Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 6

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Executive Summary: It’s better to live in peace – Shi Luo

Chapter 6

  “Sister Hua, do you know anything about Shi Luo?” The youngest girl asked.

  Sister Hua bit her mouth with disdain on her face, “At first, she insistently clung onto a poor fellow, but was still abandoned by him in the end. Now, she acts all high and mighty, she’s still cheap like last time! The only difference this time is that her target is no longer a poor fellow, but a country bumpkin! It seems that her cheapness is etched deep within her bones after all! Nothing more than a miserable wench!”

  “The two people don’t know each other?” Several girls were very puzzled.

  “Didn’t you find that even if she was close to the person in the numerical class, she didn’t say anything? Her family background is strong…”

  “What’s the matter? Sister Hua?” Several girls saw that sister Hua suddenly stopped.

  “I …” Sister Hua felt that her tongue was stiff and couldn’t speak at all.

  Everyone thought that sister Hua’s expression wasn’t right. “Sister Hua, are you okay?” As soon as she finished speaking, she saw a blood-red unknown creature coming out of sister Hua’s mouth.  

  “Ah!!!” Several people screamed simultaneously.

  They saw sister Hua’s face was so distorted that she no longer resembled a human. The scarlet blood constantly rushed out. This wasn’t the most frightening thing, it was the unknown creature that kept squirming out.

  When the police came, the crowd’s emotions weren’t stable. They kept talking about something, but no matter how much the police questioned them, they couldn’t explain.

  “Captain…” Then a young policeman came over.

  The captain turned his head and said, “What did the hospital say?”

  “Her life isn’t in danger, but her tongue is destroyed. What’s more, they emphasized that they didn’t find the unknown creature that these girls mentioned.” The young police officer said.

  “I see.” The captain was lost in thought.

  After a while, the captain suddenly said, “Go and investigate the last mob incident. See if there’s any connection between the two things. I feel that these two matters are related.”   

  On the other side, Mu Suo was in a room alone, she opened her eyes and a mouthful of blood gushed out, she was still too weak.

  Mu Suo wiped the red blood on her mouth and stood up. The birthmark on her cuff was hot and painful, Mu Suo knew why, but she didn’t regret it. No one could push her god from the altar! No one!

  When Shi Luo returned home, she saw the car parked in the yard at first glance.

  Shi Luo mentally prepared herself and walked in. Although she has seen countless photos of the two people, Shi Luo was still shocked to see the real people. They were too young, like a pair of brother and sister, not parents.

  “Luo Luo…” The woman smiled and beckoned to Shi Luo at the same time. Shi Luo was at a loss.

  The woman smiled more gently, “Luo Luo, come here.”

  Shi Luo walked over obediently.

  The woman hugged her, and Shi Luo hugged back, “Luo Luo, mother is back.”

  The man beside them looked at their interaction with a smile.

  Shi Luo’s heart felt that there was something wrong, but she couldn’t clearly say what it was, her heart felt hairy.

  Finally, the family had dinner together.

  The man who didn’t talk much, said, “Luo Luo, how are you at school? Are you getting along with the other students?”

  Shi Luo nodded and suddenly thought of Mu Suo, she didn’t know what she was doing right now.

  Mother Shi glanced at father Shi, then smiled at him and said, “Luo Luo, do you want to be a doctor?”

  Shi Luo was bewildered, then shook her head, she wasn’t interested in these things.

  Father Shi wanted to say something else, but mother Shi stopped him. Then mother Shi asked Shi Luo, “Shi Luo, what do you want to do then?”

  “University professor.” Shi Luo lightly replied. She wasn’t a person who loves change, and her career in real-life was this occupation, so she didn’t want to change, rather than have feelings for this career, she just dislikes the trouble of change.

  Mother Shi and father Shi obviously didn’t expect this answer, especially father Shi, he immediately put down his chopsticks. Shi Luo felt that she had anger her father, but he was depressed instead, and his voice was obviously in a low mood, “Have you thought about it?! Our family had practiced medicine for generations! And you want to be a teacher?”

  Shi Luo looked up at father Shi, “You asked me what I wanted to do, and I just described my thoughts. You shouldn’t ask questions directly like this, you should have asked if I rather have been a doctor or politician. I would have to choose between one or the other, what would I have chosen?”  

  Father Shi wanted to lose his temper, but he looked at Shi Luo’s calm and serious eyes. Unexpectedly, she was silent.

  “I want a calm and stable life.” Shi Luo continued.

  Mother Shi lowered her head and didn’t want to look at Shi Luo.

  Shi Luo felt it was a bit unbearable, but continued to say, “Your career is too unstable for me.”  

  Her rejection was to save the entire Shi family. Father Shi and mother Shi didn’t directly express their thoughts, but Shi Luo knew what they wanted her to do.

  This specific paragraph description in the novel was very detailed, mainly to pave the groundwork for the following.

  Shi Luo’s parents studied the difference between animal and human genetic material. They try to help humans get rid of certain diseases through this method.

  Shi Luo still remembered that some readers said this paragraph was too obstructive, and it wasn’t about the protagonist, thus unexpectedly they didn’t want to read it. Shi Luo explained the plot briefly that gone to the dogs, the whole family was going to get a collared lunchbox.1Collared lunchbox – Someone is about to die and leave the scene in the play. It’s a new joke that the kind of comedy from Xingye made that is now widespread. So, whenever the actors are done with their part, they go get boxed lunch aka they are not off-screen and are no longer needed. This related story was paraphrased, Shi Luo extracted genetic material from extinct creatures, then carried out experiments. Finally, the laboratory exploded, and Shi Luo died inside. Because of the special experiment that day, a mouse was sent to a different department and managed to escape. Because of the explosion, everyone didn’t pay attention to it, thus the little mouse was able to escape. It was merely that this little white mouse was the male lead and was a cool and wild asshole.

  The main reason for the hanging fried days.2Hanging fried days – buzzword; often used in sentences that are cool and crazy; often describe someone who is powerful in some way or something that is surprising.

  Shi Luo silently nipped a large wave of the plot behind her. There was nothing to be done, this specific plot from the story wasn’t absolutely necessary.

  Now that she had decided to be the mother-in-law of the heroine, there was no way she could be the stepmother of the male lead. Moreover, it was related to her own life and death.

  After eating dinner, the expressions of the three people were slightly better.

  Shi Luo returned to her room.

  “Dong Dong Dong…” The door soon sounded.

  The door opened.

  “Luo Luo, let’s talk.” Mother Shi entered.

  Shi Luo obediently sat down.

  “Luo Luo, can you tell mother that you have really decided to be a university professor?” Mother Shi sat beside Shi Luo and gently asked.

  “En.” Shi Luo nodded.

  Mother Shi sighed, “I see, I will try to persuade your father.”

  “Thank you.”

  “You, this child, say thank you to me.” The more mother Shi looked at Shi Luo, the more she liked her, “If you already chose the major you want, maybe you should transfer to a different school.”  

  Shi Luo thought about Mu Suo and asked, “Can I transfer schools after I finish this semester?”

  “What’s wrong? Why can’t you transfer?” Mother Shi was confused.

  Shi Luo nodded, “There’s a friend.”

  Mother Shi was immediately excited, “Bring her back for us to see!” It was the first time that she had ever heard that Shi Luo had friends.

  Shi Luo nodded when she saw her mother so excited.

  When she left, Shi Luo yawned, went to bed and soon fell asleep.

  A single nimble shadow appeared besides Shi Luo’s bedside.

  1. Collared lunchbox – Someone is about to die and leave the scene in the play. It’s a new joke that the kind of comedy from Xingye made that is now widespread. So, whenever the actors are done with their part, they go get boxed lunch aka they are not off-screen and are no longer needed.
  2. Hanging fried days – buzzword; often used in sentences that are cool and crazy; often describe someone who is powerful in some way or something that is surprising.

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