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This website was made on September 13th 2019. I started this page because there’s so many untranslated novels that are so good! Instead of reading by myself, I decided to take time out of my day to share translations with other people who wants to enjoy the author’s works with me.

I work full time and do this as a hobby for fun and make ZERO profit. I do this to read these stories alongside with readers and anxiously wants to see what happens next.

I release a lot of chapters on a daily basis unless I’m on vacation, my output is pretty high for someone who does this for fun. But unfortunately, a lot of aggregator sites are profiting from my FREE translations and the AUTHOR’S WORK. And no I don’t want to profit from the translations. If I wanted to I would have been on wordexcerpt, foxholic or something which gives you revenue based on view count.

The author nor I get any profit from the English translations and this has been bothering me for a while. I decided, henceforth to make most of my posts private and password protected to do the best I can to prevent these sites from making profit from others.

Please don’t post any hater comments about the decision I decided for my site. As mention previously, this is for fun and these translations are from MY TIME. I want to do MY HOBBY on my own terms and be comfortable with it.

Again, please no complaints because it just pisses me off that my free translations may “inconvenience” those that doesn’t want to deal with the extra security measure when I’m spending hours to provide these translations and a few minutes can’t be used by others to use the password provided.

The password will always be provided on my footnotes in the previous chapter. This is what I’m doing now, this will stop bots but unfortunately won’t stop those sites that reposts things manually.

Once in a while a chapter won’t be protected so it can be listed on Novel Updates.

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  1. Not to worry, bots are a source of constant stress for translators. I’m an amateur writer and bots got my story too. Though I’m 100% sure that was Webnovels fault for making their website so easy for bots to farm. ಠ_ಠ

    One of my favorite ways translators stick it to bots is using Patreon as a sort of paywall, with the starting point at $1, and just delaying public releases. That way, moochers can keep mooching but people who enjoy your work can support you with $$$$.

    Password system isn’t bad either. Do you have a Discord? With that, you can release chapters with passwords for readers pretty easily. Something to consider if you aren’t already doing it. I will definitely join your Discord just to have easy access to passwords 😂

    I know a Discord group that has a password for the whole site and then per individual chapters. Confuses readers at first but definitely prevents unwanted sharing.

    1. girl I advertised my discord everywhere! Go to the release schedule and it’s there! Thanks for the comment I appreciate it!

  2. I appreciate the time and effort put into these translations, And i really appreciate the goodwil coming from this. Just ignore the haters, haters gonna hate. They’re probably just 12 year olds who think they’re a shoujo manga character and have princess syndrome. I’m pretty sure with the 1% of haters, 99% of us will support you! So keep up the hard work, and as always, thanks for translating!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! That’s a really funny analogy! Shoujo princesses

  3. When you said your output was really high, I misunderstood it as your job income and for a moment was happy for you and jealous, I’m still selling liquor for profit outside uni 😭.

    Agregator sites will exist, don’t be too outraged, this anger is bad for your health. Think of your options, brew some tea and eat some cookies, then imagine that when you get isekaid a few decades later, your cheat will be instant translation in a world where all languages are stupidly hard for no reason and translator is a rare job.

    I was away this past week and didn’t notice there was a disc until yesterday you invited me. I’m not sure if I’ll stay for long but I’ll pop up to see who’s online 😉♥️

  4. What about saving the entire chapter as a jpeg picture? And giving MTL as text. Rebel Scanlations were doing that and it seems to be a good solution.

    1. This is actually a good and approachable solution.

    2. Haha actually a good portion of my readers are non English and uses translations machine to read my translations. Just going try the password protect for now like secretcastlexyz. The stories are too good to stop!! Need know what happens next!

      1. Wow, really? Do you get info on the access location of the users? 🤔 Though I guess it’s easier to MTL something from English.

          1. ✍️

            My liege, I’d like to say I read your translations in its virgin form, their holyness uncorrupted. 🌺

          2. Haha your on my discord. Why don’t you chat there?

  5. Okay. Thank you for your efforts 😘 and sorry for not helping 😅

    1. What, your helping by showing that my tastes in novels are good and are following it. If I didn’t have an audience I wouldn’t post translations and would have read the Raws and that would be the end of it.

  6. Oh my god Translator, I hate you! Why do you have to do this!? I don’t aPpReCiATe the extra measures you need to apply in order to not get ripped off for something that you meant to be free. Why do you not realize that humanity’s greatest achievement will be putting ads on the sun!?


    In all seriousness though, I could never curse the name of this merciful diety of translations (and of gardeners) who constantly reward this follower’s faith with updates. I would gladly face this obstacle set by my diety if only to prove my devotion.

    (p.s. dont mind the tone of my writing, just a jn reader discovering cn 😬)

  7. oh im so sorry to hear that boo, the problem with bots really gives us readers a hard time too. i totally support the password system!! pocky scanlations also does this using discord, heck they even made a password for their website, extreme, but i understand why. maybe u can also try’s method hahahah she placed the real links in the comments to avoid bots. i hope u stay positive and not let this stop u cause i really appreciate ur updates huhu ;-;

  8. I’m sorry you had to face such annoying flies but as a reader, I truly wanna thank you for spending your time translating ❤️❤️❤️

  9. What you did is completely right

  10. I am very thankful that you didn’t let us guess the password because i am very bad at guessing

  11. Thank you very much, I really appreciate that you take into account the readers that we translate the pages to be able to read these wonderful novels, although I understand your annoyance … like we had to make the effort and try to learn English …
    thanks for your effort to translate
    Fue traducido con google así que si no lo entiendes, pues culpa a Google

  12. I’m so sorry that some rotten people don’t appreciate your work and legitimate frustrations! I totally understand the annoyance of having people complain even though you’re giving them a service for free and aren’t obligated to share 😤!

    You’re translations and security measures are always appreciated and welcomed 😊🙏.

  13. Amazing

  14. New reader here! And Totally understand why and thank you for still putting up with other people’s bullshit. I hope that everything goes well for you~

    1. Thanks alot!
      It is, still able to translate and read the stories I enjoy with you guys!

  15. SMART!! Honestly, I can never be a translator. Translators translate because they love/like to do so, not to be annoyed with the human BS.
    Thank You and Good Luck!

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