So, I feel like for these kinds of novels with political and noble families complexity from ancient china who are in different factions – stories like this needs a character list. Even if I am working on this project I will forget the character and pretty sure readers will too…haha. I finally took notes on the previous chapters and will update this page every time a new character is introduced in a new chapter release.


Xiao Yuan – 1st prince (title – King Qin)

  • New fief – Shanxi
  • His maternal family – Yan family who are militant and was banished to Liaodong
  • Servant, Ge Jin – discipline of godly medicine doctor
  • His 1st wife (deceased) – concubine born from 2nd branch of Empress Shen’s family
  • His personal guard, Lu Jun

Emperor Xuande – father of 3 princes

Empress Shen – current empress & plotted with emperor against Yan family

  • Her elder brother, Shen Jie (title – Marquis Ping Xi) – border general at Shanxi stationed in Xi’an
    • His son – Shen Yingshi
  • Her son, the 2nd prince is the crown prince

Guo JiuyeShanxi is initially his turf

Xie Lanyin – youngest sister, 5th miss (from Hangzhou)

  • Xie family has 3 households and 6 girls
  • Her mother, Madam Jiang
  • Her servants, Sangzhi and Yingge
  • Her 1st sister, martial arts/business
  • Her 2nd sister, Xie Lanqiao (crossdresser, 2nd miss)

Xie Hui – FL’s father

  • Stepmother Chen – his father’s concubine rose in power since the main wife past away
  • His father, Xie Ding
  • (1) blood-related older sister who is married in the capital
  • (1) maternal cousin, Xie Yao who is married and resides in Shanxi
    • Married to Fang Ze  
    • 7 year old daughter, Fang Ling
    • Her wet nurse, elder lady Liu (Liu Fufeng)
  • Leader of Xie guards, Lu Chi
  • Protector of dowry, Lu Yao

Jiang Qin – FL’s maternal uncle (Jiang family – wealthy merchants)

  • (1) younger sister, Madam Jiang who married Xie Hui
  • His wife, Madam Li (Li Shi) who was well-liked by his family and was a servant
  • His 1st son, Jiang Jizhou – specializes in silks/teas
    • His wedding is in Xi’an
  • His 2nd son, Jiang Hangzhou – specializes in antiques/porcelain
  • His 3rd son, Jiang Huaizhou – specializes in makeup/cream
    • Older than FL by 5 years and same birthday Oct. 10th

Fang Ze, Xi’an prefecture’s magistrate

  • His wife, Xie Yao – maternal cousin of FL’s father
  • Younger cousin – Du Yinger (resides in Wensheng Yuan)
  • (1) younger sister married one of Shen Jie’s trusted officer as second wife



  • Xi’an
    • Daci’en Buddhist temple

Honorifics/Chinese Family Words

  1. Biaoge – older male cousin via female line
  2. Biaosao – older brother’s wife; sister-in-law
  3. Biaogu – father’s female cousin via female line
  4. Meimei – younger sister
  5. Qie – concubine
  6. Jiu – maternal uncle
  7. taitai – wife
  8. Sao zi – another way to say older brother’s wife; sister-in-law
  9. Da ren – title of respect towards superiors
  10. Gu zi – husband’s sister
  11. Diedie – father
  12. Wai zu mu – mother’s mother; maternal grandmother
  13. Jiu mu – wife of mother’s brother; maternal uncle’s wife
  14. Gu mu – father’s sister; paternal aunt
  15. Jiejie – older sister
  16. Ge (sometimes gege) – older brother
  17. Gongzi – son of an official
  18. Shaoye – young master of house
  19. Jia gong – head of a family
  20. da xiaojie – eldest legitimate daughter of family
  21. Lao – it’s a prefix used before the surname of a person; in this cause to indicate familiarity and to refer to him as experienced/older.
  22. Dian xia – Your Majesty (honorifics); His or Her Highness

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