Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 16

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 16

Gao Yuan was forced back two steps and hit the shelf behind him to stabilize himself. He sneered and moved his bones and muscles. “Want to fight, right?”

“I said it very clearly yesterday. You shouldn’t approach Xiao Xun anymore! You shouldn’t give her hope!” Su Shi’s eyes were deep, and his voice was angry.

“What qualifications do you have to teach me?” Gao Yuan’s face was iron-blue1Metaphor for extremely angry. and showed no mercy.

Su Shi’s dodged a Gao Yuan’s punch but was kicked in the abdomen.

His face was white and staggered several steps. “Do you know how much this situation will affect her reputation? How much gossip will hurt her in school?”

Gao Yuan was shocked but was punch in the face by Su Shi’s fist.

They fought hard, but fortunately, a staff who attended to the storeroom soon came and drove them away.


The crowd, who had been waiting by the car, breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the four arriving one after the other. It’s just some people didn’t look right.

Especially Su Shi and Gao Yuan, there were blue and purple bruises on their face.

Looking at her toes, Bai Xun knows what the two have done. According to common sense, she should cry and shout, “Don’t fight again!” But if you think about the large-scale Shura field,2Shura field – this was in the synopsis too – generally refers to the relationship between three or more people, which creates a painful situation for everyone. there were still many opportunities.

When Bai Xun found a seat in the car, Su Shi followed and sat next to her. After Gao Yuan looked at them slowly, he could only sit across from them. Huang Yanran followed and sat directly next to Gao Yuan.

Su Shi took out the breakfast he bought and handed it to Bai Xun. “You should be hungry since you didn’t eat anything all night. Eat this.”

Bai Xun naturally wouldn’t have an upset stomach. She slowly took the breakfast and said, “Thank you…Senior, your face?”

Looking at the blue purple bruises on Su Shi’s cheek, Bai Xun was surprised.

Su Shi’s face was unnatural. “Cough, it’s all right, I brushed it carelessly.”

Bai Xun didn’t speak, he was fine in the morning.

She lowered her eyes, cracked the eggs in her hands, peeled off the eggshell and reveal the white and smooth protein. She raised her little hand and rubbed it gently on Su Shi’s cheek.

“It’s said that it can reduce swelling and remove blood stasis. Senior, does it feel better?”

Su Shi was stunned and then slightly bent his lips, “It’s very comfortable.”

On the other side, Gao Yuan’s lofty eyes almost turned into a sharp sword, and the gloomy atmosphere sent a chill through the students.

Huang Yanran looked at his eyes and took out a box of biscuits from her small bag. She took out a piece from her hand and placed it on his lips. “A Yuan, you have to eat something.”  

Bai Xun’s line of sight drifted past unconsciously and her hands became heavier accidentally.

Su Shi naturally noticed her absent-mindedness. His eyelashes trembled and he made a soft, hissing sound, which soon returned her attention.

“Senior? Did I hurt you?” Her white teeth bit her lip.

“I’m fine.” Su Shi smiled.

Only the gentler he is, the more guilty she is. She said softly, “I, It’s light…”

Bai Xun was attentive and conscientious, she naturally no longer paid attention to the other side’s situation. Gao Yuan was angrier, he pushed away Huang Yanran’s hand, his face was iron-blue.

There was a deadly cycle between the four, with the pent-up atmosphere continuing to the destination.

The crowd immediately dispersed, far away from these four people, looking for a place to sketch.

Su Shi helped Bai Xun build an easel and guided her sketch.

Gao Yuan deliberately set up a drawing board next to them, while watching Su Shi get closer and closer to Bai Xun, his face getting uglier, and he didn’t know what to draw.

Huang Yanran pulled him aside. “A Yuan, you’re not doing a good job sketching like this, try another way…”

She said and went over to smear onto his drawing board.

From Bai Xun’s perspective, the two people seem to be hugging.

Her face was a little white, and Su Shi’s words didn’t reach her mind and she didn’t hear it.

In the end, Bai Xun broke away from Su Shi, stepped back, and apologized. “Sorry, Senior, but I don’t seem to have any inspiration. Let me go somewhere else.”

When she finished, she left, seemingly not wanting to see the intimate pair on the other side.

Gao Yuan frowned and wanted to follow her, but Huang Yanran held onto his hand. She smiled and whispered, “A Yuan, I told Uncle Lu that you would take good care of me.”

“You!” Gao Yuan’s eyes were dark and cold.

Su Shi has already caught up to Bai Xun, who was not far from him.

Bai Xun had vacant eyes and walked aimlessly. She looked a bit lost. In her mind, she was calculating how well their feelings were now.  

After last night, Gao Yuan was already at 90%. Before, Bai Xun found that no matter how much she brushed her sense of existence, Su Shi’s affections didn’t increase. Instead, she showed that she liked Gao Yuan, Su Shi’s affection gradually increased and was now at 80%. Perhaps he likes when the one who originally belonged to him was taken away and his mind became unbalanced.

“Be careful!” A powerful big hand grabbed Bai Xun’s arm and pulled her into his arms.  

After looking back, she realized that she had unwittingly walked to a pit before she knew it.

She looked at him embracing her, his face was full of worry. She smiled lightly, “Thank you, Senior, I’m all right.”

She said that she wanted him to let go of her, but she didn’t expect the other side to hold her tighter.  

“Senior?” Bai Xun has some doubts.

Su Shi’s pale brown eyes were as beautiful as glass. He was distressed, and his eyes were staring at her. The warm color of his eyes almost sucked people in.

“Xiao Xun, do you hate me?” His voice was very light, even though his movements strongly imprisoned her, his words were still mild, as if without any aggressiveness.

Bai Xun was really distracted. Instead of struggling, she shook her head with haste. “How can I hate Senior? Senior is so good…”

“So, you like?” Su Shi interrupted her and looked at her more seriously.

Bai Xun looked and dully nodded. “Of course, no one dislike Senior.”

Su Shi’s eyes darkened, and his tone was a bit sad. “But I just want to like by Xiao Xun.”

“Ah?” Bai Xun was stunned. His tender eyes reflected her eyes and her entirety.

The gentle whisper in her ears were still ringing, with some hesitation and loss. “Can’t you?”

Bai Xun felt helpless. “Senior, you, what are you talking about, how…”

“I like you.” Su Shi’s straightforward expression made Bai Xun speechless.

He smiled bitterly. “When I painted your portrait unconsciously, I understood that I like you. So, what about you? Xiao Xun, you just said you like me.”  

Su Shi’s cautious and expectant eyes made Bai Xun flustered and anxious to explain, “That’s different, Senior, I just treat you like a role model…”

Su Shi’s smile was bitter. He muttered, “Do you like Gao Yuan?”  

Bai Xun’s voice stopped abruptly and there were no movements for a while.

She lowered her eyes slowly and her voice was soft. “Senior, don’t joke. A Yuan already has a fiancée…”

Of course, Su Shi knew that even if Bai Xun had a bit of love for Gao Yuan in her heart, but Bai Xun’s principle has left Gao Yuan out of the race.

Therefore, he softly looked at Bai Xun. “In this case, why can’t Xiao Xun give me a chance? Maybe you’ll find yourself preferring me?”

Bai Xun looked at him. “Senior, you are so excellent, there must be many excellent girls who like you, me…”  

“Xiao Xun.” Su Shi knows what she wants to say, and it wasn’t the answer he expected. “I don’t want you to answer me now. One month, give me one month, is that good? This one month, please don’t refuse me and allow me to stay by your side. After one month, you’ll tell me your answer, won’t you?”

He was cautious and pleading, and it was hard for anyone to reject him.

Looking at the affection rising to 85%, Bai Xun gently nodded.

  1. Metaphor for extremely angry.
  2. Shura field – this was in the synopsis too – generally refers to the relationship between three or more people, which creates a painful situation for everyone.

Hey guys, gentle Su Shi…I feel like he has some sick fetish, he likes getting cuckold…

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