Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 12

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 12

Bai Xun left the bathroom wearing wet clothes. She didn’t expect Huang Yanran to appear so quickly and approach her in such a “friendly” way.

Although she has played the game many times, this was an outlier, but the rest of the details were the same. The events will vary according to the player’s different choices.

Huang Yanran is the only daughter of the Huang family. She is gentle and generous on the surface but does unscrupulous things. She is the fiancée of Gao Yuan, set up by the Lu family, but Gao Yuan doesn’t like her.

… Isn’t this a proper vicious supporting female lead?

But what the hell is that gray “capture target” on her head?!

This is a normal romance game, okay?

Looking for a black line…1referring to Yanran’s black-belly ways

Several times in the beginning she triggered it, and the other person packed and thrown her into the sea to feed the fish!2Context clarification – Huang Yanran has a black line that will appear if Bai Xun triggers her. If she’s triggers, she will use unscrupulous means to “pack” Bai Xun and “toss her to the sea for the fish to eat”. Its flowery language meaning that Bai Xun has died to her several times when she first played.

Fortunately, the gray “capture target” is not a necessary condition for customs clearance and is optional.

In any case, she came to get covered in water, Bai Xun breathed a sigh of relief, and for the time being thought of other things.

She had planned to tie herself wholeheartedly to Su Shi. His background is relatively weak compared to other people, and he is not afraid of power, but she would not be able to resist being forcibly taken!  

But last night’s lofty performance, coupled with the appearance of Huang Yanran, made her change strategy – her chips will be placed with Gao Yuan. Soon someone will exchange five million with her to leave him!

Bai Xun insinuated that if she had five million to last in the game world for a few years, how would she fare?

As soon as she had the idea of being passively idle, she felt as if her heart had been electrified and her head started to sweat with pain from the cold.

Bai Xun quickly took a break and looked at the wet clothes on her body. She couldn’t get rid of this cold water in vain.

She had already inquired about Su Shi’s lessons. At this time, Su Shi’s class should be over.

Bai Xun waited for a while on the path Su Shi would take before she saw his figure gradually approaching from the distance. She breathed a sigh of relief that he was approaching as if this person would have never appeared and her clothes would have dried.

She grabbed her messy wet hair which was so wet that she had to wring it like a thin shirt and walk forward in embarrassment.  

She walked too fast and hung her head down, so she didn’t see the person in front of her. She bumped her head directly on him. “Um…I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Bai Xing repeatedly apologized, her soft voice was a little hoarse, but it was enough for Su Shi to hear.

“Xiao Xun?” He looked at the person in front of him, frowned gently, and grabbed the person who wanted to escape. “What’s the matter?”

“Senior Su Shi?” Bai Xun quickly looked up at him, her delicate face was pale, and her watery eyes were red as if she had cried.

The person who she collided with was Su Shi, and Bai Xun looked down and panicked. “No, nothing…”

The more she hides it, the tighter Su Shi’s eyebrows wrinkle. Especially when he thought of Bai Xun’s wronged eyes, he felt an anger in his heart.

He murmured, “Did someone bully you?”

Bai Xun’s body stiffened for a moment, and Su Shi understood.

After a long while, she shook her head. “It’s really okay. Thank you, Senior Su Shi, I, I will go first…”

“Wait.” Su Shi grabbed her.

It was his negligence that harmed her. He should have known how crazy those girls are. What’s more, his intimate behavior with her last night will surely arouse jealousy from others.

Su Shi quickly took off his coat and put it on her. “You are all wet, you have to change quickly, or you’ll catch a cold. I live very close to here. If you don’t mind, you can go to my place and change your clothes first. En?”

Although he used a tone of inquiry, but the strong gentleness in his eyes, causes people to not have the heart to oppose. 

So, she was wrapped in Su Shi’s coat, and then walked hand in hand to where he lived.

On the way, she didn’t know who Su Shi called. But he asked the other party to send women’s clothing to his place of residence. Although the Su family is not a CEO corporate family, they were scholarly. Su Shi is the genius painter of his generation. In the game, he became an internationally renowned painter.

The house he rented was in a high-end neighborhood near the school. Compared with Bai Xun’s residence, it was quite a difference.

In the bathroom, Bai Xun quickly showered and changed into the clothes that Su Shi sent.

The light-colored dress is embroidered with fresh and elegant flowers which at first glance looks like it was worth a lot of money.  

Bai Xun wore it and went out carefully.

Su Shi was sitting in front of the drawing board by the front window. He stopped his brush when she came out and unconsciously moved the drawing board away from Bai Xun’s sight.

“Thank you today, Mr. Su Shi. You helped me once more.” Bai Xun looked at him with some embarrassment and her eyes were grateful.

Su Shi walked to her. She had just taken a shower. Her tender skin was steamed red by hot water, like blowing can break it.3The proper translation is “blowing can be broken” its an idiom to describe skin that is so thin and tender/delicate that if you blow on it, it will break. Her eyes were stained by the wet vapors and Su Shi’s heart felt feverish.

He unconsciously reaches out to touch her tender cheek, but quickly returns it. His palm fell on Bai Xun’s head, stroking her soft black hair, and his eyes were soft with a smile. “I have a responsibility for what happens to you. So, let me help you.”

Bai Xun shook her head and seriously said. “Mr. Su Shi, you are always so kind to people that it’s easy for everyone to misunderstand you.”

Su Shi retracted his hand and smiled. “What kind of misunderstanding is it?”

Bai Xun blushed slightly and felt embarrassed. “I have always regarded my senior as a role model. Whether in life or painting, I want to be as good as my senior.”

She said slightly distressed. “It’s just that senior is so good that everyone seems to have misunderstood.”

Misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding! – Oh my god, ​​such a bitch.

Su Shi’s moved and said softly, “Just a role model?”

“What?” His voice was too light for Bai Xun to hear clearly.

Su Shi did not know where the empty space from his heart came from. On his face, he hung a warm smile. “Nothing, Xiao Xun has worked hard. I’ve seen your paintings, you’re very talented.”

“Really?” To be praised by an idol, Bai Xun’s eyes brightened from happiness.

She looked at the drawing board that Su Shi put aside and walked over. “May I see the picture painted by Senior?”

She said, reaching for the drawing board, Su Shi’s eyes widened, raising his hand to stop her. “Wait!”

However, he suddenly reached out and didn’t control his strength well. Bai Xun was pulled by her wrist and fell.

Su Shi panicked and pulled her hand hard and pulled her into his arms to protect her. The force of the collision made him fall back onto the ground. 

“Umm…” Bai Xun crashed into Su Shi’s chest. The force made her nose sore and her eyes quickly gathered a layer of mist. Luckily, there was a thick carpet under Su Shi.

However, because of the great shock from the fall, the easel shook twice, and the drawing board fell.

With a “peng” sound, it fell right beside them.

Bai Xun looked at the unfinished painting. It was a beautiful girl with long hair and a bright smile and eyes that glittered like the stars.

She was sluggish and turned her head to Su Shi’s face. “Senior, this is not…” Me?

  1. Context clarification – Huang Yanran has a black line that will appear if Bai Xun triggers her. If she’s triggers, she will use unscrupulous means to “pack” Bai Xun and “toss her to the sea for the fish to eat”. Its flowery language meaning that Bai Xun has died to her several times when she first played.
  2. The proper translation is “blowing can be broken” its an idiom to describe skin that is so thin and tender/delicate that if you blow on it, it will break.


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