Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 9

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Executive Summary: The plot changes too fast, can she get a script? –Shi Luo

Chapter 9

  In the middle of the night, Mu Suo suddenly opened her eyes.

  Then she gritted her teeth and looked next to her at Shi Luo who was still fast asleep.  

  Mu Suo’s eyes flashed with pain, she stretched out her hand that was on the blanket. The agitation there caused Mu Suo intense pain.

  Mu Suo gently got up, when she reached the window, she looked at Shi Luo in bed, then untied the gauze on her feet and finally jumped down.

  The first thing Shi Luo did when she woke up the next day was to examine Mu Suo’s wound.

  When she unraveled the gauze, Mu Suo twitched twice. “Are you awake?”

  Mu Suo opened her sleepy eyes and looked at Shi Luo.

  Shi Luo was instantly met with moe, “Really good!” Shi Luo touched Mu Suo’s head, “Get up to have breakfast.”

  Suddenly, Mu Suo’s face turned red and Shi Luo felt happier.

  When they went downstairs, father Shi wasn’t present. Mother Shi looked at the two people who held hands and smiled, “Whose daughter is this? She’s so cute.”

  Mu Suo wore Shi Luo’s old clothes. The maids that were sent out to purchase new clothes haven’t returned yet, so Shi Luo asked the housekeeper to find her old clothes.

  Mother Shi didn’t spend a lot of time at home, so she didn’t notice it was Shi Luo’s old clothes. Because of the brand-named clothes, she thought the little princess belonged to a family, after all, Shi Luo’s school was a place where Shi Luo could mingle with daughters of wealthy businessmen and celebrities.

  “Her name is Mu Suo.” With a smile, she turned to Mu Suo and said, “This is my mother.”

  “Hello auntie.” Mu Suo’s voice was delicate and soft. Shi Luo was a little surprised when she heard it. Mu Suo was an introvert who was the type that couldn’t say a word for half a day.

  “En, well-behaved, come over and let auntie see.” At this time, mother Shi liked Mu Suo very much, because when Shi Luo was the same age as Mu Suo, she was busy with a major project and wasn’t home for a few years, thus she wasn’t part of Shi Luo’s life during that time. When she saw her, she obviously had a good relationship with Shi Luo, it was natural that mother Shi treated Mu Suo as loving the house and its crow.1Love the house and its crow (idiom) involvement with someone and everyone connected with someone. AKA love me, love my dog.  

  Mu Suo also walked obediently towards her with her palms pinched, it wasn’t known whether she was nervous or warning something.

  “She’s timid, don’t scare her. She may need to live in our house for a while.” Shi Luo said while holding Mu Suo’s hand.

  “Okay, it happens that your father and I won’t be home during this time. You two will have to accompany each other at home.” Mother Shi said it as if something had happened, her face was a little unnatural. Shi Luo wasn’t really a high school student. Of course, she noticed it, but she didn’t ask, because Shi Luo knew that even if she asked, her mother won’t say.

  As a result, Shi Luo was surprised that night when mother Shi called her to the study and her face was bad.

  “Luo Luo, what mother says next is very important, but you need to remember that if nothing important happens, or if your father and I come back safely, then you have heard nothing.” Mother Shi looked serious.

  Shi Luo was startled by mother Shi’s expression and couldn’t figure out what happened.

  “Luo Luo, do you remember that when you were a child, people often came to visit you?” Mother Shi asked.

  Shi Luo shook her head.

  Mother Shi sighed, “It’s normal not to remember. If you see people with a strange red mark on their wrist, you must avoid them.”

  “Why?” Shi Luo couldn’t remember what the plot was, then suddenly pondered on something. Where did Shi Luo’s parents go? It wasn’t mentioned in the original text. Shi Luo felt the plot had automatically repaired many things, which Shi Luo had no knowledge of.

  “Just remember.” Mother Shi hugged Shi Luo, “And don’t trust people from the family too much.”

  This Shi Luo knew.

  “Mom let you down.” Mother Shi finally said.  

  Shi Luo listened amidst the clouds and mist.2Amidst the clouds and mist (fig) mystified; puzzled She still didn’t understand her mother’s words after she left the study.

  The next morning, the housekeeper told Shi Luo that her mother returned to the Research Institute. Shi Luo still didn’t understand the meaning behind her mother’s words.

  On the third day of mother Shi’s departure, Shi Luo was surprised by the clever and sensible Mu Suo.  

  “You said, you want to go back home?” Shi Luo looked at Mu Suo.

  Mu Suo nodded and said nothing more.

  Although Shi Luo didn’t know what happened to Mu Suo, but only Mu Suo knew the reason why Mu Suo wanted to return.

  Shi Luo set Mu Suo’s original setting to long for a mother’s love since young, but until the death of her mother, she has never obtained it. At that time, Shi Luo was called by the glorified name of benevolent ruler, but now Shi Luo has the urge to thrash herself. Now, she thought about the reason why Mu Suo’s mother treated her like this, it was never mentioned from beginning to end. At this point, she brushed down several pages of negativity in her novel.

  “Mu Suo, do you have to go back?” Shi Luo crouched down. Shi Luo didn’t know, but Mu Suo had deep guilt in her eyes.

  Mu Suo nodded, not looking at Shi Luo’s eyes.

  She knew that Shi Luo certainly wouldn’t know the real reason. After glancing at Shi Luo’s neck, there was an eye-catching wound there, but now it was gone. It was still smooth and delicate, but it was fear that lingered in her heart. She couldn’t imagine that if she woken up a little later, the only person who treated her well in this world would’ve been gone. Thinking of this, Mu Suo’s face became even paler, but Shi Luo still didn’t know anything. Mu Suo pinched her hand tightly as if she was venting to something that stabbed her palm severely.

  Shi Luo only knew that Mu Suo was still traumatized by her mother and was dejected. The guilt in her heart became greater.

  Shi Luo couldn’t help but hug the pale Mu Suo, “I’ll go with you.”

  Mu Suo closed her eyes and resisted the true thoughts within her heart, “No, I’ll go back by myself.”  

  “What’s wrong?” Shi Luo heard the fragility in Mu Suo’s voice.

  Shi Luo thought something was a bit wrong. In her original novel, Mu Suo was a girl who lacked love and lived in darkness. But now, Shi Luo didn’t take herself into consideration, Shi Luo forgot that Mu Suo fell in love with the male lead because of the warmth he has given, so even though he abused her, she still held onto the male lead.  

  But now, Shi Luo underestimated her status and influence in Mu Suo’s heart. It wasn’t so much the persistence of motherly love, but the persistence of warmth, which was provided by Shi Luo.

  In the end, Mu Suo didn’t change her mind, the driver drove the two to Mu Suo’s home.

  Mu Suo didn’t want Shi Luo to further send her home, but Shi Luo was determined, so Mu Suo had to give up.  

  When the door opened, a group of people in the room watched their entry simultaneously.

  When Shi Luo saw the gaudy people in the room, her first reaction was to pinch her earrings.  

  “Little brat, you know to come back!” When Mu Suo’s mother saw Mu Suo, her eyes flashed with surprise and her mouth still swore, “Little brother, you see now that she’s back, you take her back to your boss directly, and don’t bother me anymore, okay?”

  Shi Luo always knew that Mu Suo’s mother wasn’t good to her, but in the text, she didn’t describe it in detail. At most, she didn’t provide food and scolded her. But now, Shi Luo, a novelist with a top-notched brain that could fill in the blanks, still couldn’t understand anything.

  “Hehe!” The eyes of several men were attracted to Shi Luo. “This girl looks really good, no wonder the boss likes it!”

  “Brother Tiger, the boss should want the small one. The boss always likes them smaller.” The man next to the lecherous man glanced at Shi Luo meaningfully.

  “Yes! Let’s share this one! Boss won’t like this type anyway. I’ll go first, then it will be your turn. Don’t worry, everyone will have a turn!” The leading man laughed obscenely.

  The red light flashed in Mu Suo’s eyes, then her face calmed because she knew that Shi Luo’s bodyguards will soon arrive.

  Just as the man and Mu Suo was ready to move, the door was pushed opened again. Several men in black suits entered and bowed respectfully to Shi Luo, “Xiaojie.”

  “Take these people outside for a chat.” Shi Luo finished and looked at Mu Suo’s mother who stared at her in shock.

  These were local ruffians and hoodlums in the area. When they saw the bodyguards’ body shape and equipment, they were immediately stunned.

  After a while, the whole house was cleaned out.

  Although she was calm on the surface, she wanted to beat the woman in her heart.  

  “Xiaojie, I…” Mu Suo’s mother couldn’t speak well.

  Mu Suo’s hand that held Shi Luo’s hand shook. Shi Luo looked down at Mu Suo’s eyes that appealed to her. Shi Luo had a headache, what was she thinking? Why did this little girl had to have such a plot?

  When Shi Luo saw Mu Suo was distressed towards her own mother, it wasn’t easy for her to say anything.

  Finally, she secretly slipped a card to Mu Suo and left.

  After Shi Luo left, Mu Suo’s mother came over and said, “You lost money! …” Before she finished scolding, she was frightened by Mu Suo’s fierce eyes and the hairs on her back stood up. There was a feeling that her heart was grasped in other’s hands and she couldn’t move at all. By the time she calmed down, Mu Suo had entered the inner room. She still wanted to scold, but her mouth trembled twice. She didn’t have the courage to let the words leave her mouth to scold her.

  1. Love the house and its crow (idiom) involvement with someone and everyone connected with someone. AKA love me, love my dog.
  2. Amidst the clouds and mist (fig) mystified; puzzled

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