Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 19

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 19

Bai Xun stayed in the hospital for more than half a month. She didn’t have the money to pay the high hospital fees. She didn’t want Su Shi to help pay and insisted on going home.

Fortunately, she recovered well, and the doctor agreed that she can go home to recuperate.

Su Shi said helplessly. “Xiao Xun, do you have to say this to me so clearly?”

“Things that are ambiguous should be clearly established.” Bai Xun earnestly said. “Senior, I have owed you enough. When I get better, I’ll find a way to pay you back for the medical expenses.”

“I wish you owe me for a lifetime.”

“I…” Bai Xun drooped her eyes, and didn’t know how to respond to him, changing the topic. “Senior, let’s go.”

Su Shi sighed and knew that the other party still likes Gao Yuan. The more bitter he felt in his heart, the more envious he was.

But as long as the Lu family have an active marriage contract with Huang Yanran, Gao Yuan won’t be able to seek Bai Xun.


When Su Shi sent Bai Xun home, Gao Yuan was at the door. During this period, Bai Xun avoided him. At this time, he seems to have become gaunt.

He was holding cotton pants and his tall figure leans against the door. Even if he was haggard, his handsome features still had a decadent handsome appearance.

Gao Yuan looked at Bai Xun, the other side didn’t look at him at all. He initially moved his lips, and finally didn’t say anything.

Until the door closed in front of him, Gao Yuan felt his heart in pain.

He slowly closed the door, leaning against it and combed cotton pants’ fur while paying attention to the opposite side’s movement.

During this period, Su Shi came to pick up Bai Xun every day. His excuse was that he wanted to treat her with care especially with her recent injury.

One day, Su Shi left after sending Bai Xun back.

She listened to the movements outside her door and guessed that Gao Yuan couldn’t hold back.

Sure enough, a knock sounded on the door.

Bai Xun’s legs were almost fully recovered. She slowly walked over to open the door. Gao Yuan was holding cotton pants with one hand and stood hesitantly outside.

He is tall and strong, but at that moment he looked constrained.

She didn’t seem to expect the other party to come to her. She stood at the door for a moment, staring at him, then her eyes fell on cotton pants. Like she just remembered, her cold look gradually softened.

Gao Yuan’s heart moved, he gently raised his hand and handed the cat to her and whispered. “Cotton pants have recently gained a lot of weight. Would you like to touch him?”

This is the cat they raised together, will she still care?

Bai Xun’s hand trembled. She slowly reached out and touched the soft fur of cotton pants and his fat belly.

“Why do you give him so much to eat?” The accusatory words were followed by her sour nose, her voice was hoarse, while tears fell.

Gao Yuan was aware of her abnormality. Looking down at her, he saw that her eyes were red and wet.

“Xiao Xun?” He was at a loss and his heart was flustered and joyful. He reached out to wipe her tears.

It’s just that Bai Xun avoided it, his hand was stiff in midair.

Bai Xun also realized, she sucked in her nose and smiled lightly. “Nothing, maybe a fly flew into my eyes.”

Gao Yuan silently lowered his hand. After a long silence, his voice was hoarse, and he asked the question he had always wanted to ask.

“Are you with Su Shi?”

Bai Xun paused, she didn’t look at him, but her voice was much lighter. “Not yet, but it’s also fast. Su Shi said to give him an answer after one month. Now, one month is coming soon. After the incident, I found that senior is really considerate and caring. It would be nice to be with him.”

Bai Xun kept her head down and couldn’t see Gao Yuan’s expression. But it was not difficult to tell his mood from his brisk words.

“Is it?” He spit out the two words and barely maintain his smile. “That’s good…it’s good to take care of you…”

He didn’t even know what he was talking about. He only felt that his mind was blank, and he subconsciously tighten his hand.

Cotton pants felt pain. After its painful cry, it jumped down and ran into the door, then Gao Yuan returned from his consciousness.

Bai Xun looked up at him, except for her red eyes and a bright smile. “Of course, you have to take good care of him. Cotton pants have caused you trouble for so long, Su Shi said that he can take him to foster care, so…”

“No!” Gao Yuan interrupted her words directly, then realized he seemed to be too excited. He paused and said, “Of course I will take care of it. Cotton pants have lived with me for so long. Suddenly changing places, he will definitely not be used to it.”

He turned his back and his face was gloomy.

He didn’t see Bai Xun’s tears fall from behind but she smiled and said, “Yes, she’s your fiancée. You’ll take good care of her and cotton pants will go with you.”

Gao Yuan frowned. What? He meant cotton pants, who did she think he meant?



Only when he turned around, Bai Xun had closed the door.

Gao Yuan was stunned, and felt that his heart was blocked and panicked in his mind.

He returned home and looked at cotton pants rolling in its nest, but his head was full of thoughts of the person living across from him.

He reminisces their time together… the first time he saw the girl with the stray cat and the day when they got shots for cotton pants together, and the days they had class together…

Obviously, she likes him…

But he balked, he is afraid of his fears…. only to let her get further and further away from him…

Does he really want to watch her fulfill her promise to Su Shi and be together with him?

After a long night of sleeplessness, daybreak came, and a ray of sunshine shined on his decadent face.

He moved his stiff body and looked at the lazy cotton pants for a while, and with a hoarse voice. “Hey, your mistress wants to find you another man, do you agree?”


“You don’t agree, do you?”

Gao Yuan murmured and suddenly his face became firm.

He’s going to find Bai Xun and make things clear.

He will not give up.

Clarify everything. The last choice he will give to Bai Xun.


Today is the day to go back to the hospital for a follow-up. Su Shi took Bai Xun to the hospital early.

Huang Yanran was also present when Gao Yuan arrived at the hospital.

“Xiao Xun, I have something to tell you.” Even if he was haggard from his lack of sleep last night, his eyes were brightly lit and made him look very energetic.

His solemn look made her surprised. “What’s the matter?”

On the other side, Su Shi and Huang Yanran were shocked, as if they knew what he was about to say.

Huang Yanran stretched out her hand to hold onto his arm. “A Yuan, the doctor is still waiting. Why don’t you wait until she sees the doctor, okay?”  

Su Shi didn’t give him the opportunity and took Bai Xun straight to the doctor’s office.

Huang Yanran took Gao Yuan to a secluded corridor and anxiously asked, “What are you going to do?”

Gao Yuan faintly replied, “I want to tell her everything. I want to be clear about our relationship.”  

Huang Yanran’s face changed. “Are you crazy? You’re not afraid I’ll tell Uncle Lu?”

Gao Yuan looked coldly at her. “That’s good, saves me from talking to him.”

“You!” Huang Yanran couldn’t believe it. “Do you really want to break the marriage contract with me for her? Are you really in love with her?”

Gao Yuan didn’t speak, but his cold and solemn look acquiesced.

“Okay, very good, you wait!” Huang Yanran was expressionless, she turned to step with her high heels and left.  

Huang Yanran left and looked at Su Shi, who she didn’t know when he came over. “What about you? Are you trying to stop me too?”

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