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Believe it or Not, I Already Caught You


Raws Mirror

Author: Grumpy Crab

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There has been a lot of news in the capital city lately.

Newspaper 1: We heard that the abducted daughter of Mayor Chen’s family was finally found, it’s rumored that she was sold to the deep remote mountain area and had suffered a lot.

Newspaper 2: We heard that the daughter of Mayor Chen’s family is a fool, she claims that she can see ghosts everyday.

Newspaper 3: We heard that the daughter of Mayor Chen’s family forcibly kissed Minister Lou’s family third son. (Everyone with frightened faces: She dares to provoke Lou Ming?!)

Chen Yu pushed Lou Ming onto the sofa and kissed him for a while.

Chen Yu asked: “Do you feel better?”

Lou Ming narrowed his eyes: “Girl, don’t tempt me.”

Chen Yu was stunned — I’m just saving people.

The little fairy who can catch ghosts VS the gentle two-faced sickly Uncle

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