Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 10

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 10

Bai Xun led Gao Yuan to the venue. Xiaoya had been waiting for Bai Xun for a long time at the door. When she saw her, she was so amazed.

“Xiao Xun! You look great today, too!” She circled around Bai Xun two times, making Bai Xun’s white cheeks red and poking her in embarrassment.

“Well, let’s go in.” Gao Yuan interrupted.

Xiaoya saw Gao Yuan, it was rare to see him wearing a suit, wide shoulders, narrow waist, long legs, thin lips. He stood there, and his body emitted a sharp and strong air around him.

“How handsome…” Xiaoya couldn’t help but whisper, and soon shook her head quickly. “No, I’m a fan of Su Shi senior…”

Bai Xun looked at her appearance and burst out laughing. “Xiaoya?”

Xiaoya came back to her senses and coughed twice. “By the way, you can go to the entrance and pick the number first.”

“What number did you draw?” Bai Xun has some doubts.

“Men and women draw a number separately, and if the same number matches between the man and woman, they will be dance partners tonight.”

“Well…” Bai Xun nodded, seemingly lacking interest in it.

Of course, she knows the rule and she also knows what Su Shi’s number will be.

Gao Yuan listened to this, instantly full of interest, pulling Bai Xun to the entrance. They drew a number in two big boxes, one red and the other blue.

Gao Yuan looked at his number, and then asked casually. “What’s your number?”

“Huh?” Bai Xun did not look at Gao Yuan. Instead, she pretended to look over her number and said, “I am number 39, what about you A Yuan?”

Gao Yuan frowned, and paused. “You guys play together first, I will come get you later.”

Looking at the distance figure, Xiaoya did not understand, “Why did he go?”

Bai Xun shook her head, saying nothing. She guessed it was the number 39 in her hands. However, the other 39 is in Su Shi’s hands. But in her hand, she looked at the number and it wasn’t number 39.

“Xiao Xun, I suddenly have something to do, I’ll go first, see you later.”

Xiaoya took a call and left. Bai Xun did not pay attention and took advantage of the “NPC controller”, she naturally exchanged her number with the female NPC holding number 39.


The lights in the venue were swaying, and the young boys and girls wore suits and dresses are young and beautiful.

Bai Xun sees Su Shi instantly, he was with a group of NPCs. He’s very dazzling with his gentle male lead halo settings.

She doesn’t know if it was a coincidence. Gao Yuan wore a white suit in order to match her white dress, and Su Shi even wore a white suit.

Gao Yuan was dressed up sharp and aggressive, while Su Shi looks gentle and elegant.

As soon as Bai Xun entered, Su Shi noticed her. After all, Bai Xun’s beauty tonight is like a fairy falling into the mortal world.

As soon as she entered, many boys came up and asked for her number. Most of them leaving regrettably, except one person…

Bai Xun seems to be in trouble, her delicate eyebrows were slightly stunned. Her white face was nervous with tension looking helplessly at the boy who insist on dancing with her.

Su Shi paused only for a moment, he put down his glass of wine and strode forward. He pulled the boy aside and stood in front of Bai Xun to protect her.

“Sorry, classmate, she has a companion.”

Although his words are gentle, his actions were unquestionable.

The opposing boy was not satisfied and bit his teeth. “Why do you say that? She is number 39. What is your number?”

Su Shi hesitated, then laughed and took out his own number plate to signal in a gentle and calm way. “I am 39.”

Now, the boy has nothing to say, so he hatefully walked away.

“Mr. Su Shi, are you really number 39?” Bai Xun came out from behind him and said with some surprise.

Su Shi turned around and shook her hand, laughing. “If you change.”

His facial features may not be the best among the other male leads, but his eyes are so gentle, that she stared at his smile, she felt like she was spoiled.

Bai Xun also smiled, and she let out a sigh of relief. “Great, I was just thinking about what to do if I didn’t know the boy…”

Su Shi was infected by her words, and he did not consciously consider her with another boy tonight… someone else taking her hand and waist…

His eyes darkened.

Just then the music began to play, and he reached out his hand and asked like a gentleman. “Well, now it’s me. Would the beautiful lady be willing to dance with me?”

Bai Xun is shy and embarrassed. “But I’m not very good at it…”

Su Shi smiled, “It doesn’t matter, I’ll teach you.”

His slender fingers grasped Bai Xun’s fair fingertips and pulled her onto the dance floor.

Bai Xun really does not dance very much, after all, her original family situation.

Su Shi gently wrapped her waist, gentle and handsome with a light smile. He leaned down to her ear and comfort her. “Don’t be nervous, leave everything to me.”

“Um.” Bai Xun’s ears were red, and she nodded with a low voice, cleverly following Su Shi’s movement.

For a moment, the dress swayed.

Bai Xun became more and more familiar and was no longer as cautious as she was at the beginning. She smiles brightly like a butterfly.

Su Shi has been watching her gently. Bai Xun’s occasional gaze into the other’s eyes is like being smothered by the gentleness of the other party, and she blushes.

They danced warmly, while Gao Yuan watched in the distance, staring at them, while drinking wine sullenly.

He didn’t find the number, so he was ready to come over and look for Bai Xun. Whoever was number 39, he didn’t want them to approach her.

Unexpectedly, when he came over, the other party had already danced with Su Shi.

Gao Yuan took another sip of wine and watched the beautiful scene of the handsome man and beautiful woman dancing on the dance floor. The more he looked, the more irritated he became. His face deterred many girls who wanted to ask him his number.

Bai Xun ignored the sulking eyes that focused on her, and everything went smoothly.

Except that the lights disappeared.

Instantly the hall became dark, and the screams around rose and fell.

Bai Xun has played several times, she naturally knows that this event was part of the party, but now she seems to be frightened as well. She stumbles and falls into Su Shi’s arms and clasped onto his shirt tightly with both hands.

So, although she did not say a word, Su Shi has already felt her fear.

He couldn’t help but hold her, patting her back, with a gentle and forceful voice. “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Bai Xun relaxed her body and obediently nodded in his arms.

Suddenly, her body was stiff and trembling closer to him.

Su Shi naturally noticed and was worried, he asked. “Xiao Xun, what’s wrong?”

Bai Xun inhaled, and with a nasal tone of fear and grievance, she stuttered and said: “Just…someone…touch me…”

In the darkness, Su Shi’s gentle eyes disappeared.

In such a dark space, it is inevitable that there will be people who covets Bai Xun and will bully her secretly. He looked unhappy and held Bai Xun tighter. He separated from the crowd and took her to the wall. He turned his back and protected her between the wall and his body from the crowd.

Su Shi touched the fragrant hair in his arms unconsciously. “It’s okay, there should be electricity soon. Let’s wait here for a while.”

Bai Xun’s nodded her head within his arms and obediently answered “Okay.”

So quiet, Su Shi discovered how close they were now.

The fragrant body in his arms is soft, the skin within reach is smooth and delicate. Even the most beautiful satin is not as smooth as her skin, and the heat touched by his palms burns all the way to the bottom of his heart; not to mention Bai Xun’s small head is buried in his chest, separated by a thin shirt, as if every breath hits his heart…

Su Shi felt a little hot, but he wasn’t willing to loosen his hands until the lights came back on. He held onto the person quietly in his arms.

But it was difficult as a dark figure squeezed between them with his blue face, vomiting words as if it was an ice blast.

“Have you had enough?”

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