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Chasing a Flower Blossom


Raws Mirror


“I will do whatever it takes…to destroy you.”

Personally cut off all possibilities between you and me.

You thought I was dead, but who knew she would have fallen into a strange country through time and space.

Females were superior while males were inferior? Poloygamy?

Oh, god.

No, don’t come over…

She doesn’t want to marry many husbands!

Arc 1: The Soul Passed Over


Arc 2: Rebirth
Ch.02 Ch.03 Ch.04 Ch.05
Ch.06 Ch.07 Ch.08 Ch.09
Ch.10 Ch.11 Ch.12 Ch.13
Ch.14 Ch.15 Ch.16 Ch.17
Ch.18 Ch.19 Ch.20 Ch.21
Ch.22 Ch.23 Ch.24 Ch.25
Ch.26 Ch.27 Ch.28 Ch.29
Ch.30 Ch.31 Ch.32 Ch.33
Ch.34 Ch.35 Ch.36 Ch.37

Arc 3: Strange Country
Ch.38 Ch.39 Ch.40 Ch.41
Ch.42 Ch.43 Ch.44 Ch.45
Ch.46 Ch.47 Ch.48 Ch.49
Ch.50 Ch.51 Ch.52 Ch.53
Ch.54 Ch.55 Ch.56 Ch.57
Ch.58 Ch.59 Ch.60 Ch.61
Ch.62 Ch.63 Ch.64 Ch.65
Ch.66 Ch.67

Arc 4: Demon Sex
Ch.68 Ch.69 Ch.70 Ch.71
Ch.72 Ch.73 Ch.74 Ch.75
Ch.76 Ch.77 Ch.78 Ch.79

Arc 5: This Isn't the End
Ch.80 Ch.81 Ch.82 Ch.83
Ch.84 Ch.85 Ch.86 Ch.87
Ch.88 Ch.89 Ch.90 Ch.91

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  1. Rash~

    Looking forward to this one! Love the personality of the fmc :> so adorable. I think the prince is the reincarnation of the man in red.

    Thank you for the translations!!!

  2. elish

    Thank you for translating this one~
    It seems interesting!

  3. K21

    Hoping for more chapters 😍

    1. Novice TL Admin

      There will be, this is just a side project for me, so its only once a month.

  4. Natasha

    Sweet, Pretty, Cute, Kind, Authour can we have more…? *shows puppy eyes*

    1. Novice TL Admin

      I’m the translator. The author has already completed this novel.

      And I plan to release a chapter this week as the once a month is around the end of the month every month.

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