Next Door There’s Memeda – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

  Upon hearing this, Jiang Shuang raised her head sharply, then began shaking her head, “No … no, you think too much.”

  She opened her big pair of confused eyes which were full of sincerity.

  Ling Xiao Xiao was amused by her reaction. “That’s what I asked, but don’t tell others that Weibuyun is actually a teaser, ah.”1A teaser as in its fake front and she’s completely different in real

  ”… Okay.” Jiang Shuang blushed for no reason, then lowered her head wordlessly.  

  She really didn’t expect the person next door was the writer she adored for a long time. From her vacuum until she turned pink, she accompanied her the entire time. She really felt that…and also wrote for her.2vacuum is starting from nothingness and wrote for her, that extra after story that was dedicated to her username

  Jiang Shuang didn’t immediately open the door to respond. She was busy closing the page in a hurry. She didn’t want Ling Xiao Xiao to come in, but she ended up opening the door herself. In this case, she couldn’t think of how she could get along with the goddess this entire time…ahhh, so shy!  

  In fact, Jiang Shuang was also a potential teaser!

  She tugged at the corner of her dress and Ling Xiao Xiao was also embarrassed. After a long time, Ling Xiao Xiao thought of a topic that could be discussed, then smiled and said, “Can I sit down?”  

  Jiang Shuang immediately stood up and scrambled to get her a stool.

  The two sat in the small room and looked at each other. Ling Xiao Xiao coughed a few times, “When did you started to chase me?”3She purposely said chase instead of follow…as if implying they have same lily interests

  She thought this was a bit ambiguous, but still felt it was quite good and didn’t want to change the topic.

  Jiang Shuang probably didn’t recognize the meaning, “From the《XXXX》…”

  ”Oh, that, ah, heihei, that one was so bad, and you still read it…”4So JS named one of her first novels and LXX was surprise since the work was apparently terrible

  Two people talked for a while. The most progressive thing while talking was that they ate pudding in the relaxing atmosphere.  

  At night, Ling Xiao Xiao decided to invite her loyal reader for a meal. At first, Jiang Shuang was still embarrassed to go, but Ling Xiao Xiao persuaded her earnestly: “You’ve invested so many mines for me. This meal is for the interest.”5interest on the loan – aka the mines she donated

  Jiang Shuang obediently followed her to eat hot pot.

  To be honest, Ling Xiao Xiao was shocked after discovering that Jiang Shuang was “Don’t explain the third time”. She always thought Don’t explain the third time would be a local tyrant, but unexpectedly she was a girl who was reluctant to spend money on food.6So a local tyrant is like a local rich person, cause this person always donate to LXX for every post she makes…

  No, Ling Xiao Xiao’s compassion and gratitude converged and immediately decided to pack the girl’s meal for later and pulled her to co-author together!  

  As for the type of novel … of course, lily!

  The girl was a little bent, but she must bend her completely! ——Although Jiang Shuang herself wanted to write lilies and goddesses en en ah ah…no, en conjugal love, showing love.7conjugal love means that JS and LXX loves each other, but JS thinks its all in her head, not in real

  One week after Ling Xiao Xiao made up her mind, she went out to buy vegetables like a housewife every day, and cooked breakfast and had meals together with Jiang Shuang, who still attended school and would eat together afterschool. Eating the meals, Jiang Shuang was completely unconstrained, and would sometimes casually say a few jokes with Ling Xiao Xiao.

  Weibuyun said she felt more accomplished than being number one on the gold list for this matter…although she never ranked first.

  At the end of her previous novel, her income has risen a lot. At present, she has an ongoing novel. Weibuyun announced one thing directly, in the future, she will only write lilies.

  A group of girls who didn’t like to read lilies were heartbroken by this sentence, then silently jumped into her lily pit.8So her other loyal readers who came for her hetero or non-CP series decided to read her lilies novels although they don’t like it cause they adore the author

  These were still stories of the cool and cold heroine wandering in the Jianghu, but this time, the heroine was no longer lonely and endures old age by herself but has a little wife who she married by mistake.9Cough, don’t be jealous arc 1

  The little wife was named Jiang Shuang, she was exquisite and beautiful. She was almost cheated to be a brothel girl but was saved by the woman.

  Because of this setting, Jiang Shuang, a loyal reader, was so angry that she emptied the snacks in Ling Xiao Xiao’s refrigerator.

  But the next day, she bought a bag of snacks and quietly stuffed them back.

  The relationship with the goddess was getting better and better. The two people discuss the plot every day. Hearing that Jiang Shuang wanted to write her own lilies, para expressed her surprise.

  The girl she had known for so long was finally going to write, but she wasn’t happy at all.

  Because Weibuyun and Jiang Shuang live together, Weibuyun also recommended Jiang Shuang’s works on her author’s notes and blogs.

  Her writing wasn’t immature, and every word and sentence was carefully written. What’s more, under Weibuyun’s guidance, one month later, Jiang Shuang’s novel wasn’t only signed, but entered VIP.10VIP status is after a certain chapter, the rest of your content is PAID content cause her works are that good

  Her original purpose of writing was to make money, so it was understandable to enter VIP. However, para has less and less time to chat with her and now Jiang Shuang rarely participated in events for her radio drama club.

  The last part of《Memeda》was released, but Jiang Shuang didn’t have the opportunity to watch it. She was busy with her studies and novel every day.  

  para tried to tell her several times that she was the girl who she voice acted with, but she couldn’t say it.11So she was the female lead in that Memeda film or the husband/wife of the character JS played

  She and Jiang Shuang have known each other for a long time. It wasn’t a day or two that she likes Jiang Shuang, but she pretended to be good friends the entire time. She admitted that it wasn’t good to privately investigate Jiang Shuang, but if she didn’t, how would she have the opportunity to voice act with Jiang Shuang?  

  Sheng Haoting was deeply sad. Could it be that Jiang Shuang thought she liked Weibuyun too, so she cared?

  But she looked at Weibuyun’s novel because of Jiang Shuang, ah! If it wasn’t for Jiang Shuang’s reader interface that showed her following Weibuyun’s collection, would she have pretended to be Weibuyun’s fangirl!?

  Sheng Haoting, also known as para, knew that when Weibuyun embarked on the road of lily, Weibuyun showed a trend of bending…no, it wasn’t a trend, she was originally bent, ah!

  No wonder her previous novels were CP-free.12No couples in the end/MC’s always never pairs at end It turned out she didn’t meet the right one…but now, she knew Jiang Shuang and pulled her to write lily together. Some things were really obvious!

  She always felt her little Shuang Shuang’s situation was very dangerous, ah …13It’s a little petname, Shuang Shuang to show how intimate she is with her…but it seems she says this nickname internally, so one sided intimacy?

  On the day Jiang Shuang entered V,14V probably shorthand for VIP, also Bi Shui is the username of the original poster that showed that IP screenshot scandal Bi Shui hung her up because he thought Jiang Shuang and Weibuyun were the same person. Although there were some differences in the writing style, the content could be vaguely seen as Weibuyun’s shadow.15Well her shadow is seen cause she is tutoring her on making her releases…

  The technology emperor began to analyze the IP problem again and hung up all sorts of hammers, this matter was basically settled.16What an asshole, trying to make drama out of nothing…lol…so it can escalated and she could get blacklist by her webnovel platform.

  Weibuyun’s editors contacted her privately and learned she was living with that girl, so they let the matter go.

  But para wasn’t relieved that her sister who she has been tied to for so long was abducted by others, how couldn’t she feel disgusted?!

  Sheng Haoting finally couldn’t resist, after Jiang Shuang completed her update on the day she entered V, she will go chat with her and directly tell her…  

  para: I am part of the HT club17This is the name of the club they both voice act in

  Don’t explain the third time: …………

  Jiang Shuang expressed that the news was really… too surprising!

  Before she could say anything, para said: I asked the president before that I wanted to play the lily drama with you

  Don’t explain the third time: ………

  para: I have known you for so long and you knew I don’t like to read ancient times

  para: I pretended to like Weibuyun’s novels because you like Weibuyun.

  Don’t explain the third time: ……… 0.0

  para: So, don’t be surprised with what I’m about to say next

  Don’t explain the third time: I’m going! Goodbye!

  para: ………

  Sheng Haoting looked at this and her head suddenly turned black and she wanted to lift the table, ah! How good was it to step on a horse to make it clear, ah!18As mentioned previously, step on a horse is the same as fuck, but politely said What kind of escape was that!

  However, Sheng Haoting wasn’t easily settled, QQ failed,19QQ is a crying face then directly went to Jinhu. She threw ten deep-water torpedoes to Jiang Shuang’s novels and seriously left a comment for each chapter.

  №1 Netizen: para comments: 《XXXXX》Rating: 2 Time: 2014-08-12 11:19:34 Comments on chapter: 1

  JS, I like you. || Cast a deep-water torpedo, expressing my love for you like the turbulent river water and the Yellow River surging out of hand!

  №2 Netizen: para comments: 《XXXXX》Rating: 2 Published: 2014-08-12 11:20:26 Comments on chapter: 2

  JS, I like you. || Cast a deep-water torpedo, expressing my love for you like the turbulent river water and the Yellow River surging out of hand!


  Jiang Shuang’s head was stunned when she saw the backend earnings skyrocketing. She was even more stunned when she went into the comments to read.  

  Before she could do anything, she refreshed the backend again, and her earnings soared again.

  … Who can tell her what happened?

  In just a dozen minutes, Jiang Shuang was tossed 30 deep-water torpedoes, which was enough for her to eat for two months!

  Ten were thrown by para, and the other 20 were thrown by her goddess.

  №1 Netizen: Weibuyun comments: 《XXXXX》Rating: 2 Post time: 2014-08-12 11:25:18 Comments on chapter: 1

  Hehe. || Cast a deep-water torpedo, expressing my love for you like the turbulent river water and the Yellow River surging out of hand!

  Jiang Shuang: “…”

  Ah wool, ah!20Wool…is showing that she is disagreeing What kind of wind was she smoking, ah! Can she pay the 2,000 yuan rent?!!

  When she was about to open the door to go out, her door was opened first.  

  The woman with a loose ponytail casually looked at her coldly—

  ”Do you accept her confession?”

Author’s Notes: I have said “Ling Xiao Xiao” several times as “to make little chest” instead, is this a sign?21The character name is Ling Xiao Xiao but to make little chest is Ling Xiong Xiao which means make little chest…

Note: I was totally blind, if it was the same, it was an accident o( ̄ヘ ̄o#)22The author is being cute…she accidentally made some typos for Ling Xiao Xiao to be Ling Xiong Xiao when she first released the chapter but fixed it later on…hehe

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