her personal secretary. 

  Mu Suo’s current personal secretary sneezed fiercely.

  ”Have you caught a cold?” Sister Wang, who was sitting in the secretary office, was asked by a boy called Xiao Li.

  “No, but maybe I was hurt by her air-conditioner when I called the Boss just now…” Sister Wang joked.

  “You don’t say, the Boss really has her own central air conditioning function. If anyone marries her in this life, they don’t need to install an air conditioner at home.” Xiao Li teased.

  “Imagine how the person who marries the Boss would look like?” Director Jin, who entered with a report, replied when he heard Xiao Li’s last remarks.

  ”Don’t be so pessimistic, Boss… there should still be people who aren’t afraid of death nor coldness, who would dare to marry!” In Xiao Li’s mind, Mu Suo’s gaze causes the other person to shiver. He thought to himself that the best kind of life to live every day is to marry a wife who was both gentle and romantic, so that it would be Valentine’s Day every day. An innocent one would be like Children’s Day every day, while a domineering and aggressive one would be Labor Day every day…but if you marry the Boss, there can only be the sense of Qingming Festival every day!1It’s like a festival to celebrate the dead like Veteran’s Day…but in China, this is “tomb cleaning” day or to pray for the dead.

  “It’s just a little thing! The Boss will figure it out later, don’t worry about it now!” Director Jin handed the document in his hand to Sister Wang.

  “Is the Boss coming soon?” Xiao Li asked Director Jin.

  “Yes, I just called her. Don’t tell me if I’m right, but this is the Boss’s first absenteeism!” Sister Wang said with a bitter expression. The personal secretary is the Boss’s model worker. As a result, since she’s a Boss who doesn’t take vacations, she didn’t dare take any vacations. Was it easy for her? Four years of full-time attendance every day, ah!

  “If you have less, then it’s good for you. When the Boss comes later, you can talk to her if you want.” Director Jin said with a smile.

  ”That…” Xiao Li felt uneasy for a while, but he still spoke due to his strong curiosity, “Director Jin, when the Boss holds a meeting with all the Directors, it must be about something big. We just witnessed the Boss leave with a person in her arms. Director, let’s talk about this in front of her!”

  Director Jin glanced at Xiao Li, “What do you think I should say?”

  Xiao Li’s eyes were at a loss, “Well, if you won’t say it, then don’t say it.”

  “Xiao Li ah! If you remember to gossip, then you must still have a life to be able to speak, ah!” Director Jin felt that all the Directors from yesterday wouldn’t have the courage to say that they saw the Boss cried. Only the ghost will know if the Boss will directly kill them. What’s more, it’s really a sight to see the Queen cry when she abuses them all day long, then leaves like that…that scene is just a private matter. If they took it out and reminisce about it, they will be tortured again and again after being resurrected nonstop!

  “Director Jin, can you stop laughing so licentiously?” Xiao Li ran away immediately after he said that.

  Director Jin looked at Xiao Li’s back and grinded his teeth.

  ”The Boss should be here in five minutes…” Sister Wang raised her head to remind them, then Director Jin left immediately.

  Mu Suo walked to this silver-white building and looked at the two people reflected on it.

  “Mu Suo, why did I fall in last time?” Shi Luo turned around and asked Mu Suo.

  “This building material is our new research and development project.” Mu Suo took Shi Luo’s hand and directly walked inside. “When the identification of the person is sensed, and as long as they are in the scope of authorization, it activates. This entire building uses this material, acting as a hollow shell.”

  After speaking, the two went through the silver-white wall and entered the hall.

  Shi Luo was so amazed, this is magic ah!

  The receptionist at the front desk was shocked, apparently, there was no precedent of the Boss arriving before the meeting start time. 

  ”Hello, Boss.” The lady at the front desk quickly recovered and greeted her with a smile.

  Mu Suo nodded.

  The lady at the front desk was shocked. She didn’t come back to her senses until Mu Suo and Shi Luo walked far away! What did she get just now! The Boss nodded! Also looked at her!! Excitement!

  The lady at the front desk read into it too much and would soon regret the fleeting joy the Boss gave her.

  ”…” Mu Suo didn’t speak.

  “I’m joking, no matter how good she looks, she has no temperament nor charm. But her body isn’t bad…” When Shi Luo saw that Mu Suo was silent, she quickly added this sentence.

  Shi Luo regretted her words to death, she shouldn’t have said that just now. Your receptionist is so beautiful.

  Mu Suo took a look, where is she beautiful? The five facial features, she knows that they are fake.  

  Mu Suo’s expression improved a lot.

  She directly led Shi Luo into her office.

  Shi Luo followed along without any obstruction.

  “Mu Suo, do you have a lot of authority?” Shi Luo discovered that so far, she seemed to be able to go anywhere.

  Mu Suo nodded and didn’t mention that she had the same authority as her own. The authorization process uses one’s genes as the sensing substances. All other employees of the company use data as sensing substances because the company personnel often change. Only she and Shi Luo’s genes were used as sensing substances.

  ”Dong dong dong…” There was a knock on the door.

  ”Come in.” Mu Suo sat down while pulling Shi Luo and said.

  Sister Wang came in with a cup of hot milk and with a cup of hot coffee.

  When she saw Shi Luo, Sister Wang was stunned but quickly recovered.

  “Boss, here’s the hot milk and coffee you requested.” She was thinking about why the Boss requested a cup of hot milk with her coffee this time, but it was because of this girl.

  ”Thank you.” Shi Luo took the hot milk and took a sip.

  ”You get out.” Mu Suo’s voice was still gentle.

  Sister Wang was a little flattered, but she still walked out.

  Before leaving, she heard the Boss’s gentle voice, “Luo Luo, don’t drink too much. We will have lunch later.”

  Sister Wang didn’t dare to stop, she felt the one behind her was definitely not her Boss! For sure!

  ”She’s my personal secretary.” Mu Suo said as soon as Sister Wang left.

  Shi Luo looked at Mu Suo, “And?”

  ”And…” Mu Suo smiled, her eyes flowed with amorous feelings, “Luo Luo, would you like to consider becoming my personal secretary?”

  Shi Luo was silent, and after reviewing it a few times internally, she concluded that she was actually a face-con! I’m actually a face-con!2A face-con is someone who is obsessed with beautiful faces.

  ”Luo Luo?” Mu Suo called.

  ”I take back what I said about the receptionist being beautiful, their Boss is the best, ah!” Shi Luo praised unceremoniously.

  The corners of Mu Suo’s mouth were raised, “Well, would you like to see this stunning beauty every day?”

  Shi Luo reacted and now knew that Mu Suo wanted her to become her personal secretary.

  ”I’ll think about it…” Shi Luo stood up, “Is the salary high?”

  Mu Suo frowned and thought, “It should be pretty good. You can use the salary card.” Mu Suo loosened her knit brows and looked at Shi Luo, “The Boss just slept with you. Are you going to do it or not?”

  Shi Luo smiled, “What kind of idiot doesn’t pick up this deal!” The interpersonal relationship is simple, and she can stay with Mu Suo all the time, and she would do it without a salary anyways.

  Shi Luo wasn’t a person who pursue success. The one thing she did pursue to success was transforming a somewhat gloomy female lead into such a person, and that itself is regarded a success!

  Shi Luo thought that the person Mu Suo likes should be in the company, so if she becomes her personal secretary, she can be nearby and help out. Although Mu Suo’s charm was very strong, generally speaking, after a girl meets her love, her IQ and EQ can’t be contained by common sense. As a bystander, she can help as much as she can.

  ”Sister Wang, come in,” Mu Suo said.

  Sister Wang was in her office and barely left Mu Suo’s office when she heard her gentle voice.

  ”Sister Wang? Are you okay!” Xiao Li asked after seeing Sister Wang’s expression.

  ”It’s okay, the Boss called me, I’m going.” Sister Wang returned to her senses.

  ”Boss…” Sister Wang entered, “What can I do for you?”

  Mu Suo stood up and said, “This is Shi Luo, and she will be my personal secretary in the future.” Mu Suo emphasized on the word ‘personal’.

  Sister Wang nodded to indicate that she knew.

  “Boss, I’ll follow Sister Wang to get familiar with the job.” Shi Luo said respectfully. After all, in front of Mu Suo’s employees, although Shi Luo wasn’t proficient in interpersonal skills, she knew she had to be considerate of Mu Suo’s image.

  Mu Suo looked deeply at Shi Luo, nodded, then turned to look at Sister Wang.

  Sister Wang screamed in her heart, I don’t eat people! So why are you staring at me in warning?!

  Mu Suo watched Shi Luo and Sister Wang leave.

  Then she touched the small silver ring on her pinky finger on her right hand, then she saw a phantom of a small Shi Luo walking.

  Mu Suo smiled.

  ”Hello, Sister Wang, my name is Shi Luo. Please advise me in the future.” As soon as she arrived at Sister Wang’s office, Shi Luo began to introduce herself. She felt nervous inexplicably. She didn’t know if it was because she hadn’t had an official job for a long time. After all, when teaching in universities, there was some interpersonal communication such as roll call and Shi Luo was a teacher that didn’t like roll call.

  Sister Wang was even more nervous than Shi Luo. She appears to be the Boss’s baby and even heard the Boss’s gentle voice. If she was told that she was the Boss’s daughter, she wouldn’t doubt it!

  ”Wow! Sister Wang, where did you get such a sweet little girl?” Xiao Li came over.

  Shi Luo greeted with embarrassment, “Hello, my name is Shi Luo. I am the Boss’s new personal secretary.”

  ”Hello, my name is Li Xiang. Everyone calls me Xiao Li, and I’m also the Boss’s personal secretary. In the future, everyone will be colleagues. If you need anything, I’ll help you!” Xiao Li vowed.

  Sister Wang couldn’t wait to chase Xiao Li away, how can she have such a stupid subordinate?! How can he be this stupid?! 

  ”Shi Luo, come here first. I need to know what you’re good at so I can easily assign you tasks.” Sister Wang pressed down her nervousness and quickly pulled Shi Luo over.

  Shi Luo nodded.

  In fact, even when she tried to find out what she’s good at, Shi Luo was good at nothing. Thus, Sister Wang can only send Shi Luo to do one thing, which is to stay in the Boss’s office. This is the easiest task to do, and it’s the one she didn’t want to do.

  This solution was killing two birds with one stone, ah!

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