Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 5

Translated by Novice Translations

Executive Summary: Fight to be a mother! – Shi Luo

Chapter 5

  Shi Luo’s days weren’t bad, every day she brought Mu Suo breakfast and lunch.

  At this time, Mu Suo has changed a lot. At least, when Mu Suo spoke, she looked at people. The voice was still warm and soft, but it didn’t made others feel as if they have bullied her.

  Shi Luo was very satisfied with Mu Suo’s change.

  Shi Luo thought in her heart that she had avoided the reasons why she should become good towards Mu Suo.

  Mu Suo never asked.

  Sometimes, Shi Luo thought that Mu Suo was actually pretty cute. For example, when they ate together, she would look at the food in her bowl. Every time she saw her expression, she felt like laughing.

  However, Shi Luo always remembered what the doctor had said and didn’t dare let Mu Suo eat too much.

  Such a peaceful life occurred for a while.

  After they finished the meal, Shi Luo would tell some inspirational stories to Mu Suo.

  Shi Luo’s purpose was to hopefully change Mu Suo’s habit of inferiority.

  Because Shi Luo discovered that when Mu Suo faced her, she would raise her head and look directly at her and wasn’t shy.  

  Mu Suo will always look at Shi Luo with serious and clever eyes.

  At this time, Shi Luo had a strange feeling in her heart. She was trying to change the plot. If Mu Suo wasn’t so self-abased and insecure, then the male lead and her wouldn’t be so abusive, right?

  It should also be regarded as compensation. If Mu Suo was still a 2-D character from the novel, Shi Luo wouldn’t have felt anything, but Mu Suo was real, she was a person with flesh and blood that was within her reach. Shi Luo thought about the other party’s experiences, as well as the suffering that she had experienced. She was the one that made her and the obscure reasons for her suffering.  Shi Luo hopes that Mu Suo could have a completely different life.

  Because Shi Luo hoped that Mu Suo could have a completely different life, when she heard that Mu Suo and Prince Che aka Lan Che were entangled, she felt powerless.

  “Shi Luo, don’t!” Yu Yang Yang looked down at her with contempt. “Don’t tell me that you have a crush on that white-haired man!”

  When she heard this sentence, she felt that she should break off a lot of the storyline. Right, how could she take this step? No, strictly speaking, there wasn’t much plot. After all, there wasn’t much description of high school life and Lan Che was just one of the supporting characters and nothing more.

  Shi Luo didn’t ask Mu Suo about the Lan Che matter. After all, it was a private matter. The relationship between the two people was indeed much better, but it hadn’t reached the extent that such private matters also needed to be shared.

  Lan Che’s hair had been dyed black, with his black hair, he didn’t look as intolerable as before.

  At that time, Shi Luo heard that freshman students of class B went to find trouble with Mu Suo and she immediately went to Mu Suo’s class.

  When Shi Luo arrived, she found that Mu Suo was surrounded.

  Shi Luo walked by.

  “Mu Suo?” Shi Luo couldn’t fully see the classroom’s interior.

  Hearing Shi Luo’s voice, people turned around to see that it was indeed Shi Luo, with their faces full of surprise.

  One after the other, they opened a road.

  As soon as she entered the classroom, she saw Mu Suo with her head down and her body stiff.

  And she was surrounded by a few girls, they were pointing at Mu Suo and she didn’t know what they were talking about.  

  “Mu Suo.” Shi Luo called Mu Suo’s name.

  Mu Suo looked up and looked at Shi Luo, her eyes were full of grievances. Originally, she was angry because of her weakness, but when she saw her little eyes full of grievances, she suddenly felt distressed. Even if she was her stepmother, she was her mother regardless! How could she tolerate her child getting bullied?

  “What happened for several people to go look for Mu Suo?” Shi Luo slowly walked past, the low pressure from her body could be felt in the classroom.

  When the girls saw that it was Shi Luo, their eyes flashed and then said, “Senior sister, this is our private affair with classmate Mu Suo.”

  “Private affairs?” When Shi Luo came closer, she pulled Mu Suo to her side, “It’s all like this, but it could be called a private matter?”

  The girl leader didn’t expect that Shi Luo would really protect Mu Suo. After all, she was from the alphabet class. She always thought that Shi Luo didn’t dare to fight with a person from the alphabet class for a person in the numerical class. So, when she said that, the girl didn’t know what to say.

  “Senior sister, you’re too much! You don’t even ask what it is and just took Mu Suo’s side. Have you ever thought about our feelings?” Another girl said indignantly.

  Shi Luo was speechless. Was this the legendary senior sister that wasn’t yours or mine, but ultimately everyone?

  “Then, what is it?” It suddenly occurred to Shi Luo that this might be an opportunity.

  “Prince Che has nothing to do with this country bumpkin, but she made a rumor that Prince Che likes her!” The girl said indignantly.

  Shi Luo understood Mu Suo’s character and this was absolutely something Mu Suo wouldn’t do. Mu Suo’s inferiority complex would prevent her from doing this kind of thing for a lifetime.

  “Mu Suo, tell them, did you do it?” Shi Luo asked and face Mu Suo, Shi Luo was intentionally or unconsciously gentle.

  Mu Suo looked at Shi Luo and shook her head.

  Shi Luo looked at the girls, “I hope there won’t be a next time.”

  Several girls didn’t know what to say since Shi Luo clearly shielded her.

  Because of the other’s background, they could only swallow their anger in their hearts. But before leaving, the girl leader glared at Mu Suo.  

  In the evening when school ended, Mu Suo was walking home alone.

  When passing through an alley, a group of girls appeared in front of her. The girl leader was the person who went looking for trouble with Mu Suo today.

  Mu Suo’s drooping eyelids covered her slightly peculiar eyes.

  “Bitch! Do you really thought we wouldn’t dare touch you because of Shi Luo?” Several girls surrounded Mu Suo.

  Mu Suo didn’t speak and still had her head bowed, didn’t know what she was thinking.  

  “Shi Luo that slut! Did she really think that nobody knows about her past? Isn’t it just some backer with family background? Pretend to be so noble and virtuous!” The girl scolded.

  Mu Suo suddenly raised her head to look at the girl, her eyes had a fierce light.

  The girl was scared, she took a step back and then became angry. She was scared by such a woman!

  “Throw her naked onto the street!” The girl ordered.

  The light in Mu Suo’s eyes began to flow, but suddenly stopped again. She lowered her head and let them move her.

  “What are you doing?” A familiar, angry voice rang at the alley’s entrance.

  A few girls secretly said it was bad in their hearts, unexpectedly they were so unlucky to be caught by Shi Luo!

  Mu Suo’s lips rose.

  When Shi Luo came and saw Mu Suo’s flustered and uneasy eyes, Shi Luo was upset in her heart, her family’s female lead just started to become good! This group was too much!

  “Mu Suo, come here.” Shi Luo said.

  A group of girls watched Mu Suo walk towards Shi Luo, they didn’t dare say anything. They dared to block people mainly because of Mu Suo’s courage. She wouldn’t dare tell Shi Luo, let alone report it to the school, but it was different if they were caught by Shi Luo.

  Although they have only heard about it, some people said it was true. When Shi Luo was in junior high school, she had beat a girl until she became disabled.

  There weren’t many people who knew about it. After all, even though in the present situation she was harmless, no one dared to pluck the sleeping tiger’s whiskers.

  Shi Luo reached out and pulled Mu Suo into the car, then left in front of everyone’s eyes.

  “Are you okay?” After a while, she turned back and asked.

  Mu Suo pinched the corner of Shi Luo’s clothes and her voice was thin. “I’m okay.”

  “If you encounter such a situation, you must run, or you have to fight for your life, don’t stand still!” Shi Luo sighed, “What is there to be afraid of? Anyway, the person who is wrong isn’t you. If you don’t resist this time, they will bully you more fiercely.”

  Mu Suo closed her eyes and listened to Shi Luo’s voice knock her eardrum with the wind.

  Only when Shi Luo faced her, did she talk more. Shi Luo in front of others, always maintained the cold senior sister image.

  Mu Suo smiled.

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    thanks for the chapter.
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      Natalya Soul

      I actually thought she was secretly a brutal assassin but I guess that works. She’s definitely not normal.

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      For shi luo novel, the novel plot doesn’t start until after high school. High school is just a prologue. And we shall find out more next chapter!

      Last chapter has alot of hints too! She always was extraordinary but has always denied it because she didn’t want to fall to the dark side! She is now willing because the sunshine aka Shi Luo is too addicting! In the original novel because Shi Luo wanted an abused meek FL, the FL always was weak but with the adjusted plot things change.

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    Mu Suo smiled.

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    Thank you so much for translating this gem, every chapter I’m more and more invested! This is too good!!

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