Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 7

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Executive Summary: Unstoppable Plot –Shi Luo

Chapter 7

  Shi Luo felt that she had eliminated the majority of the plot.

  Shi Luo suddenly discovered the plot that she discarded was only related to her, because the novel hasn’t unfolded yet. Although there had been some changes with Mu Suo, once the story starts later, will Mu Suo be abused by the male lead like in the novel?

  She thought of Mu Suo stubbornly clinging to be beside the male lead and felt a little uncomfortable.

  “Senior sister?” Mu Suo’s face was pale.

  “What’s wrong?” Shi Luo tried to be more optimistic, wouldn’t she have to transfer school after this semester? There’s still a chance.

  “…” Mu Suo watched Shi Luo and didn’t know what to say. The foreign object in the palm of her hand moved and Mu Suo tightened her hand.

  Shi Luo thought Mu Suo was frightened by the group of people yesterday. She always knew that Mu Suo was timid. “Don’t worry, it won’t happen again in the future.”

  Mu Suo didn’t speak, she didn’t regret her actions against those people. She just regretted that she was too impulsive.

  She noticed the two policeman that tailed her, they were monitoring herself and Shi Luo.

  “Why did he order us to follow those two little girls?” He looked at the two people who chatted and were walking in front of them, Xiao Li asked and took out a cigarette.

  “You haven’t heard? The two most difficult cases are related to these two little girls, in both cases, malicious intent was directed to these two little girls. The boss felt that following these two little girls to discover clues will surely be beneficial.”

  “Nonsense, after so long, nothing was found!” Xiao Li was a little impatient.

  “Don’t you think that big girl is a little strange?”

  “What’s strange? She’s a really beautiful girl. You’re not attracted to her, are you?”  Xiao Li immediately laughed obscenely.

  Mu Suo’s hand tightened in front of her instantly and her eyes flashed viciously.

  “I say, how were you picked?! Laozi,1Laozi – father, daddy, “I”, “your father” (in anger, or out of contempt). It’s like a rude curse word. be normal! Do you know that big girl’s background?!” He said and gritted his teeth.

  Xiao Li shook his head, “Our suspect this time?”

  “I admire you!” The other policeman was speechless. “You don’t even know this, don’t you know the Shi family?”

  “You really think I’m a fool? Ah, how wouldn’t I know the Shi family?”

  “She is the branch daughter of the Shi family.”

  “That’s strange.”

  Shi Luo didn’t know that there were two people tailing them. She sent Mu Suo home and returned to her house.  

  As soon as she entered the house, she saw the housekeeper had a strange expression.

  “What’s wrong? Uncle Li?” Shi Luo asked.

  ”There are people from the family here.”

  “My family?” She wondered if she had such a setting? Why didn’t she remember.

  As soon as Shi Luo entered the living room, she saw the face of a strange middle-aged man.

  Mother Shi stood up and looked at Shi Luo’s eyes with distress.

  “Luo Luo, come sit next to mother.” Mother Shi’s voice was still warm and soft, Shi Luo walked over, and she continued, “This is your second uncle, you’ve met him when you were young.”

  “Hello second uncle.” Shi Luo greeted and looked at this relative that caused her confusion. Shi Luo always thought that her settings was a rich woman with a good background, but this second uncle’s temperament wasn’t similar

  “Luo Luo, you’re so big in a blink of an eye, do you remember second uncle?” The middle-aged man kindly smiled, but Shi Luo felt a hint of danger. Shi Luo increased her vigilance.

  “…” On the surface, Shi Luo just smiled and stopped talking. One doesn’t visit a temple without a cause.2One doesn’t visit a temple without a cause (idiom) to visit with an ulterior motive After so many years without contact, he suddenly came to their door, it was definitely nothing good.

  Sure enough, in the next second the second uncle directly explained the purpose of his visit, “Luo Luo will soon be a junior in high school. Let her attend our family school.”

  Shi Luo was about to refuse, but next to her, her mother pulled her sleeve, looked at her and she swallowed her refusal.

  Shi Luo didn’t quite understand why this was the case. After the second uncle left, Shi Luo sat on the sofa and looked at her mother, believing that she would give an explanation.  

  Mother Shi touched father Shi who sat beside her. Since the beginning, father Shi was silent.

  When father Shi looked up, his eyes were full of complicated emotions.

  Shi Luo glanced, and her heart itched, she could probably guess what was going on.  

  It seems that she was too optimistic, Shi Luo thought she had cut off the plot regarding herself, but now it seems she didn’t.

  Shi Luo frowned. She didn’t know whether the story automatically fixed itself from the world’s influence or it was part of the plot that she didn’t write. After all, Shi Luo’s purpose was very clear, it was to promote the story’s development, so she didn’t clearly write in detail.

  Shi Luo understood that to attend the so-called family school was the same as entering the so-called research institute, which meant that the subsequent plot may still occur.

  “Luo Luo?” Mother Shi was upset. She promised to help Shi Luo not long ago, but today she had to tell her this news.

  Mother Shi was also very puzzled. It was clear that the family hasn’t contact father Shi for a long time, but how come today, they came and said this.

  “En.” Shi Luo nodded, she wondered if she could obtain some information from her mother.

  “Luo Luo, mother didn’t know it would be like this.”

  “I see, there’s no choice now, right?” Shi Luo calmly asked.

  Mother Shi nodded. “Now you can only attend the family school, take a step and look, maybe you won’t be suitable for the family’s business.” At this time, Shi mother had no choice. Although in the eyes of outsiders, their family was superior, but they depended on the big Shi family tree.

  Inexplicably, she felt a burst of irritability from her mind.

  “I’m going upstairs.” This was the first time in two years that Shi Luo felt upset, it wasn’t because of fear for the future, but because her original peaceful life was broken.

  She laid in bed and thought about what to do next, this so-called family school was an inevitable event, and then what?

  On the other side, Mu Suo frowned.

  “Daughter, you’re back.” Mu Suo’s mother washed off the thick powder on her face, stood at the door and looked at Mu Suo with a sweet smile.

  Mu Suo tightened her hands and kept silent.

  “You lost money…” Mu Suo’s mother immediately saw that Mu Suo didn’t speak, she was angry and was about to scold her, but suddenly thought of something and her smile returned. “Daughter, are you hungry? The meal is ready.”

  Mu Suo raised her vigilance, she has never offered her a meal before, there must be a reason for this.

  As soon as she entered, she saw a big table filled with delicious and fragrant dishes, but Mu Suo’s entire attention was attracted by a person’s aura who was in a different room.

  Mu Suo looked back at the smiling woman. She seemed to have heard her soul freezing, inch by inch, creaking.  

  The things in her hands moved.

  At this moment, Mu Suo suddenly remembered the two policemen, she couldn’t do it again.

  Mu Suo ran away while the woman didn’t pay attention.

  Obviously, Mu Suo’s mother didn’t expect Mu Suo’s action. Before she could react, Mu Suo had already run away.

  “What happened? Why did she run?!” Inside, a middle-aged man heard the movements outside, he came out and discontentedly said, “You should repent?! Give me the money back!”

  “Don’t worry, I’ll get her back!” As soon as Mu Suo’s mother heard about a refund, she immediately chased after her.

  1. Laozi – father, daddy, “I”, “your father” (in anger, or out of contempt). It’s like a rude curse word.
  2. One doesn’t visit a temple without a cause (idiom) to visit with an ulterior motive

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