Next Door There’s Memeda – Chapter 1

TL Note: This is a new modern yuri short story I picked up. This one I’m not going to speed TL it like <<Who Moved My Ashes>> because it’s harder with all the internet slang and Chinese modern culture I’m not too familiar with.

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 1

  When another sentence came from the opposite room, “Okay, I know memeda,”1memeda is a cute way of saying muah Ling Xiao Xiao’s hand stopped writing. The next second, she wanted to flip the keyboard!

  The freshman next door was so annoying! Ah, every day talk with other people! Talk with other people! Can’t she just talk!?! Can she stop memeda?

  Ling Xiao Xiao didn’t like to wear headphones, but she always wore them. Then, as she listened to cool music, she wrote about her cool character in her novel.

  Slam! Even if she didn’t listen, her cool character was going to go “memeda”!  

  This kind of thing is definitely contagious!

  Ling Xiao Xiao endured the discomfort of her headphones and headache, then tapped the keyboard. The girl next door faced her computer screen, with a deadpan expression, she said, “I love you so much, memeda” to the computer screen. Afterwards, she turned off the audio. 

  Jiang Shuang moved here last week. The owner rented a house that was more than 100 square meters to two people. It was just that she didn’t like to have contact with 3D people. Even if she saw that woman, she held her glasses and walked away with her head bowed.  

  The landlord initially told her there was a woman named Ling Xiao Xiao who was a full-time writer. She was very nice, straightforward and wouldn’t cause any trouble. As a matter of fact, the woman next door lived here for more than a year and she cleaned the house including the living room meticulously every day. On the other hand, it seemed that she caused her some trouble.

  But there was no way, who let……

  Jiang Shuang’s thoughts were interrupted by a message on the screen from para.  

  para: Received, ah ah ah, my goddess gave me a red envelope2Asian people get cash in red envelopes for new years or other occasion just now, ah ah ah!

  Don’t explain the third time: Who’s your goddess?  

  para: As I said yesterday, her pen name is Weibuyun! I wrote her a long comment and she responded to me! I also sent a red envelope _(:з」∠)_

  Don’t explain the third time: So, because you received a red envelope, you dare call me?  

  para: Don’t be so hateful. Oh, that’s right, I haven’t been online for the past few days. Where did you move?

  Don’t explain the third time: I rented a house and share it with a 24-year-old woman. She’s also a writer of Jinhu.

  para: How long!

  Don’t explain the third time: I don’t know, I didn’t look.

  Para began to rage and typed to roast her. Jiang Shuang said, “I’m getting food”, then pushed her door and walked out her room. As it turns out at this same moment, Ling Xiao Xiao also left to get water.

  The two people’s doors were across from each other. This time, they collided into each other. Seeing the little freshman’s head bowed, Ling Xiao Xiao hands were across her chest and her forefinger on her arm, she was about to mention her disturbing behavior. But the little girl actually lowered her head and closed the door!

  Slam! She unexpectedly didn’t look at her! She returned on her own!

  Ling Xiao Xiao felt that she couldn’t stand at the door like a shrew and talk about others. She saw her docile appearance, she should also be a person with 3D communication disorder. Holding her breath, Ling Xiao Xiao silently poured water.

  Well, she wasn’t an unreasonable person either. The little girl couldn’t bear to live in a college dormitory and moved out, so it wasn’t easy to guess. 

  Forget about it, wait until she really couldn’t restrain herself to settle the matter.

  Ling Xiao Xiao was a very soft-hearted person. She poured water and was in a better mood. She went to the kitchen and rummaged through the refrigerator. There was a lot of pudding that she bought yesterday.  

  Right, this little girl that co-rented with her still had some merit. For example, she never eats her food. Unlike the last woman, she was really troublesome! How many times has she endured her watermelon being seized and eaten. The snack she bought with her bloody heart, that woman had to steal!

  Most of all, after she ate it, she didn’t admit it!

  Can! Not! Endure!

  When Ling Xiao Xiao thought that woman had moved away, her mood became even better. She took out a carton of pudding and ran back to the bedroom to find a spoon.

  After eating pudding, Ling Xiao Xiao began to write between 9-11pm to reward her readers. But before she opened the little black house,3Internet term – when people are banned from the regular forum, they group into this new forum to chat where regular users can’t see by other regular users, so it allowed banned users to chat in this forum she saw that some of her readers shouted:

  Goddess, you’ve been ruined!

  Ling Xiao Xiao saw these words and couldn’t help but curse, “Mother Fucker!”. Her voice was loud and Jiang Shuang in the opposite bedroom happened to hear it, then typed on the computer: I don’t think she’s the cool writer, she’s probably not your goddess.  

  Para: QAQ What, why?

  Don’t explain the third time: The first time I hear her voice, she said two words → Mother Fucker

  para: …Well, my goddess absolutely won’t say that.

  Jiang Shuang looked at the door and heard no sound from the other side before she pursed her mouth and moved. After she stood at the door for a while and was sure that no one would come out from the opposite room, she dashed to the refrigerator with her waist long hair and took the bread she bought yesterday from the refrigerator door.

  Normally, freshmen liked to go out to play, but unexpectedly Jiang Shuang really didn’t like to go to crowded places, so she will run back to the rented home after class every day. Even on weekends, she never goes out.

  The places she went were limited to supermarkets, parks, and schools.

  Jiang Shuang held the hard bread and nibbled it. She took out yesterday’s milk from the refrigerator but saw there was one less pudding that Ling Xiao Xiao bought.

  Mango-flavored pudding, it looked like she wanted to eat it too.

  Jiang Shuang’s head squeezed into the refrigerator, she looked at the logo and committed it to memory several times. She retracted her head, ate the bread and went back to her bedroom.  

  After she saw Weibuyun’s update, she went to the supermarket to buy some things and returned to eat.

  She likes Weibuyun’s story, not for one or two days, she liked her longer than para,4it’s implying that para just discovered Weibuyun and liked her, but she found her long before para and liked her but she didn’t know how to express her love for Weibuyun. She didn’t even dare to tell para that she also likes Weibuyun.5The English translation of her pen name isn’t good, its tiny step cloud

  Jiang Shuang drank the last sip of milk and threw the box in the trash. Her favorites folder showed that Weibuyun updated.

  She quickly clicked it and read it to the end and saw the author had something to say.

Author’s Notes: Tonight between 9-11pm, there was memeda.  

Author’s Notes: Tonight between 9-11pm, there wasn’t memeda. 

TL Notes: If you guys noticed shes the author of Jinhu which is “JJWXC” the well-known Chinese webnovel platform. Also, at the end of her chapter releases she also writes Author’s Notes.

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