Next Door There’s Memeda – Chapter 6

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 6

  When the delivery boy knocked on the door, Jiang Shuang just came out. She stood at the door and watched Ling Xiao Xiao take two bento boxes and was slightly shocked.

  When Ling Xiao Xiao turned back and saw her, she lifted the bag from her hand and forced a smile, “You won’t disapprove, right?”

  No matter how low Jiang Shuang’s EQ was, she knew this was a good time to solve the earlier embarrassment. She nodded quickly, “I…I’ll get the money.”  

  She turned to go back to her room to get money. Ling Xiao Xiao called out, “Come back, I’ll treat you…” When she finished, she felt bad again. Unexpectedly, Jiang Shuang didn’t get angry this time, she just froze for a moment, then slowly ran over.  

  ”Thank you …”

  She whispered and took the bag.

  Ling Xiao Xiao had a good meal, although the girl who ate opposite of her didn’t talk. The girl’s waist-long hair softly dangled to her side, her bangs covered her beautiful big eyes and she could see the flickering long eyelashes in the shadow.

  Jiang Shuang ate slowly. Before today, she didn’t know how long it’s been since she had a hot meal. In the morning, the breakfast made her moved, now she was even more moved.  

  It seems the other side wasn’t as strange as she imagined, on the contrary, she was very good.

  After Jiang Shuang finished eating, she cautiously raised her head, but saw Ling Xiao Xiao brightly stare at her and looked back with fear, “This, morning…I’m sorry.” She swallowed her saliva. “Actually, I can cook delicious food, if you don’t mind. We can eat together…”  

  Her voice was getting smaller and smaller, her head was bowed the entire time. Ling Xiao Xiao said with a smile: “It’s okay, we can take turns cooking and taste each other’s dishes!”

  Jiang Shuang nodded casually.

  ”Well, is your dubbing over?”

  “En, after that, I won’t pick up any new roles. I’m going to work a temporary job.”1This refers to students who has work outside of school or during their vacations

  Ling Xiao Xiao blinked, “Where are you going to work? Is it far?”

  Jiang Shuang slightly looked up at her, “It’s not too far, it’s a clothing store.”

  Oh, good, with her appearance, it would be strange if she was a good salesperson, unless she looked at people’s faces. Ling Xiao Xiao couldn’t bear to roast her, but still said, “Can you sell it?”

  ”…” Jiang Shuang slowly looked up at her silently.

  To be honest, she doesn’t know whether she could do well or not. But the boss said her looks are very attractive to otakus, and it was also good to stand at the door as a coser and attract people in.2Otaku is a JP word; those fanboys of the 2D content…mostly waifus…coser is cosplayer

  With a glass of juice in her hand, Ling Xiao Xiao bit her straw and thought, “Would you like to write a novel with me, ah?”

  Jiang Shuang was shock for a moment. After reading novels for so many years, she never thought of writing it herself.  

  Can she also write novels? It seems difficult to write a novel, and she will certainly write poorly. Those great gods are so good, how could she have a foothold? She was thinking wildly, and Ling Xiao Xiao said: “If not, I can guide you. It’s not so difficult to write, and you should be well-read, so don’t you have a theme you want to write?”  

  Jiang Shuang’s face suddenly turned red when she said she really had a theme she wanted to write, but…she wanted to write lilies to trace her goddess’s mouth >口<……

  She was afraid she couldn’t write a good image of her goddess and couldn’t create a wonderful story. Ling Xiao Xiao looked at her like this and clearly sighed. There were two extremes of new writers, one was arrogant while the other was like Jiang Shuang who worried.  

  However, the latter was obviously more popular than the former, at least it makes people in the learning mindset.  

  Ling Xiao Xiao waited at this time and unexpectedly uncovered the vest,3vest is her identity and wanted to pull this girl to be closer to her—“By the way, my pen name is Weibuyun, I don’t know if you seen it? Of course, it’s normal if you haven’t seen it. After all, I’m just a little powder,” She thought of her works’ recent numbers rising this morning and paused, “No, it’s a little pink.”  

  She didn’t want to show off. She just wanted to express that she could help Jiang Shuang by guiding her. She didn’t want Jiang Shuang to be discouraged by her lack of popularity when she starts writing.

  However, the girl on the opposite side raised her head abruptly and repeated the three words incredulously: “Weibuyun?”

  ”Enn it’s me.” Ling Xiao Xiao laughed very cheaply, “Have you heard?”

  ……I’ve never heard of it before!!! This is … this is the goddess!!!!

  Jiang Shuang didn’t digest the information for a while and didn’t know how to react. She suddenly stood up from her chair and ran back to her room like a gust of wind.  

  Ling Xiao Xiao: “…”

  Did she say something wrong again? Why was that girl scared away by her again, ahhh!

  She wanted to knock on the door and ask what happened, but she couldn’t take that step, so she packed up her bento silently. She was so upset that she decided to abuse the female lead today!

  Obviously that girl was beginning to become familiar with her, and the two can talk normally. How come she scared others away when she mentioned her pen name?

  Did Jiang Shuang think of her negatively? …

  Ling Xiao Xiao felt there was nothing wrong with this matter. It doesn’t matter if she was negatively looked at and so on. Although she was upset at this time, some people will continue to support her ah. If her psychological endurance was poor, how would she be able to write? There were a thousand people like her and a thousand Hamlets!4She’s saying there’s a thousand writers like her out there that makes good works like William Shakespeare’s Hamlet…which is quite lofty and conceited considering that’s an old time classic

  She wrote this kind of popular text and some people scattered flowers while others brushed it negatively.

  She thought this way and went back to the door and said: “If you offend on the Internet, it’s okay. If you want to separate 3D and 2D ah, I don’t care if you brush my score or chapter negatively.”5So she thinks on the Internet (2D) she hates her pen name but in 3D, they should be friends since 2D and 3D should be separate from each other. Plus she doesn’t mind if she did brushed her score negatively

  After that, there was no reaction from the room. Ling Xiao Xiao went back to her room with a stuffy heart. She felt really heavy-hearted at this time, ah. Shouldn’t she open a special short story with a BE to express the gloom in her heart?6A short story with a bad ending(BE)

  No, ah, she wasn’t a person that was easily heart broken. Why should this matter be put on Jiang Shuang, and why wasn’t she calm and collected?!

  She opened her group chat gloomily and chatted inside high. Ling Xiao Xiao didn’t know what kind of smoke her brain was pumping, but suddenly said—

  Cool Goddess: My kindness! It’s been rejected! Then I realized I fell in love at first sight!

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