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The Villain Has Blackened Again



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Nan Xun encountered a mythical beast that could take her to different worlds. She helped the mythical beast collect merit points. After collecting enough, she can go back and change the outcome of her death.

But now, now she regrets, regrets till her insides are turning green. Your mother, those merit points are collected from the scum villain with a blackening value of 100 and an evil value of 100 ah! She only wanted to purify the souls of those scummy bosses. Fu** she didn’t want them to fall in love with her ah ah ah!

Pervert number 1 eats people! Pervert number 2 is an evil ghost! Pervert number 3….

After Nan Xun realized they were all the same person, she closed her eyes and pretended to be dead.

The evil, charming, crazy Boss-sama gave her an evil smile: “Baby, weren’t you going to purify my soul? Come here.”

Nan Xun: “The evil we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear, I really want to die, ah what to do!”

World 1: The Mutant Demon King's Human Bride

World 2: I Have a Date with a Ferocious Ghost

World 3: The Black Bellied President's Treasured Sweetheart

World 4: The Tyrant's Cold Palace Abandoned Fei

World 5: Prison Tyrant and Prison Flower

World 6: Ancient People in the Primitive Era

World 7: The Grandmaster's Rice Bucket

World 8: The Film Emperor's Fangirl
Ch.0295 Ch.0296 Ch.0297 Ch.0298
Ch.0299 Ch.0300 Ch.0301 Ch.0302
Ch.0303 Ch.0304 Ch.0305 Ch.0306
Ch.0307 Ch.0308 Ch.0309 Ch.0310
Ch.0311 Ch.0312 Ch.0313 Ch.0314
Ch.0315 Ch.0316 Ch.0317 Ch.0318
Ch.0319 Ch.0320 Ch.0321 Ch.0322
Ch.0323 Ch.0324 Ch.0325 Ch.0326
Ch.0327 Ch.0328 Ch.0329 Ch.0330
Ch.0331 Ch.0332 Ch.0333 Ch.0334
Ch.0335 Ch.0336 Ch.0337 Ch.0338
Ch.0339 Ch.0340 Ch.0341 Ch.0342
Ch.0343 Ch.0344 Ch.0345 Ch.0346
Ch.0347 Ch.0348 Ch.0349 Ch.0350
Ch.0351 Ch.0352 Ch.0353 Ch.0354
Ch.0355 Ch.0356 Ch.0357 Ch.0358
Ch.0359 Ch.0360 Ch.0361 Ch.0362
Ch.0363 Ch.0364 Ch.0365 Ch.0366
Ch.0367 Ch.0368

World 9: The Interstellar Worm King's Prisoner
Ch.0369 Ch.0370 Ch.0371 Ch.0372
Ch.0373 Ch.0374 Ch.0375 Ch.0376
Ch.0377 Ch.0378 Ch.0379 Ch.0380
Ch.0381 Ch.0382 Ch.0383 Ch.0384
Ch.0385 Ch.0386 Ch.0387 Ch.0388
Ch.0389 Ch.0390 Ch.0391 Ch.0392
Ch.0393 Ch.0394 Ch.0395 Ch.0396
Ch.0397 Ch.0398 Ch.0399 Ch.0400
Ch.0401 Ch.0402 Ch.0403 Ch.0404
Ch.0405 Ch.0406 Ch.0407 Ch.0408
Ch.0409 Ch.0410

World 10: The Female Tyrant's Flower House Fairy
Ch.0411 Ch.0412 Ch.0413 Ch.0414
Ch.0415 Ch.0416 Ch.0417 Ch.0418
Ch.0419 Ch.0420 Ch.0421 Ch.0422
Ch.0423 Ch.0424 Ch.0425 Ch.0426
Ch.0427 Ch.0428 Ch.0429 Ch.0430
Ch.0431 Ch.0432 Ch.0433 Ch.0434
Ch.0435 Ch.0436 Ch.0437 Ch.0438
Ch.0439 Ch.0440 Ch.0441 Ch.0442
Ch.0443 Ch.0444 Ch.0445 Ch.0446
Ch.0447 Ch.0448 Ch.0449 Ch.0450
Ch.0451 Ch.0452 Ch.0453 Ch.0454
Ch.0455 Ch.0456 Ch.0457 Ch.0458
Ch.0459 Ch.0460 Ch.0461 Ch.0462
Ch.0463 Ch.0464 Ch.0465 Ch.0466
Ch.0467 Ch.0468 Ch.0469 Ch.0470
Ch.0471 Ch.0472 Ch.0473 Ch.0474

World 11: The Little Medium and the Jiangshi Ancestor
Ch.0475 Ch.0476 Ch.0477 Ch.0478
Ch.0479 Ch.0480 Ch.0481 Ch.0482
Ch.0483 Ch.0484 Ch.0485 Ch.0486
Ch.0487 Ch.0488 Ch.0489 Ch.0490
Ch.0491 Ch.0492 Ch.0493 Ch.0494
Ch.0495 Ch.0496 Ch.0497 Ch.0498
Ch.0499 Ch.0500 Ch.0501 Ch.0502
Ch.0503 Ch.0504 Ch.0505 Ch.0506
Ch.0507 Ch.0508 Ch.0509 Ch.0510
Ch.0511 Ch.0512 Ch.0513 Ch.0514
Ch.0515 Ch.0516 Ch.0517 Ch.0518
Ch.0519 Ch.0520 Ch.0521 Ch.0522
Ch.0523 Ch.0524 Ch.0525 Ch.0526
Ch.0527 Ch.0528 Ch.0529 Ch.0530
Ch.0531 Ch.0532 Ch.0533 Ch.0534
Ch.0535 Ch.0536 Ch.0537 Ch.0538

World 12: The Commander's Miss Flower Girl
Ch.0540 Ch.0541 Ch.0542 Ch.0543
Ch.0544 Ch.0545 Ch.0546 Ch.0547
Ch.0548 Ch.0549 Ch.0550 Ch.0551
Ch.0552 Ch.0553 Ch.0554 Ch.0555
Ch.0556 Ch.0557 Ch.0558 Ch.0559
Ch.0560 Ch.0561 Ch.0562 Ch.0563
Ch.0564 Ch.0565 Ch.0566 Ch.0567
Ch.0568 Ch.0569 Ch.0570 Ch.0571
Ch.0572 Ch.0573 Ch.0574 Ch.0575
Ch.0576 Ch.0577 Ch.0578 Ch.0579
Ch.0580 Ch.0581 Ch.0582 Ch.0583
Ch.0584 Ch.0585 Ch.0586 Ch.0587
Ch.0588 Ch.0589 Ch.0590 Ch.0591
Ch.0592 Ch.0593 Ch.0594 Ch.0595
Ch.0596 Ch.0597 Ch.0598 Ch.0599
Ch.0600 Ch.0601 Ch.0602 Ch.0603

World 13: The Righteous Sect Female Devil's Xiaoge
Ch.0604 Ch.0605 Ch.0606 Ch.0607
Ch.0608 Ch.0609 Ch.0610 Ch.0611
Ch.0612 Ch.0613 Ch.0614 Ch.0615
Ch.0616 Ch.0617 Ch.0618 Ch.0619
Ch.0620 Ch.0621 Ch.0622 Ch.0623
Ch.0624 Ch.0625 Ch.0626 Ch.0627
Ch.0628 Ch.0629 Ch.0630 Ch.0631
Ch.0632 Ch.0633 Ch.0634 Ch.0635
Ch.0636 Ch.0637 Ch.0638 Ch.0639
Ch.0640 Ch.0641 Ch.0642 Ch.0643
Ch.0644 Ch.0645 Ch.0646

World 14: The Big Gambling Boss Raises the Little Mermaid
Ch.0647 Ch.0648 Ch.0649 Ch.0650
Ch.0651 Ch.0652 Ch.0653 Ch.0654
Ch.0655 Ch.0656 Ch.0657 Ch.0658
Ch.0659 Ch.0660 Ch.0661 Ch.0662
Ch.0663 Ch.0664 Ch.0665 Ch.0666
Ch.0667 Ch.0668 Ch.0669 Ch.0670
Ch.0671 Ch.0672 Ch.0673 Ch.0674
Ch.0675 Ch.0676 Ch.0677 Ch.0678
Ch.0679 Ch.0680 Ch.0681 Ch.0682
Ch.0683 Ch.0684 Ch.0685 Ch.0686
Ch.0687 Ch.0688 Ch.0689 Ch.0690
Ch.0691 Ch.0692 Ch.0693 Ch.0694
Ch.0695 Ch.0696 Ch.0697 Ch.0698
Ch.0699 Ch.0700 Ch.0701 Ch.0702
Ch.0703 Ch.0704 Ch.0705 Ch.0706
Ch.0707 Ch.0708 Ch.0709 Ch.0710
Ch.0711 Ch.0712 Ch.0713 Ch.0714
Ch.0715 Ch.0716

World 15: The Campus Idol's Fat Little Sister
Ch.0717 Ch.0718 Ch.0719 Ch.0720
Ch.0721 Ch.0722 Ch.0723 Ch.0724
Ch.0725 Ch.0726 Ch.0727 Ch.0728
Ch.0729 Ch.0730 Ch.0731 Ch.0732
Ch.0733 Ch.0734 Ch.0735 Ch.0736
Ch.0737 Ch.0738 Ch.0739 Ch.0740
Ch.0741 Ch.0742 Ch.0743 Ch.0744
Ch.0745 Ch.0746 Ch.0747 Ch.0748
Ch.0749 Ch.0750 Ch.0751 Ch.0752
Ch.0753 Ch.0754 Ch.0755 Ch.0756
Ch.0757 Ch.0758 Ch.0759 Ch.0760
Ch.0761 Ch.0762 Ch.0763 Ch.0764
Ch.0765 Ch.0766 Ch.0767 Ch.0768
Ch.0769 Ch.0770 Ch.0771 Ch.0772
Ch.0773 Ch.0774 Ch.0775 Ch.0776
Ch.0777 Ch.0778 Ch.0779 Ch.0780
Ch.0781 Ch.0782 Ch.0783 Ch.0784
Ch.0785 Ch.0786 Ch.0787 Ch.0788
Ch.0789 Ch.0790 Ch.0791 Ch.0792
Ch.0793 Ch.0794 Ch.0795 Ch.0796
Ch.0797 Ch.0798

World 16: Blind Exorcist and Painting Demon
Ch.0799 Ch.0800 Ch.0801 Ch.0802
Ch.0803 Ch.0804 Ch.0805 Ch.0806
Ch.0807 Ch.0808 Ch.0809 Ch.0810
Ch.0811 Ch.0812 Ch.0813 Ch.0814
Ch.0815 Ch.0816 Ch.0817 Ch.0818
Ch.0819 Ch.0820 Ch.0821 Ch.0822
Ch.0823 Ch.0824 Ch.0825 Ch.0826
Ch.0827 Ch.0828 Ch.0829 Ch.0830
Ch.0831 Ch.0832 Ch.0833 Ch.0834
Ch.0835 Ch.0836 Ch.0837 Ch.0838
Ch.0839 Ch.0840 Ch.0841 Ch.0842
Ch.0843 Ch.0844 Ch.0845 Ch.0846
Ch.0847 Ch.0848 Ch.0849 Ch.0850
Ch.0851 Ch.0852 Ch.0853 Ch.0854
Ch.0855 Ch.0856 Ch.0857 Ch.0858
Ch.0859 Ch.0860 Ch.0861 Ch.0862
Ch.0863 Ch.0864 Ch.0865 Ch.0866
Ch.0867 Ch.0868 Ch.0869 Ch.0870
Ch.0871 Ch.0872 Ch.0873 Ch.0874
Ch.0875 Ch.0876 Ch.0877 Ch.0878
Ch.0879 Ch.0880 Ch.0881 Ch.0882
Ch.0883 Ch.0884 Ch.0885 Ch.0886

World 17: Immortal's Tender Discipline
Ch.0888 Ch.0889 Ch.0890 Ch.0891
Ch.0892 Ch.0893 Ch.0894 Ch.0895
Ch.0896 Ch.0897 Ch.0898 Ch.0899
Ch.0900 Ch.0901 Ch.0902 Ch.0903
Ch.0904 Ch.0905 Ch.0906 Ch.0907
Ch.0908 Ch.0909 Ch.0910 Ch.0911
Ch.0912 Ch.0913 Ch.0914 Ch.0915
Ch.0916 Ch.0917 Ch.0918 Ch.0919
Ch.0920 Ch.0921 Ch.0922 Ch.0923
Ch.0924 Ch.0925 Ch.0926 Ch.0927
Ch.0928 Ch.0929 Ch.0930 Ch.0931
Ch.0932 Ch.0933 Ch.0934 Ch.0935
Ch.0936 Ch.0937 Ch.0938 Ch.0939
Ch.0940 Ch.0941 Ch.0942 Ch.0943
Ch.0944 Ch.0945 Ch.0946 Ch.0947
Ch.0948 Ch.0949 Ch.0950 Ch.0951
Ch.0952 Ch.0953 Ch.0954 Ch.0955
Ch.0956 Ch.0957 Ch.0958 Ch.0959
Ch.0960 Ch.0961 Ch.0962 Ch.0963
Ch.0964 Ch.0965 Ch.0966 Ch.0967
Ch.0968 Ch.0969 Ch.0970 Ch.0971
Ch.0972 Ch.0973 Ch.0974 Ch.0975
Ch.0976 Ch.0977 Ch.0978 Ch.0979
Ch.0980 Ch.0981 Ch.0982 Ch.0983
Ch.0984 Ch.0985 Ch.0986 Ch.0987
Ch.0988 Ch.0989 Ch.0990 Ch.0991
Ch.0992 Ch.0993 Ch.0994 Ch.0995
Ch.0996 Ch.0997 Ch.0998 Ch.0999
Ch.1000 Ch.1001 Ch.1002 Ch.1003
Ch.1004 Ch.1005 Ch.1006 Ch.1007
Ch.1008 Ch.1009 Ch.1010 Ch.1011
Ch.1012 Ch.1013 Ch.1014 Ch.1015
Ch.1016 Ch.1017 Ch.1018 Ch.1019
Ch.1020 Ch.1021 Ch.1022 Ch.1023

World 18: The Gay Pair of Dogs Online
Ch.1025 Ch.1026 Ch.1027 Ch.1028
Ch.1029 Ch.1030 Ch.1031 Ch.1032
Ch.1033 Ch.1034 Ch.1035 Ch.1036
Ch.1037 Ch.1038 Ch.1039 Ch.1040
Ch.1041 Ch.1042 Ch.1043 Ch.1044
Ch.1045 Ch.1046 Ch.1047 Ch.1048
Ch.1049 Ch.1050Ch.1051Ch.1052
Ch.1053 Ch.1054Ch.1055Ch.1056
Ch.1057 Ch.1058Ch.1059Ch.1060

World 19: The Big Shot Vampire's Little Darling
Ch.1061 Ch.1062 Ch.1063 Ch.1064
Ch.1065 Ch.1066 Ch.1067 Ch.1068
Ch.1069 Ch.1070 Ch.1071 Ch.1072
Ch.1073 Ch.1074 Ch.1075 Ch.1076
Ch.1077 Ch.1078 Ch.1079 Ch.1080
Ch.1081 Ch.1082 Ch.1083 Ch.1084
Ch.1085 Ch.1086Ch.1087Ch.1088
Ch.1089 Ch.1090Ch.1091Ch.1092
Ch.1093 Ch.1094Ch.1095Ch.1096
Ch.1097 Ch.1098Ch.1099Ch.1100
Ch.1101 Ch.1102Ch.1103Ch.1104
Ch.1105 Ch.1106Ch.1107Ch.1108
Ch.1109 Ch.1120Ch.1121Ch.1122
Ch.1123 Ch.1124Ch.1125Ch.1126

World 20: Back to Reality
Ch.1127 Ch.1128 Ch.1129 Ch.1130
Ch.1131 Ch.1132 Ch.1133 Ch.1134
Ch.1135 Ch.1136 Ch.1137 Ch.1138

Ch.1140 Ch.1141 Ch.1142 Ch.1143
Ch.1144 Ch.1145 Ch.1146 Ch.1147
Ch.1148 Ch.1149 Ch.1150 Ch.1151
Ch.1152 Ch.1153 Ch.1154 Ch.1155
Ch.1156 Ch.1157 Ch.1158 Ch.1159
Ch.1160 Ch.1161 Ch.1162 Ch.1163
Ch.1164 Ch.1165 Ch.1166 Ch.1167

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