Next Door There’s Memeda – Chapter 10

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 10

  Ling Xiao Xiao’s first euphemistic thus became an awkward joke.

  She let go of Jiang Shuang’s face and smiled dryly: “I’m just kidding, en, anyway, I hope your life will get better and better in the future … en, study well … study hard.” Her head was in a mess and her words were messy as if her brain didn’t process it at all.

  To be honest, she was so nervous now, ah! The soft touch from her hand hasn’t dissipated yet. It seems to still linger on Jiang Shuang’s face.

  Jiang Shuang looked at her dazedly, after a long time, her body receded and said, “I will pay more rent this month to make up for the money you threw…” She said and her voice got smaller and smaller at the end. Ling Xiao Xiao’s heart fluttered, then she said, “Did you mind that I threw torpedoes at you?”

  ”50% of it was earned by Jinhu …” Jiang Shuang weakly said, then as soon as the voice fell, the person opposite of her began to laugh.1Dude, so she’s saying 50% of her donations were taken by the company Jinhu…as if that was what she was most concern about  

  Ling Xiao Xiao shook her head helplessly. It seemed that Jiang Shuang didn’t thought about it and she imagined her love was reciprocated.2to shower affection on an uninterested party

  She was old, not young, why was she still doing this ridiculous drama of unrequited love?

  With a sigh, Ling Xiao Xiao stood up and left. When she closed the door, she uneasily said, “Don’t agree to that P.”3P refers to para; also this is obviously a misunderstanding between them, remember that JS has really low EQ…

  After speaking, she was out of breath and shut the door mercilessly.

  Jiang Shuang sat there and froze. Just now, she thought of Ling Xiao Xiao’s twenty “hehe” wasn’t right. Now, it seems even stranger, ah.4The 20 hehe are the 20 torpedoes she threw to her with the comment “hehe” attached…

  Why didn’t she let her accept para?5Before LXX left, she said don’t accept that P aka para…so she’s wondering why she can’t accept para or why she doesn’t allow it In other words, why should she care about her feelings?

  Jiang Shuang, whose head was missing screws, thought of Ling Xiao Xiao’s serious expression when she held her face, and her face flushed. Was the goddess…confessing to her?

  Was it false was it true was it false was it true?!

  She rushed to the computer beside her with a red face, weakly opened QQ and saw the offline messages from para.

  para: Weibuyun has been with you for a long time?

  para: Why didn’t you tell me earlier, ah? If I had known earlier, I would have strangled her in the cradle, ah!6para was the one who told JS to talk to LXX, so if she known earlier, she would have reinforce her decision to keep avoiding her…

  para: Anyway, you make a decision. I’m serious, I can go to your city to find you. After all, haven’t we known each other for so long? And you really felt nothing when we played together?

  Jiang Shuang’s stiff claws was about to reply to her, when Ling Xiao Xiao, who just added her a while ago, suddenly messaged her.  

  Cool Goddess: QAQ Just now, I didn’t mean to be fierce just now, I just wanted to say…

  She hesitated for a moment, then Jiang Shuang responded to her first.

  Don’t explain the third time: Say what?

  She watched the “writing” icon next to the username be displayed on and off for five minutes before a message was sent.  

  Cool Goddess: I think its fate that we live together. You chase my writing and I pay special attention to you as my reader…later, we write novels together and we both like lily…

  Don’t explain the third time: ……what do you want to say?

  Cool Goddess: &gt&lt Be with me

  Don’t explain the third time: …

  What happened today? Why did everyone around her confessed to her?! Jiang Shuang looked at the six characters with a red face,7original Chinese characters were six but translated in english to three words and after seeing them, she didn’t know what to do. Finally, she shook her hands and replied with a word—

  Don’t explain the third time: Okay.

  Then after replying, she jumped up and locked the door. Then, she jumped on the bed and beat the carp.8a carp is an exercise you usually do on the bed to stretch…it doesn’t really translate well in English, its usually when your body is stiff and you start swinging your arms and legs like you’re a fish out of water

  What could be more exciting than her goddess’s confession? She likes Weibuyun’s stories and her, whether it was the pretentious high and cold Weibuyun, or this funny and intimate Ling Xiao Xiao.

  Ahhhhhh, she just agreed to the goddess’s confession, ah! o(*////▽////*)o

  At the same time, Ling Xiao Xiao over there was also excited and was unable to control her emotions in the group: my secret crush and I are together!!! Come out and congratulate me!!!  

  Jiang Shuang was tired of rolling on the bed, then looked at the ceiling with a red face. It was a pleasant feeling to be confessed to. If it was only Weibuyun who confessed, she would have been more excited right now. But, after a few breaths, she turned over and got out of bed to reply to para.  

  Don’t explain the third time: I’m with her, I’m sorry …

  She didn’t know what to say. She always felt that one more sentence was burdensome.

  In fact, this was also good, para didn’t intend to comfort her. It was enough for her to get an accurate answer.  

  Sheng Haoting pouted in front of the computer. She knew the answer would be this, but she was directly refused and still felt upset.

  With a sour nose, she called her best friend.

  “Old Shang, I lost my love.”9Pretty sure this is Shang scarf, the friend that LXX talks to as well…


  ”Why don’t you comfort me?”

  ”Because I just lost my love too.”10I think Sheng scarf was also in love with LXX…

  Sheng Haoting paused: “… Coincidentally, we both lost our love and are synchronized.”

  “Yes ah, come out and have a meal.”

  Packing up, Sheng Haoting summoned the courage to add another sentence to Jiang Shuang: I wish you happiness.

  It was good that she could do it now! Now she couldn’t wait to negatively brush every chapter Weibuyun posts, then go to every major forum to make her completely black!11Bro, she’s bitter and black-bellied…

  TAT The pain in taking a wife, ah …12LXX crying face since she faced the consequences of taking in a wife

  Jiang Shuang was relieved at the moment and finally opened the door secretly. When she was about to knock on her goddess’s door, she suddenly heard a familiar dialogue coming from Ling Xiao Xiao’s room.

  “I like you husband, memeda!”

  Jiang Shuang: “…” Goddess, was it really okay for you to cycle through other people’s confessions in other people’s radio dramas?13JS interpret this scene as the goddess pretending that JS is saying that line to her…

  She stood at the door, took a deep breath, and knocked heavily.

  There came a sound of the stereo being turned off, then the face of “I didn’t do anything” appeared. After seeing Jiang Shuang, she grinned and grabbed Jiang Shuang to hug her.

  ”Hurry up and tell me!”

  ”… Don’t say.”

  “Say it, say it!”

  Ling Xiao Xiao was particularly excited now, and her nose smelled Jiang Shuang’s body shower gel. It was fresh and natural.

  Jiang Shuang with facial paralysis, sounded like a mosquito hum: “Memeda…”  

  The soft lips pressed on her lips. Jiang Shuang’s face suddenly blushed. She was about to open her mouth, but a flexible tongue entered through the gap. Before she could respond, her tongue was already wrapped.

  Their breathing became hot and ambiguous, Jiang Shuang closed her eyes tightly, and responded clumsily. Ling Xiao Xiao praised herself constantly in her heart. It was so smart to learn kissing skills before!

  Finally, she released the breathless Jiang Shuang and Ling Xiao Xiao’s forehead was pressed against her, “How about a new story?”

  “Why … what type …”

  “Couple, write together, show affection.” As she spoke, her lips were closed again, and Jiang Shuang closed her eyes with slight anticipation.

  She and Ling Xiao Xiao were predestined, what could they regret? No one knows what the future will hold, but at this moment, the person she likes was kissing her.

  It was enough.

  Jiang Shuang closed her eyes, tightly looped Ling Xiao Xiao’s waist, and silently uttered a sentence in her heart.

  —Ling Xiao Xiao I like you, memeda!


Author’s Notes:

o (* //// ▽ //// *) o I tried lily for the first time and wrote a short story. I didn’t expect anyone to really like it. After being flattered, I decided to start a story about lily in ancient times, a female lead and a little wife~ this matter is being planned and I promise to publish it!14Want to add in general, author started on JJWXC in 2014 and this is her first yuri work she has ever wrote, previously in 2013-2014 she wrote BL. Now, she has many other works that are only lily on her author’s page

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