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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome


Raws Mirror

Author: Grumpy Crab

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Mu Xiaoya lived for 26 years before she discovered that she suddenly had a hereditary disease. There was no cure and she could only die.

Before she died, many people came to see her, but she was impressed by Bai Chuan the most.

Bai Chuan was her neighbor, an autistic child with scholar syndrome. At that time, his face was full of despair: “I, I studied all your medical records, but there’s no way to save you.”

Mu Xiaoya was stunned: “You’re a doctor?”

Bai Chuan: “I’m not…”

Mu Xiaoya had a hereditary disease. Unless her gene was changed, there was no possibility of being cured. However, Bai Chuan was the only person who tried to cure her after she fell ill.

Mu Xiaoya: “Why do you want to cure me?”

Bai Chuan: “I want to marry you.”

Mu Xiaoya smiled: “If you want to marry me, you will soon become a widower.”

Bai Chuan insisted: “I, I want to marry you.”

Bai Chuan, who had cognitive impairment, couldn’t express himself well. He could only repeat it over and over again.

Later, Mu Xiaoya died. When she woke up, she returned back to the summer when she graduated university.

Bai Chuan: “I…I want to marry you.”

Mu Xiaoya: “Good.”

At that moment, the starlight in Bai Chuan’s eyes were the most beautiful scenery that Mu Xiaoya had ever seen in her two lives.

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