Status: 114 Chapters (Complete)

Ah, Senior Brother is Actually a Sister!


Raws Mirror


    Cultivation, what? Kill monsters, meditate and gain experience?

    For Tong Tong, only one thing is enough—to hold her senior brother’s jade leg tightly.  

    As a genius who appears once in a millennium in Chonghua, the young talented person in self-cultivation who always rank first as Mr. Perfect.  

    Senior brother Su Yan’s jade legs weren’t easy to hold…Unexpectedly, Tong Tong hugged it! And hugged it well!

    Ever since then, rising straight up in a clear sky, turning your hand to cover the rainy clouds… you’re so naive!

    Tong Tong girl will tell you a fact she discovered with her blood and tears, there is only one end with a senior brother who has different opinions:  

    Being pressed, being pressed every day, being pressed severely every day…

    “Senior brother, why is your chest bigger and softer than mine, ah?”

    “Ahhh, I was wrong! I was wrong! Don’t slap…”

    “What the hell, it’s actually a senior sister, ah!”

   It’s a story of a junior sister who encounters a facial paralysis senior “brother”, actually disguised as a man.  

Arc 1: Chonghua
Ch.001 Ch.002 Ch.003 Ch.004
Ch.005 Ch.006 Ch.007 Ch.008
Ch.009 Ch.010 Ch.011 Ch.012
Ch.013 Ch.014 Ch.015 Ch.016
Ch.017 Ch.018 Ch.019 Ch.020
Ch.021 Ch.022 Ch.023 Ch.024
Ch.025 Ch.026 Ch.027 Ch.028
Ch.029 Ch.030

Arc 2: Harm Jianghu
Ch.031 Ch.032 Ch.033 Ch.034
Ch.035 Ch.036 Ch.037 Ch.038
Ch.039 Ch.040 Ch.041 Ch.042
Ch.043 Ch.044 Ch.045 Ch.046
Ch.047 Ch.048 Ch.049 Ch.050
Ch.051 Ch.052 Ch.053 Ch.054
Ch.055 Ch.056 Ch.057 Ch.058
Ch.059 Ch.060

Arc 3: Able to Move Unhindered in the Four Seas
Ch.061 Ch.062 Ch.063 Ch.064
Ch.065 Ch.066 Ch.067 Ch.068
Ch.069 Ch.070 Ch.071 Ch.072
Ch.073 Ch.074 Ch.075 Ch.076
Ch.077 Ch.078 Ch.079 Ch.080
Ch.081 Ch.082 Ch.083 Ch.084
Ch.085 Ch.086 Ch.087 Ch.088
Ch.089 Ch.090 Ch.091 Ch.092
Ch.093 Ch.094 Ch.095 Ch.096
Ch.097 Ch.098 Ch.099 Ch.100

Arc 4: Heaven and Earth
Ch.101 Ch.102 Ch.103 Ch.104
Ch.105 Ch.106 Ch.107 Ch.108
Ch.109 Ch.110 Ch.111 Ch.112
Ch.113 Ch.114

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