Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 13

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 13

Looking at Bai Xun’s questioning face, Su Shi’s face was a little hot, and he coughed softly twice. “Xiao Xun, you get up first.”

Bai Xun stood up bewildered. “Senior, are you okay? Is there anything going on?”

“I’m fine.” Su Shi smiled and gently picked up the board and paused for a moment. “Xiao Xun’s smile is like the sunshine with a magical ability…So I painted it unconsciously…Does Xiao Xun mind?”

He naturally and gently said, Bai Xun blushed from the praise, but she shook her head and said earnestly. “Senior is like sunshine…no like a spring breeze, making people feel soft and comfortable.”

Su Shi looked at her and examined her face, but there was no shyness in her eyes. There was only respect and admiration…The smile faded from his face.

Bai Xun looked at the time and suddenly remembered something. “Oh, no, I can’t talk to you, there are club activities in the afternoon. I have to leave.”

“Is it art club? Because your president invited me, I’ll go with you.”

Bai Xun nodded, but on the way to the art club with Su Shi, she met Gao Yuan.

He didn’t see Bai Xun early in the morning and went around looking for her. He happened to hear two girls said that she got a basin of cold water in the bathroom.

Gao Yuan, who was cold all over, raised his feet and kicked over their chairs on the spot and warned them.  

He looked up and down Bai Xun to confirm that she wasn’t harm before he felt relieve. He then looked at her valuable dress and couldn’t help but blink.

“Where have you been?”

Because Su Shi was besides her, he noticed the joy in Bai Xun’s eyes as soon as she saw Gao Yuan

Su Shi looked at Bai Xun’s lofty eyes, which had a different joy then when she was with him.  

So, she likes Gao Yuan?

Su Shi’s smile dimmed.

Bai Xun seems to be worried about Gao Yuan and is afraid to tell the truth. She stuttered, “I, I talked with Su Shi, about the art club, just now, we are going to the art club together.”

Su Shi looked at Bai Xun’s careful appearance and did not correct her.

Gao Yuan seems to be angry. “Do you talk about painting and change your clothes?”

“Ah?” Bai Xun didn’t understand what he meant, but it made her feel sad, as if he was slandering her and Su Shi.

Su Shi frowned, and coldly interrupted, “Gao Yuan classmate…”

“Xiao Xun, I don’t mean that, I just…”

Gao Yuan was anxious. He also realizes that what he said was misunderstood. He regretted it as soon as he spoke, but he was just angry, angry at her being bullied and her not telling him.  

He sighed and stretched out his hand and rubbed her head. “Why didn’t you tell me when your clothes got wet? Why didn’t you tell me you were bullied? Did you forget what I said yesterday? Don’t you trust me?”

Gao Yuan’s words instantly reminded Bai Xun of his confession last night. Her cheeks flushed slightly. “What? I don’t need your help at all, I can handle these things myself…”

Gao Yuan saw that she was being stubborn and knew that she would be embarrassed when pressed. He could only force her, “In the future, you will go with me.”

“Huh? But I’m going to art club…”

Gao Yuan looked unfazed, “Let’s go together.”

Su Shi kept watching, and his good feelings dropped by 5%.


Three people rushed into the art club together.

Su Shi’s good feelings fell to 70%, but Gao Yuan rose to 80%.

Bai Xun is not in a hurry, she believes that the godsend woman will soon be handy.

Sure enough, after the president stated that the art club had to organize a group to go out to sketch, Su Shi was invited as a guiding predecessor. Bai Xun was naturally going to go, but Gao Yuan couldn’t feel at ease and followed along.

The mysterious president: “In addition to Su Shi’s senior, there’s also a very good classmate who wants to join us. Her paintings have won the National Award. Let us welcome her together, Huang Yanran!”

The president accentuated the last three words. Some of the students who had heard the name had applauded excitedly. Although others were unclear, they also remembered to applause lightly.

Only the face of Gao Yuan changed, and the gentle girl entered with a dark look.

Unlike Bai Xun’s innocent and beautiful gentleness with some wit, she is dignified and elegant.

When Bai Xun saw her, she was excited instantly. She went forward happily. “It turned out to be you! Yanran, I didn’t expect you to paint so well. Would you like to go with us, too?”

She reached out and grabbed the other’s wrist intimately.

Huang Yanran smiled at Bai Xun and then looked at her face frostily and gently said, “As long as he doesn’t object, I’d certainly like to go with you.”

Bai Xun was somewhat inexplicably confused by this sentence. She looked at Huang Yanran and looked at Gao Yuan who she had been staring at. She hesitantly asked. “Yanran, do you know A Yuan? What’s your relationship?”

Huang Yanran looked back at her, then broke away her hand with an apologetic smile and walked slowly towards Gao Yuan.  

“I am A Yuan’s fiancée.” Her soft voice drifted gently, but it hit Bai Xun hard in the heart.

Bai Xun was stunned and so was everyone else.

Su Shi frowned and looked at Bai Xun with worried eyes.

On the other side, Gao Yuan heard the words and kicked over the table and chair in front of him. “Scram, I don’t know you at all.”

Huang Yanran was helpless. “A Yuan, are you still angry with me?”

Her simple words have already settled her relationship with Gao Yuan. No matter how Gao Yuan denies, everyone will regard it as angry words.

Gao Yuan’s face turned colder. He wanted to say something, but Huang Yanran smiled softly, “A Yuan, Uncle Lu doesn’t know that you are here yet, but you can’t run away from home like this all the time.”

The understated words mentioning Mr. Lu suppresses Gao Yuan easily, so that he dared not get angry in front of her.

“Let’s go outside and talk.” Gao Yuan stood up straight and grabbed Huang Yanran and strode out of the studio.

His face was cold and anxious, that he didn’t notice Bai Xun’s confused expression.

Watching the two disappear, she gradually recovered.

“It turned out that he has a fiancée…” She whispered and looked pale.

Su Shi touched her shoulder worriedly, “Xiao Xun?”

Bai Xun turn to look at him. Su Shi found she had tears in her eyes. He felt as if his heart had been stabbed and instantly contracted in pain.

Su Shi reached out in a panic and wiped her eyes. “Xiao Xun, don’t be sad, you…” have me…

Su Shi didn’t say anything in the end, but gently used his fingertips to wipe the tears from her moist eyes.

“What am I sad about? I’m just a little surprised…He didn’t tell me he had a fiancée and it was meaningless. We are just neighbors…” Bai Xun reluctantly opened her mouth and smiled, which made him sad.

The more she doesn’t care about it, the more distressed his heart felt.

Bai Xun seems to be unable to hold on. “Senior, I’m going to pick up the painting that I will bring tomorrow, just leave me alone.”

Looking at Bai Xun as if she was fleeing with sadness, Su Shi’s warm eyes seldom got angry. He pushed open the door and strode to the place where Gao Yuan went.

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