Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 14

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 14

On the rooftop, Gao Yuan looked at the woman in front of him, with his sharp cold eyes. “You intentionally contact Bai Xun, what do you want?”

Huang Yanran smiled apologetically. “Sorry, I just wanted to see the person who makes my fiancé look like this.”

Looking from afar, he said with sarcasm. “Huang Yanran, how many times do I have to tell you? I am no longer a Lu person and will not marry you. If you want to get married, go find Lu Zhi Yao!”

Huang Yanran caressed her long hair and lightly said. “A Yuan, you are so angry, is it because I exposed our relationship in front of that little sister named Bai Xun?”

Gao Yuan’s body stiffened. He hasn’t explained to Bai Xun and doesn’t know if she will think too much about it. Looking at Huang Yanran, he said coldly. “What relationship? A kiss? What era is this…”

Huang Yanran didn’t argue with him but said: “Uncle Lu still doesn’t know about this. He just thinks that you would return after playing outside for two years. You think, if he knew you had a crush on a poor woman, what his reaction would be?”

Gao Yuan’s angry face showed a sneer. “What do you mean? Are you threatening me with him?”

“I just want to say, you can’t escape, the Lu family can give you everything, but without the Lu family, you are nothing, and nothing can be obtained. Including Bai Xun.”

The angrier he felt, the colder his eyes became. It showed that Huang Yanran’s words agitate his painful points.

“Huang Yanran…” He just wanted to tell the other side to roll when a male voice interrupted him.

“Gao Yuan!”

Looking at the gentle face with traces of faint anger, Su Shi slowly approached him. Gao Yuan frowned, “Su Shi? What do you want to say?”

Su Shi’s warm eyebrows were cold. “I just want to tell you, no matter what you’ve done before, since you have a fiancée, don’t bother Xiao Xun anymore.”

Gao Yuan’s eyes changed.

Su Shi said coldly. “Don’t give her hope and let her heart be wasted on you.”

“What qualifications do you have to say that?”

“Because from today on, I will pursue her, and I will protect her.”

Gao Yuan’s face condensed and tightly clenched his fists. How could he explain to Bai Xun? When the truth comes out, what will the other party think about him? If exposed, would it put Bai Xun in danger?

When Su Shi turned to go, he saw Huang Yanran, and the other side smiled softly. “Su Shi, long time no see, I had no time to greet you. I’ve been looking forward to working with you since I saw your paintings in the last competition.”  

Su Shi looked at the hand in front of him and didn’t shake it. He politely smiled. “I’m looking forward to it, but before that, Miss Huang needs to put in more effort into looking after your fiancé.”


On the other hand, Bai Xun watched as Su Shi and Gao Yuan’s favor begun to rise. Her heart was in full bloom.

Sister Huang is really a mascot.1Cause if you got mascots, you got cheerleaders to increase morale Once she appears, she makes their feelings rise!

Xiaoya, who accompanied Bai Xun to pack up her things, saw her empty and emotionless eyes and worriedly touched her. “Xiao Xun, are you okay?”

“Ah?” Bai Xun returned from her mind and smiled reluctantly. “Nothing.”

Xiaoya saw that she had misplaced the things in her hand and sighed. “Oh, Xiao Xun, do you really like Gao Yuan?”

“What are you talking about, why do you say that? I, I’m just…” Bai Xun couldn’t go on, and her voice gradually dropped.

She looked away, staring at her palm.

The person who helped to take cotton pants to the hospital and waits for her to come home in the middle of the night and feels uneasy for her, saying words that make her blush and heart thump…He has a fiancée, so what is she? What about those words from last night?

“What is there to like about him?” Bai Xun nose sour. She quickly regains consciousness and inhaled from her nose and showed a comforting smile. “Xiaoya, I’m okay. Don’t worry. I have something to find, I’ll go to the storage room and look for it. Xiaoya, you can go back first.”

“Xiao Xun?” Xiaoya was worried about her, but she left with her art bag.


Bai Xun found the storage room and didn’t turn on the light. It was dark inside. She found a secluded and hidden corner and stayed there quietly.

Sure enough, at the end of the day, the man looked into the storage room and thought there was nobody inside and locked the door.

Bai Xun waited in the dark room quietly for Gao Yuan.

Every night, the other party will wait for her to come back before going to sleep. After today’s events, he must have a lot to explain to her, so he will come to see her.

She took out her cell phone and looked at it again. There was no signal.

At this time, Gao Yuan was upset by Su Shi’s words. He drove Huang Yanran away and went home to look for Bai Xun.

But he waited until dark and didn’t see her.

It’s impossible for school to have classes at this time. He waited for another two hours, and even if she had gone to her part-time job she would have returned by now. Gao Yuan was worried, and his cell phone wouldn’t connect. He didn’t feel confident to be able to find her if he went out and searched everywhere for her, he had no news.

Gao Yuan felt more anxious and finally called Xiaoya.

“Hello? Did you say Xiao Xun? Hasn’t she come back yet?”

“In the afternoon, she said she was going to the storage room to find something and let me leave first.”

“Thank you, I’ll go to school and look.”

On the other side of the phone, Xiaoya listened to Gao Yuan. She paused and suddenly said, “Gao Yuan, what on earth are you thinking? During this period, how you act, I don’t believe you don’t have feelings for Xiao Xun. But you have a fiancée? So, if you can’t give her happiness, don’t approach her anymore…in the afternoon, Xiao Xun didn’t say it, but I can see that she was very sad.”

“I know, I’ll handle it.” Gao Yuan’s voice is bitter.

When he heard that Bai Xun felt sad, he felt happy and distressed for a moment. How will he explain it to her?

Like Huang Yanran said, if Lu knows her existence and with the old man’s character, he will surely find a way to eliminate her. At that time, he doesn’t know if he can protect her or not.

Gao Yuan’s thoughts were very chaotic. He rushed to the school with his eyebrows scrunched. He managed to get the key to the storage room.

After sleeping in the dark room, Bai Xun woke up and found it was dark outside through a small window.

At this point, it’s a little scary to stay in a dark and closed storage room. She doesn’t even need to act, she trembles and have tears in her eyes.  

After a while, there was a sound of a key unlocking the door from the outside, Bai Xun slowly popped out her head with her voice full of fear and a thick nasal sound, “Who?”

At this point, the school has been powered off, so a flashlight shone. Then a familiar tall figure gradually approached, uncertain, “Xiao Xun? Is that you?”

“A Yuan!” Bai Xun almost couldn’t believe it. She staggered from the small corner and threw herself into his bosom with her nose running and a deep grievance. “You’re here at last…it’s so dark and terrible. There’s nobody here. I’m cold and hungry.”

Gao Yuan tightened his hold on the person within his arms and felt that her body was soft and thin, but cold and couldn’t help but to feel distressed.

He quickly took off his coat and put it on Bai Xun. He patted her on the back and whispered, “I’m late. Don’t be afraid. I’ll take you out.”

“Um.” Bai Xun nodded obediently in his arms, her body still trembling and gradually calmed down.

But if it’s so simple, would she still feel guilty tonight?

The door of the storage room suddenly made a loud bang as if it had been blown shut by the wind.

Gao Yuan was shocked, “That’s terrible!”

He hurried to the door with Bai Xun, but it was too late, and the door was locked again.

TL Note: Don’t save others if you can’t save yourself…haha they in a dark locked room together for the entire night…snusnu please. /(////~////)/

Also, when Xiaoya saw her “looking” sad in the inside…she was “in full bloom” from mascot Huang….no idea how she does that but okay.

P.S. I THINK she used that NPC controller again to have someone lock them in.

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