Next Door There’s Memeda – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

  Ling Xiao Xiao felt that her neighbor was an absolutely frenzied spokesperson! As a shy person who didn’t dare speak in her daily life, unexpectedly she was online dating!  

  Online dating, but public display of affection! Showing love was fine, but it was so loud!

  Ling Xiao Xiao listened to her speak, “I’m in a bad mood today, my great person was brushed negatively, then…”

  The following content wasn’t clear, but Ling Xiao Xiao heard the negative key words. Hey! In the whole circle of online literary websites, Jinhu was brushed negatively. It seems this girl is a loyal Jinhu reader!

  At this point, Ling Xiao Xiao decided not to worry about her. She put on her headphones and listened to zither music while typing words.  

  An hour later, a fat chapter was born. Ling Xiao Xiao finished writing and put this chapter in the manuscript box.1manuscript is like stockpile chapter that’s not released yet…

  She was finally a person who saved a manuscript! She happily looked at the three little red letters in the manuscript box, closed the page and was ready to sleep.2the three red letters are three different chapters…that she managed to stockpile from spelling earlier and the 1 chapter she just did now.

  After washing, the girl next door turned off her microphone. Ling Xiao Xiao didn’t look like she wanted to sleep, she hesitated for a moment, then returned to the kitchen and took out a pudding.

  It wasn’t an issue and she always endured Jiang Shuang, but let’s say it.3She’s thinking about her online boyfriend…not about the memeda…let’s say it aka her worries for her online dating

  Ling Xiao Xiao knocked on the door, and immediately there was a thump inside, she frowned and knocked again, “Are you okay?”

  “No, it’s nothing!” Jiang Shuang was reading a post on the horror forum. She was frightened by the knock and rolled down from the chair. She got up to open the door, looked at Ling Xiao Xiao through the small gap. “What’s the matter?”

  Ling Xiao Xiao lifted the pudding and shook it. “Come to the living room, let’s talk.”

  As roommates, they didn’t have a decent introduction. Ling Xiao Xiao thought of eating dinner alone again and wondered whether Jiang Shuang could join her for dinner in the future.

  Jiang Shuang’s bangs softly lay on her forehead. She cracked the door wider and revealed herself, “Hic…okay.”

  She lowered her head and followed Ling Xiao Xiao, then sat on the sofa stiffly.

  A pudding was handed to her. “I don’t have anything to offer, oh, please have some pudding.”

  Jiang Shuang shook her head and Ling Xiao Xiao shoved the pudding into her hands, “We are all roommates. We will spend a lot of time together in the future!”

  Jiang Shuang was scared by Ling Xiao Xiao’s enthusiasm. She could only nod her head. “Thank you.”

  Finally, it was time to get to the point. Ling Xiao Xiao fixedly looked at the girl who looked as if she walked out of an anime, and was a little nervous, “Are you…a college student?”4JS looks like a person from an anime because she’s one of those super cute girls who have inferiority complex and is super shy and easily scared…basically she kinda looks like that in this situation.

  Jiang Shuang nodded.

  “You now…cough cough, ask something a little offensive, but are you online dating?”  

  Jiang Shuang’s expression looked like a frightened fawn. She shook her head abruptly, “No!”

  Her reaction was so great that Ling Xiao Xiao was embarrassed. “Don’t be agitated. I was just asking. Girls always likes to gossip. If you mind, I won’t offend you.”  

  Jiang Shuang’s hands tightly held the pudding, “Is it because my voice is loud that it’s disturbing you?”  

  Yi!5It’s an expression of surprise This little girl is quite self-aware!

  Ling Xiao Xiao was just about to take over the conversation with satisfaction. Jiang Shuang said, “I’m sorry, I’m dubbing tomorrow. I’m looking for the feelings of the character…I’m sorry to disturb you, but it won’t happen after Saturday.”  

  They all talked about it. All of Ling Xiao Xiao’s thousands of words were swallowed by Jiang Shuang and turned into this sentence: “It’s okay.”

  No! Wrong! This wasn’t her painting style!6This isn’t how she normally talks or handles situations. Basically she was overwhelmed by the shy JS and somehow didn’t manage to have a long(er) heartfelt talk with her

  Jiang Shuang saw that Ling Xiao Xiao’s goal was achieved, and her face seemed a little impatient. She stood up in fear and put the pudding on the coffee table, “In short, I’m sorry! I…I’ll go back. Thank you for your kindness. I don’t need the pudding.”

  She carelessly bowed and hurried back.

  Ling Xiao Xiao only had time to look at her and her waist-long hair that flutter in an arc, then she no longer saw her figure.

  Tsk tsk, she’s not a monster, what is this little girl afraid of, ah?

  Ling Xiao Xiao reluctantly put the pudding back in the refrigerator. Unexpectedly, the little girl had the ability to dub as well as reading novels. However, her appearance was really suitable for this circle, gentle, adorable and beautiful, and there was a sense of aloofness and foolish meng.7meng is the Chinese equivalent to moe

  Jiang Shuang panted and hid in the room, her messy bangs clung to her forehead, she gasped a few more times, ran to the computer, and poked para.

  Don’t explain the third time: scared to death …

  para: deserve it, who let you read the horror forum? Come on, let’s watch aliens and the walking dead!

  Don’t explain the third time: No …it was the neighbor next door that talked to me.

  para: Yi, did she tease you?

  Don’t explain the third time: she definitely didn’t tease, her attributes are strange.

  Para: Sounds like a bad person, ah

  Don’t explain the third time: En, en, a little scary. She talked to me and gave me pudding. She gently pointed out my intrusive behavior, but still very scary

  para: = 。= Was the pudding delicious?

  Don’t explain the third time: … I didn’t eat.

  para: You are stupid! Don’t eat when you have something to eat!

  Don’t explain the third time: I dare not eat … she also asked me if I was online dating, I was so embarrassed at that time.

  para: … as in you =0=8para making fun of LSS judgement since JS is such an introvert that she will never date online

  Jiang Shuang really thought so! She continued to chat with para. Then, there was a sound from the door outside, it sounded like she returned to her room.

  She was really afraid to keep in touch with 3D people. She felt that everyone in the city was very deep and their movements and smiles have different meanings. It was better to be a 2D person. There were no beneficial or messy relationships.

  Jiang Shuang talked for a while, it was very late. She went to wash her face and came back to continue to brush other updated releases.9brush means to change the ratings of a chapter release or series, so readers can “like” or “unlike” it for it to move in the rankings

  After reading the updates, Jiang Shuang also climbed into bed, confused, as if someone was talking to her.10She’s having a bad hallucination flashback

  No, not with her, but her aunt scolded her mother: “You son of a bitch! Give birth to such a bastard, who cares if you’re dead or alive! Get lost! Don’t come back to my house!”

  She said that in front of her house, but Jiang Shuang remembered it was the gate to her own home.11Not too sure what happened, but it seems that they used to live in said house, but she was later born and was disgraceful for being a bastard child, so the family drove her and her mother out of the home and took that house over

  On ordinary days, the aunt yelled softly, she feared that others would find out, and said, “You have nothing to do with our family! You gave birth to that baby girl! Raise it by yourself!”

  Jiang Shuang’s body shrank unconsciously. She huddled and shivered.

  The scene suddenly changed, and the dirty broom suddenly hit her, “Waste! You can’t even do a math problem after so many years!”

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