Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 1

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 011School Grass – Hottest boy at school

Deep in the night, with no shadow in the neighborhood, a car rolled up slowly and parked at the building’s entrance.

When the car door opened, Bai Xun got out of the car, looking at the driver’s hands that were clench and with her face that was flushed. “Lu, I arrived. Thank you for sending me back, you should also get back early.”

The man in the car had a cold expression, with obsidian-like eyes that gleamed. He opened the door and walked Bai Xiao to the house. “As I said earlier, when you go back and think about it tonight and give me an answer tomorrow morning.”

His voice was steady and calm, as if he was talking about paperwork in the office rather than a confession.

Bai Xun’s face turned redder. She’s lowered her eyes and made a sorrowful complaint, “really, this kind of thing, your expression is like talking about business, it’s really disturbing…”

She has yet to finish her sentence, when she felt a slender hand on her wrist which tugged gently. She was plunged into the man’s embrace.

Lu Zhi Yao held her waist with one hand and held the back of her head with the other and kissed deeply.

This kiss was not as cold as he was, and his warm breath was drowning her.

He did not let her go until he needed to breathe. He held onto her thin waist and legs so she wouldn’t fall to the ground from becoming too soft.

“Do you feel that I want your heart now? If I hadn’t wanted to give you a perfect wedding, I really would have wanted to take you now.” Lu Zhi Yao is still so cold while saying something so shameless. Cold and faint, Bai Xun is completely unaware of his heart. Her hands were on his chest, and beneath the thin layer of muscle was the thud of his heart.

“I will pick you up tomorrow morning.” Lu Zhi Yao finally dropped a kiss gently on her forehead.

Bai Xiao Xun hummed softly as if she was still shy about the kiss.

Lu Zhi Yao flashed a smile that went to his eyes, and finally pinched her face before driving away.

When Lu Zhi Yao’s car disappeared, Bai Xiao Xun turned and prepared to enter the building. It was just… a long black shadow stood at the door and felt a sense of urgency.

Bai Xiao Xun squeezed her bag and cautiously asked, “Who is this?”

The man from the shadow slowly came out, he had handsome eyebrows with a gentle smile on as always, the figure slowly approached, and had the faint scent of trees.

Bai Xiao Xun was stunned for a moment, and soon showed a soft smile. “Mr. Su, why are you here?”

“Xiao Xun mentioned that the stomach is uncomfortable this evening, so I came to give you some porridge.” Su Shi raised his hand to show the food box in his hand, with his warm voice smiling.

Although his behavior is as gentle as usual, his eyes unconsciously had a cold look.

“How come you’re not saying anything Xiao Xun?” Su Shi took a step closer. Bai Xiao Xun clenched her lips and couldn’t help but step back.

“Are you afraid? Because… I just saw that scene.” He was still laughing, but his eyes hardened.

Bai Xiao Xun finally realized what was wrong. She turned and tried to escape. But Su Shi have long legs, so he caught up in two or three steps and grabbed her hand.

“Why are you running? Shouldn’t Xiao Xun explain to me?”

“What are you talking about, Mr. Su? I don’t understand…it hurts…” Bai Xun’s black eyes were filled with a layer of mist, and the delicate and soft appearance was particularly pitiful.

Su Shi sighed for a moment, then squeezed harder. “That’s it… Xiao Xun is really bad. If the last time you walked so closely with Gao Yuan was an accident. Then the man kissing you, is it an accident too?”

Bai Xiao Xun has never seen Su Shi so angry until the corners of his eyes turned red. She knows there’s nothing she can say. She simply can’t imagine what will happen next. She hurriedly explained. “No, it’s not what you think. He is just the boss of my company. He said that he would send me home. I dare not resist… I am afraid…”

“Don’t be afraid, Xiao Xun, I am here.” Su Shi slowly calmed down, as if he was distressed by her appearance, he took her into his arms, “Xiao Xun, I will always be with you, we will be together all the time.”



As soon as his voice fell, Bai Xun gasped. She pushed him away and looked at the dagger buried deep in her abdomen, and suddenly she realized….

It hurts so much!

At the sound of the “dong,” the frantic Xiao Xun rolled over from the bed! She hurriedly sat up and lifted up her pajamas to examine her abdomen, it was smooth and tender, and there was no wounds!

Then she took a deep breath and looked at the familiar layout of the room – hey, it really returned to the beginning of the game!

In this game the female host is called Bai Xiao Xun. The middle name was the name of the cliché Mary Sue romance drama protagonist.

This game is simple and crude, with seven capture targets, the goal is to raise the affections of all seven targets to the max in order to leave this game.

To obtain the hearts of seven people, although it is a broken and difficult scale she suffered countless deaths. Bai Xun said that it was too painful to be stabbed! She can only bitch first!

She felt the lingering feeling of pain and groped her stomach, as if she could feel the previous cold blade that had pierced into the flesh. She was shaking, at least this time was a simple, quick death.

She didn’t sleep for days, didn’t want to eat anything. She looked sick, hiding in her room and starving to death!

It’s crazy! Once again, I’m warning everyone that there are no human rights! She was killed again!

MMP!2it’s shorthand for chinese slang for motherfucker

Speaking of this, she held her breath while reflecting. This time she will got close enough but wasn’t able to save herself! This time, she has paid special attention to Lu Zhi Yao who is a black-bellied, blackened slag. The result is that the most gentle Su Shi has blackened!

This really is a broken game!

She wondered why she played this game! She is now trapped in the game and can only leave if she accomplishes the goal. When she gets out, she must push the person who created this game into the toilet. Ah!

After thinking about her latest failure, Bai Xun sighed and lie down back on the bed. She’s lucky she doesn’t have anything, especially her heart and lungs. I’ll just start over again!

When she adjusted her breathing, a virtual panel emerged in front of her, and a character model appeared in front of her eyes.

There are several stages in this game, and depending on the player’s choice, there is an opportunity to adjust the character model at each stage.

Bai Xun usually starts from the school period. At this time, the female protagonist is only twenty years old, so Bai Xun chose long straight black hair, gentle and quiet when wearing a shawl; and she put it in a high ponytail. She was young and beautiful. Lively and bright.

She didn’t adjust much for the facial features. The game default option was already sophisticated, she only adjusted her eyelids slightly. It was the same eyelids selected last week which were slightly slender and charming, it was cold and sharp. This time, she changed her eye shape to apricot eyes, and her eyes were slightly upturned, not only pure and adorable, but had the lure of pure temptation of autumn water.

Thinking about it, she made a small mole on her nose, which was so pale, and it seems playful under the small white nose, which makes people unable to control their desires to kiss.

Then to adjusting the figure, she decided to take the white lotus flower route, the body must have a thin waist, big hips and long legs! Don’t need a big chest, there is still a chance to “develop” later. The height of 165 cm is also considered to be a good height difference among the men who generally start at 180 cm.

After the adjustments, Bai Xun turned around to face the mirror.

There was a young and beautiful girl with a small waist and long legs, a small palm sized face and tender look, especially the pair of apricot eyes, bright and sparkling – to be a bitch, you need the looks.

When Bai Xun was ready to start the story, the virtual screen suddenly appeared with a message –

[Congratulations to the player Bai Xun for failing 999 times and gaining the title. “Does not abandon nor give up” with a gift package, player can choose from two of the four following items -]  

1, time adjuster.. can manipulate the plot forward or backward by 10 minutes.

2, character locator.. You can always observe the location of a Capture Target at any time.

3, accident machine: can causes accidents

4, NPC controller: can control the NPC other than the Capture Target for an hour.

【Please Select.】

Bai Xun, who still had the title of Tucao,3Slang for to ridicule or to roast heard the options and her eyes lit up – so, which two to choose?

Author’s Notes:

New hole~ Little white lotus bitch smashes as the female lead, pay attention to protecting from thunder, I am your Gu Pan,4This is the author’s pen name need little angels to love by watering~5You can throw irrigation and nutrients at authors in JJWXC to give them higher ranking or income [pinches your little faces]

  1. Slang for to ridicule or to roast
  2. School Grass – Hottest boy at school

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