Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 11

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 11

Gao Yuan was too angry, just after the lights went out, his heart jumped in fear that Bai Xun would be bullied in the dark and rushed straight to her side. On the way, many people drilled against his arms and were toss aside by him.

As a result, the two were close to each other.

His voice sounded like a thunderstorm.

Bai Xun quickly returned from her mind and blushed.

Su Shi was calm and his face returned to a warm smile. Although he no longer held Bai Xun in his arms, he did not let go of her hands.

Gao Yuan frowned. He was trying to say something when a light suddenly hit him and several other people standing alone.

The excited host stood on the stage. “Don’t panic, everyone. It’s just the first part of our fun game. Now let’s play the second part of the game. We invite these very lucky ones to come on stage to accept the ‘reward’.”

Gao Yuan saw Bai Xun, who was glad to see the change of events, and went onto stage with the others with a black face.

The host smiled and said. “Very well, now, everyone please select one random number from the box in front of you and confess to them!”

As soon as her voice fell, the noisy boys and girls began to loudly scream.

There were girls standing on stage and they blushed.

Gao Yuan look impatient, especially when he watches Bai Xun standing under the stage beside Su Shi with the same face of excitement.

When the box was in front of him, Gao Yuan only looked at the number in his hand and stuffed it back.

The host looked confused and forced, “Hey, classmate, you…”

Gao Yuan interrupted her, “Change it.”

He spoke concisely, but there is no doubt about the toughness in his words.

The host responded quickly, and laughed tentatively and said. “Would you like to pick a different number and hold her in your arms while doing ten squats?”


Here is another group of people who are stunned.

However, Gao Yuan was quite satisfied with this proposal. He raised his eyebrows and his eyes fell on Bai Xun.

The gentle smile on Su Shi’s face faded for a moment.

Sure enough, Gao Yuan smiled vaugely. “I chose number 39.”


Everyone is searching for number 39, Bai Xun looked at her number, and then looked at Gao Yuan with uncertainty.

Gao Yuan saw that she didn’t move for a long time. He jumped directly from the stage, walked up to her and picked her up. “Don’t look at it, it’s you.”

Bai Xun put her hands around his neck reflexively and was worried about falling, “No, no, A Yuan, you… you let me down first…”

“Don’t be afraid, I’m still holding on with your weight.” Gao Yuan smiled and held her tightly, glancing at the faint smile on Su Shi’s face. He also pulled out a smug smile.

Bai Xun only felt that the eyes of everyone around her were burning through her, so she could not help but stealthily pinch the soft meat on his lofty waist. “What are you doing?”

The smile on Gao Yuan’s painful face was almost deformed. He barely concealed his smile and coughed twice to hide it. “What am I doing? Didn’t you hear the host’s request? Be good and cooperate…”

Speaking the last sentence, Bai Xun was embarrassed by his low voice, which was like a cat appeasing her bad temper.

Holding Bai Xun and doing ten squats is really nothing to Gao Yuan. It’s just every time he squats down, the two people are too close. Their breathing mingled, the crowd is still stirring, Bai Xun’s white cheeks flushed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After the game is over, Bai Xun was surrounded by Gao Yuan and Su Shi.

Anyway, from that night on, the name “Bai Xiao Xun” will resound throughout the campus. After all, she is a girl who was held by two of the school’s grasses.

Until the end of the party, Bai Xun felt that almost all the girls’ eyes at the party were gathered on her. If it hadn’t been for Su Shi and Gao Yuan presence, she would have suspected that the other party would have rushed up and strangled her.


In the evening, Su Shi wanted to send Bai Xun home, but was stopped by Gao Yuan.

When Gao Yuan sent her back, he stopped talking, and he didn’t say anything at the end. When she got home, she entered the house.

Bai Xun was ready to rest after washing, and suddenly discovered that the good feelings of Gao Yuan was declining!

She sat up, looking at the red heart which was closed to 70% dropped to 50%!

It was still good at the party. Why did his mood change so much at this moment?

Bai Xun couldn’t sit still. She thought about her recent actions and finally confirmed where the crux of the problem was.

Although being close to Su Sh will allow Gao Yuan to feel a sense of crisis and properly recognize his feelings, thus increasing his favor, but…

The average person may have no choice but to fight for what he wants, but it was not in his case. He has always lacked love, he is used to being alone, and there is no special attachment, so if he confirms that the other party does not belong to him, then it is easy to choose to give up and thus retract his feelings.

Bai Xun wondered if she had been too cold with him recently, so he thought she cared more about Su Shi.

Anyway, she can’t sit still.

Bai Xun got up and packed up the gorgeous white dress. She wore a simple nightdress with her long hair spread out. She went to the other side and knocked on the door. 

“A Yuan? Are you sleeping?” Bai Xun asked tentatively.

After a while, the door was opened, and Gao Yuan stood tall and pale at the door. The tall figure basically blocked the room.

“What’s the matter?”

Bai Xun smiled, raised her hand and handed him the box. “No, I’ll return this. Thank you.”

Gao Yuan looked at the box in his hand, he then remembered the dress. His eyes were somewhat unnatural. “What are you doing? I don’t need this. I told you it was yours.”

Bai Xun said shyly. “It’s not good. It’s easy to misunderstand if you give me clothes like this…”


Gao Yuan thought of Su Shi looking at her eyes, he was thinking about it all night, and even couldn’t sleep…. He finally couldn’t help but hold Bai Xun, he pressed the person against the wall, staring at her with a burning gaze.

Bai Xun didn’t react and gazed into the dark eyes of the other party. Her intuition told her it was a little dangerous.

“Ah, A Yuan… What happened?”

“Do you like Su Shi?”

This question is too straightforward, like a thunderbolt, almost smashing the expression on Bai Xun’s face. But Gao Yuan’s eyes are very serious. It’s not like the temptations or jokes in the past, and even the sounds of a heart thumping can be heard.

Bai Xun knew that if she showed a slight preference for Su Shi, Gao Yuan would retreat to his safe zone.

So, Bai Xun frowned and was a little angry. “Why do you both have to play such a joke? Is it fun?”

Gao Yuan has never seen Bai Xun’s temper. He was a bit stunned. “Xiao Xun, I…”

Bai Xun didn’t give him a chance. She seemed very wronged and blushed. “Yes, Su Shi is very nice and gentle, and he draws very well. I really like him very much. But that’s because he’s an inspirational role model, you don’t have to make fun of me again and again.”

Her eyes were wet, Bai Xun secretly spurns herself again – worthy of being the Queen of Bitches.

He clearly sees that she is angry, but Gao Yuan’s eyes brightened, unconsciously increased the strength which held her arm, excitedly asked. “You mean, you don’t like him?”

“Uh…pain…” Bai Xun unconsciously gave a soft cry, Gao Yuan immediately relaxed his strength in a panic. “I’m sorry, I, I’m too hard…”

Bai Xun stared at him and was too lazy to ignore him. “How many more times do you want me to say it?”

“Stay away from me!”

Gao Yuan was a bit overwhelmed at this time.

Witnessing Bai Xun throwing things into his arms, and about to go. He panicked and directly took the person and hugged her into his arms.

This sudden move made Bai Xun somewhat overwhelmed. “Hey, what are you doing?”

This time, Gao Yuan paused for a long time, and the breathing sounds in his ears became ambiguous, and his low voice sound. –

“If you don’t like Su Shi, then what do you think of me?”

The voice was a little hesitant and flattering.

However, how can the Queen of Bitches respond positively?

Bai Xun looked at the value of his good feelings that has stabilized to 75%, feeling satisfied.

Her face turned red for a moment. After stepping on Gao Yuan’s foot, she rushed back into her room and closed the door. “What’s the matter with you?”

But the more she looked angry, the happier he was, laughing all night and crouching beside cotton pant’s nest.


The next day, after last night’s episode, Bai Xun went to school on her own without waiting for him.

Sure enough, after the party, she was on fire, basically everyone on campus would point at her when they saw her.

Bai Xun quickly fled into the classroom. Xiaoya told her that while she had danced with Su Shi yesterday, and while Gao Yuan held her princess style, her photo was taken and placed on the headlines.  

I am afraid that now, Su Shi’s and Gao Yuan’s fan clubs will target me.

Bai Xun listened…rubbing her hands expectantly.

When the time comes, a poor flower in a campus novel being bullied and the grass coming to save the beauty, if there wasn’t, how could there be the campus Mary Su?

What’s more, at this phase, an important person should also come out.

Sure enough, Bai Xun had trouble all morning. Her textbook was torn, her seat broken, and cockroaches were hidden in her desk.

Her face was pale and miserable, her heart had no fluctuation, and she even wanted to laugh.

It was in the bathroom that someone drenched her with cold water, so she sneezed a few times.

Bai Xun was very pitiful. She wrung her long-wet hair in front of the bathroom mirror. A clean handkerchief came up from behind her. The soft voice full of concern. “Are you okay?”

“Ah?” Bai Xun turned around and looked at the gentle and beautiful girl in front of her. Her eyes turned red instantly out of joy and feeling touched. There are still good people.

“I’m fine, thank you. Well, my name is Bai Xun. What’s yours classmate?” Bai Xun showed a sweet smile, but with all the confusion it made it look a bit funny.

The girl also smiled softly. “My name is Huang Yanran. I just transferred to school.”

She pointed to Bai Xun’s wet clothes again. “Go and find a place to change, or you’ll catch a cold.”

“Well, then I’ll go first.” Bai Xun nodded, went to the door and looked back at her. “Yanran, thank you, you are such a good person.”

Bai Xun said with a sweet smile before leaving.

Behind her, Huang Yanran watched her walk away. The gentle smile on her face gradually disappeared.

TL Note: I feel so bad for these capture targets, playing right into Bai Xun’s hands…they just want to love her, yet she doesn’t even like them. Ahahha they don’t even know it is the worse part.

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