Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 8

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Executive Summary: The female master is like an adorable daughter. –Shi Luo

Chapter 8

  When Mu Suo ran out, she happened to see two plainclothes policemen walking in.

  Mu Suo didn’t look at them and ran away.

  “What happened? Why did she run like that? Should we catch her?” Xiao Li looked at Mu Suo who ran away and asked the officer besides him.  

  “First, let’s see what she’s hiding from.”

  Then, at once they saw a foul-mouthed middle-aged woman exiting the house to give chase. They both guessed that it was Mu Suo’s mother.  

  “Don’t come back!” Mu Suo’s mother couldn’t catch up to her, cursed, then finally glanced at the two policeman and said, “What are you looking at?!”

  The two people immediately withdrew their eyes.

  When Shi Luo heard from the housekeeper that a little girl was looking for her, her first thought was Mu Suo who was abused by the plot. If the damsel in distress returned, something bad must have happened again. 

  When Shi Luo came out, she saw Mu Suo pitifully looked at her with her shoes in her hands. Her small face full of grievances made Shi Luo felt distressed. This wasn’t a nonexistent person from her novel, but a little girl she has protected personally for several months.

  “Why did you take off your shoes?” Shi Luo frowned, crouched down, Mu Suo held her shoes and was bare feet. Shi Luo found her bare feet were covered with numerous small wounds which must have been caused from the road. “Did you run all the way from your house?” Shi Luo asked with distress and hugged Mu Suo.

  This was Shi Luo’s first time holding Mu Suo. Mu Suo looked thin and small, but when she held her, Shi Luo found that Mu Suo was thinner than what she imagined.

  Mu Suo closed her eyes, she didn’t expect to be held by Shi Luo.

  The reason for removing her shoes was simple, because while running, her emotions were out of control and the force under her feet were several folds stronger than normal. Because of this, the shoes would have been broken before she could have gotten far, so as soon as she left the policemen’s sight, Mu Suo removed her shoes.  

  “Why did you take off your shoes?” Shi Luo asked as she walked inside while holding Mu Suo.

  Mu Suo didn’t answer, and Shi Luo sighed. This was really the heroine from her work, she likes to bury everything in her heart and doesn’t like to say anything.

  It was precisely for this reason there will be numerous misunderstandings later in the plot.

  “Don’t bury anything in your heart. Learn to say it.” Shi Luo’s tone was gentle.

  When the housekeeper saw Shi Luo held the little girl inside, he stepped forward to help Shi Luo.

  Shi Luo shook her head. “Her foot is scratched. Is there any medicine in the house?”

  The housekeeper nodded. “I’ll get it.”

  “Take it to my room.” Shi Luo said and directly held Mu Suo to her room.

  When mother Shi heard that Shi Luo had a friend who looked for Shi Luo, she went downstairs and saw the housekeeper holding medicine.  

  “Where’s the young lady?”

  “Xiaojie took her friend to her room. Her friend’s foot was scratched.” The housekeeper replied.

  “Then go quickly, don’t let the young lady wait. Hurry.”

  Mother Shi saw Shi Luo brought back a friend for the first time and was inevitably curious.

  Shi Luo put down Mu Suo. “Sit, I’ll pour some water to clean it up, how could you take off your shoes and run so far! You’ll feel better in a while!” Shi Luo still didn’t understand why Mu Suo took off her shoes and ran so far. It wasn’t because she didn’t have shoes, she personally bought several pairs of shoes for her.

  Mu Suo heard Shi Luo’s distress, because of this woman, her frozen heart was moved.

  At that time, there was no direction at all. When she realized that her shoes were badly worn, Mu Suo took off her shoes without a thought since it was bought by Shi Luo.  

  Then Mu Suo thought of Shi Luo.  

  Shi Luo came over with water and held the medicine in her hand. When she came back from fetching water, she happened to encounter the housekeeper and took the medicine directly.

  When Shi Luo came in, she saw Mu Suo nestled on the plush sofa and her heart was smashed severely with adoration. She felt that she was raising a cute little daughter. Well, in a sense, Mu Suo could be regarded as her daughter, but most people would think that she was the stepmother.

  Shi Luo gently wiped Mu Suo’s feet with water, “Does it hurt?”

  Mu Suo shook her head.

  When you hate a person, you will view them negatively, and with that same reasoning, when you like a person, you will view them positively. If it was in the past, Shi Luo would have felt dislike towards Mu Suo, but now towards this little girl, Shi Luo felt sad. “Say if it hurts, I will be gentle.”

  Mu Suo wasn’t hurt, but when she saw the distressed eyes, Mu Suo softly said, “It hurts a little.”

  “Be obedient like this in the future, if you have anything to say, say it. Don’t bury anything in your heart. How can I know your feelings when it’s in your heart, okay?” Shi Luo touched Mu Suo’s head.

  The fine sand on her feet wasn’t difficult to handle as Shi Luo had imagined. After a while, it was all washed away. Shi Luo was a little surprised that it was so quick.

  “It’s okay, applied the medicine and bandage it. How about staying at my house during this time?” Shi Luo didn’t ask why Mu Suo ran, because she already knew that Mu Suo wouldn’t say, and Shi Luo could guess that it must be related with Mu Suo’s mother.

  Mu Suo lowered her head, she embraced her while crouching.  

  Shi Luo didn’t move and allowed Mu Suo to hold her. She had a feeling something had happened this time that was bigger than what she thought.  

  Shi Luo had always seen her cowardice and insecurity, but rarely seen her vulnerability. There was a fundamental difference between cowardice and vulnerability. The former was usually shown to an outsider while the latter was…

  Unexpectedly, Shi Luo kind of felt that she had a daughter who was injured outside and came back to hold her mother. Shit, why did she always feel that Mu Suo was her daughter?

  “Da xiaojie?” The housekeeper’s voice sounded outside the door.

  “What’s the matter?” When she touched Mu Suo’s head, she comforted Mu Suo. The fragile Mu Suo was like a little rabbit, who was very pitiful. As expected, her mentality was different.

  “The meal ordered by xiaojie is ready. Would you like me to bring it?”

  Shi Luo looked at Mu Suo’s feet that was wrapped like a glutinous rice wrapped in a banana leaf, “Bring it up.”

  “Eat until your full, be in a good mood, be obedient, don’t think about unhappy things after the meal, okay?”

  Mu Suo’s eyes were red when she closed them, then nodded, her clever small appearance made Shi Luo’s heart burst with softness.

  After eating, Shi Luo looked in her wardrobe, there was no clothes to wear.

  Finally, Shi Luo took out her pajamas for Mu Suo, “First, wear this for today.”

  Mu Suo obediently changed.

  It was time to go to sleep, because of her feet injury, Shi Luo didn’t leave Mu Suo.

  Shi Luo touched Mu Suo’s head, “Go to sleep, we will sleep together tonight.”

  Mu Suo got exactly what she was looking for.

  The two were nested on the large bed. Unexpectedly, they both had insomnia. Shi Luo was sleepless because of the so-called plot, while Mu Suo looked at the ceiling dumbly and seemed as if she was incredulous.

  Shi Luo failed to take care of the plot again, frowned, dismissed it and decided to calculate step by step.  

  And Mu Suo turned her head to gaze at Shi Luo, her frozen world suddenly returned to spring.  

  She was heart-broken over a certain matter, because she waited for a long time for the woman to love her, but now that Shi Luo was here, she discovered that she desired the woman’s love, it didn’t occur to her that she would feel this strongly.

  When Shi Luo’s breath was steady, Mu Suo sat up and untied her own wrapped feet that looked like glutinous rice wrapped in a banana leaf. As expected, the wound was gone. Mu Suo wrapped it again, then quietly watched Shi Luo slept peacefully for a while. Then she laid down beside Shi Luo, after a while, Shi Luo held Mu Suo in her arms.

  Mu Suo listened to Shi Luo’s steady heartbeat and gradually fell asleep.

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