Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 15

Note: Probably going to release this series less in frequency due to popular demand.

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 15

No one responded to Gao Yuan’s shouts. He took out his cell phone and saw it had no signal. He couldn’t help but secretly kick the door.

Bai Xun blinked back tears, and asked dully, “A Yuan, can’t we go out?”

Gao Yuan turned his head and saw tears hanging from Bai Xun’s tender cheeks in the afterglow of his flashlight. He thought the other party must be frozen and hungry for most of the night, and his heart stung.

“Xiao Xun, we may have to stay here for one night. They will open the door tomorrow morning.” Gao Yuan said softly and reached out to pull the person who was cold.

He picked up a small bench, pulled Bai Xun to sit down, and placed her hand into his palm, gently held it and rubbed. “Why is your hand so cold? Is this better?”

Bai Xun nodded slightly. The other side felt her cold trembling body. He hesitated for a moment and said, “Xiao Xun, if you are cold, you can come closer to me. It will be warmer.”

Now that everything is quiet, Bai Xun’s previous tense mood relaxed. The memories from that afternoon naturally came back to her.

She was a little unnatural and pouted her cheeks and frowned. “This is not very good. You, you have a fiancée…we need to avoid suspicion, keep a distance, yes, keep a distance…”

She said, moving aside, heading straight to the edge of the stool, then hugged herself into a ball, looking at Gao Yuan and smiled.  “It’s all right, I’m fine, I’m not cold.”

Gao Yuan looked at the person who moved far away and his heart was upset. “Xiao Xun, in fact, she…”

He wanted to make it clear and hesitated when he thought about it. Bai Xun found he was silent for a long time and no longer paid any attention to him.

The air was quiet for a while, perhaps accompanied by someone, the darkness seemed not so terrible.

After a while, Bai Xun’s head tilt bit by bit as if she was sleepy.

Gao Yuan has been watching her for fear that she would fall asleep and fall onto the floor.

Finally, after one of her big movements, he held her little head and nervously, slowly moved over and placed the person on his shoulder.

After feeling some heat, Bai Xun who was sounded asleep, moved towards the heat source spontaneously, and the whole person nearly sank into Gao Yuan’s bosom.

Gao Yuan held up his hands for a moment, then slowly placed them on her shoulders and held on tight.

“…Bastard… Since there is a fiancée, why are you saying that…? Are you just having fun…?”

Bai Xun frowned and murmured in her dreams.  

Gao Yuan naturally heard clearly. He smoothed Bai Xun’s distressed frown and his voice was low, “Xiao Xun, I’m not doing that, I’m telling you the truth.”

It seems that the other party is still concerned about the Lu family. When he feels confident enough, he will protect her wholeheartedly and confront the Lu family.

Bai Xun was nested in Gao Yuan’s arms and was no longer cold. She fell asleep until dawn and was awakened by noisy footsteps.

When she opened her eyes and saw Gao Yuan, she was full of confusion. She didn’t see Su Shi’s eyes full of anger and the surprised look of Huang Yanran who came in a hurry.


Originally, the car was ready to leave early in the morning, but Bai Xun and Gao Yuan has yet to arrive by the end of roll call and their cell phones wouldn’t connect. The president was dying to leave and couldn’t have everyone wait for them. So, Su Shi and Huang Yanran also waited for them.

Usually, the two people were gentle, but currently their expressionless faces were somewhat chilling.

“That…” Xiaoya seemed to be thinking about something. She raised her trembling hand: “Yesterday Xiao Xun said she would go to the storage room for something and then Gao Yuan went to look for her…it can’t be a coincidence?”

“I’ll go see.” Su Shi was the first to run.

Huang Yanran paused, followed Su Shi, leaving behind a bunch of people looking at each other.


In the storage room, Bai Xun inexplicably felt that she was part of a “catch adultery” drama!

She looked at the people in front of her as she woken up and widened her eyes instantly. She was still wrapped in Gao Yuan’s coat and stood up in a panic. “Mr. Su Shi? What?”

No one responded to her.

Now the atmosphere is a little awkward and depressing.

Gao Yuan first broke the silence. He stood up and casually said, “You’re here. We’ve been stuck in here all night.”

However, his words didn’t make the atmosphere more relaxed.

A lonely man and woman spent one night in the dark storage room?

Su Shi tightened his lips, his handsome face lost its gentle smile and his light glazed eyes seemed to contain a storm.

“You and you stayed together all night?” Huang Yanran’s eyes fell on Bai Xun whose sad appearance made her feel overwhelmed.

Gao Yuan only said that they were trapped together, but Huang Yanran’s words made it seemed that they shared a room alone as a man and woman. If her words were spread, no matter what the facts were, Bai Xun’s innocence would be gone.

She hurriedly shook her head, looked at Su Shi, then back at Huang Yanran with a flustered explanation. “Yanran, it’s not what you think, I was trapped in the storage room yesterday. In order to save me, A Yuan opened the door, but it was shut locked by the wind and he got trapped here…”

She finished eagerly staring at the two.

Huang Yanran smiled reluctantly and said softly. “What a coincidence.”

She obviously did not believe her. Bai Xun turned anxiously to look at Su Shi and reached out and grabbed his arm and said hurriedly, “It’s a coincidence, I really didn’t deceive you, senior, and it was a coincidence that a gust of wind blew the door shut…”  

Her eyes were a little red. Su Shi lowered his eyes and looked at Bai Xun unconsciously grasping his arm. A simple gesture calmed him down when he saw the intimate scene between her and Gao Yuan.

Calmed down, reason gradually returned to him, Su Shi slowly opened his mouth, “I believe what Xiao Xun said. The storage room only has a small window facing the door, so a strong wind can easily close the door and in this case, there’s no cell phone signal.”

Huang Yanran glanced at him and said nothing more.

Bai Xun sighed and looked at Su Shi with gratitude.

He smiled softly, gently soothed Bai Xun. “Xiao Xun, you go to the car first, I have something to say to Gao Yuan.”

Bai Xun looked at Gao Yuan whose hands were in his pockets without speaking. She nodded and was about to leave but Su Shi pulled her wrist.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Xun doubtfully asked.

Su Shi didn’t say anything, but reached out and untied the coat, threw it to Gao Yuan, and then took off his own coat for Bai Xun.

“Well, go ahead.”

Bai Xun nodded with a reddish complexion and went with Huang Yanran to the bus.

When the two of them left, Gao Yuan’s eyes were deep and looked at Su Shi and carelessly said, “What do you want to say?”

Su Shi looked cold. He didn’t say anything and directly punched Gao Yuan’s face.  

Author’s Notes:

Today I’m also hardworking and updating chu~ [Who dares to say its short, I will pinch your ass ╭(╯^╰)╮]

TL Note: Su Shi so passive aggressive and territorial! Does any of the readers know if Bai Xun ever does “it” with any of the capture targets before she clears the game? Just curious…it’s something I’m looking forward to…if there is such a thing…

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