Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 2

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 02

She has never seen these four options before and each one looks very useful. Bai Xiao Xun thought for a long time, then finally chose the time adjuster.

She was really afraid of being murdered by her blackened “boyfriends.” If there are any special circumstances, she can use it to go back in time by 10 minutes and save herself.

The second choice she selected was the NPC controller. Every time she took action, she exposed herself to danger. After all, those men were not vegetarian, and with this option, they will not be able to find her anymore!

Bai Xun obtained the new props and was very interested. Glancing at the watch on the wall, it was already 7:20AM. At 8 o’clock this morning, she had class with Professor Leng.

Thinking about it, Bai Xun skillfully opened a cabinet and changed into a faded skirt from being washed multiple times. After washing her face, she carried a small bag on her back and rushed out.

The game set the female protagonist’s family to be poor. Currently, she works part-time and rents a single room that only has space for a bed. But the game’s setting produced an aesthetically pleasing female host, she was naturally white and tender. Even if she was facing the sky, she looked like a pure water spirit.

In her previous attempt, she has been particularly worried about the male lords meeting each other and finding out the situation. This time, she will be the one to initiate and bring things to the surface.

When Bai Xun stepped out, the opposite door opened, and a man appeared.

He looked about her age, unapproachable with thick black hair, handsome face with small lips and lustering black eyes. However, he always had a smile on his face, the smile on his lips makes others feel a sense of distance. He is tall wearing a washed-out white T-shirt which was a little too tight on his body, but strongly outlined his strong muscles lines.

Above his head, there was two red and one black heart floating next to each other, it represented the love and blackening gauge respectively.

Lu Zhi Yuan was also Gao Yuan. She is very familiar with him, but now is not the time for her to take the initiative to approach, she has a better method.

After all, it was her own neighbor. Bai Xun politely smiled at him, then as if she was anxious to go to class, she took the lead to go downstairs.

Because of his family, Gao Yuan extremely lacks in love and security. Although he smiles all day long, he is very resistant to the people around him, which is why he is very popular but enjoys being alone.

Bai Xun pulled on her knapsack strap and walked on the road through the alley. She remembered that he had raised a lame kitten called Cotton Pants last week. Later, she became familiar with it but before she realized it, the other party had picked up the stray cat from this place.

Following her memory for a while, there was gradually a weak and faint cat cry.

Bai Xun’s footsteps paused, hesitantly looking at the curled up kitten, but her eyes no longer contain hesitation when she touched the kitten’s bloody right front leg, and quickly walked over.

It was a very ordinary black cat, but its hair was stained with dirt and it looked hungry and bony. The beautiful girl was kneeling on the side of the road, ignoring the dirt and blood stains on the little black cat. She found a handkerchief and dressed it simply.

She looked anxiously to the left and right, and finally gritted her teeth and reached out and gently picked up the kitten and walked to the nearest pet hospital.

She knows that Gao Yuan goes to school by bicycle every day and will certainly take this road.

Hearing the bicycle coming from behind, Bai Xun gradually turned pale, began to stagger, sneeze and breathe quickly, but she still carefully guarded the cat in her arms.

When the sound got closer, she swayed-

“Be careful!” The man’s face changed, hurriedly turned the handle, and twisted the bicycle to one side. He supported the bicycle with his long legs.

Looking at Bai Xun, who fell to the ground, he wrinkled his brows and walked over. “Are you all right, classmate? Be careful on the road… What happened to you?”

Halfway through his sentence, he suddenly noticed that she was not normal, her face was pale, she was breathing fast and sneezing. Was this an allergy?

“I… I’m fine…” Bai Xun tried hard to squeeze out a laugh. “Sorry, are you hurt?”

“Are you allergic? Get rid of this.” Gao Yuan inspected the kitten she was holding in her arms. He reached over and grabbed the cat’s neck and lifted it away.

Sure enough, Bai Xun’s complexion is much better.

“Thank…thank you.” Bai Xun smiled gratefully. “I feel much better. Give me back the kitten. It is hurt. I have to go to the hospital right away.”

Gao Yuan also found that this dirty cat was a stray. He looked at Bai Xun’s eyes more gently and joked. “If you really want it back, but I’m afraid it’s not going to be the only one sent to the hospital later.”

The red heart above his head has risen by 20%.

Last week, Gao Yuan raised this injured stray cat by himself, which shows that he is soft-hearted and lacked care, and Bai Xun’s actions naturally hit his heart.

Bai Xun, shyly wiped her lips and muttered. “I, I like cats very much, but I have been allergic to animal hair since I was young, so I can’t keep them…”

She said a little frustrated and glanced at the kitten still held up high. “But I saw it hurt badly on the way, and there was nobody else around, so I had to carry it, classmate, you can give it to me.”

She had slowed down and looked at him with big apricot eyes that was as pure as water.

Gao Yuan’s heart moved slightly, his eyes were bright, and he smiled, “Am I not human? Let’s go. I’ll take it to the hospital.”

“Really!” Bai Xun looked surprise, and she looked up with joy.

“But it will delay you… otherwise, or…” Bai Xun was a little embarrassed.

“Well, you are indisposed and this guy is running out of blood.” Gao Yuan did not mind this little dirty cat, he put it directly in his bag in front of him and adjusted the bicycle to sit up. He turn around and look to Bai Xun, “Come up.”

He grinned showing a row of neat white teeth, and his bright eyes were like sunshine.

Bai Xun was a little embarrassed. She sat down on the back seat of the bicycle following his instructions. “Thank you, oh, my name is Bai Xiao Xun, 2nd year at Western University, what about you?”

Gao Yuan stepped on the bicycle and said. “My name is Gao Yuan, just like you.”

However, his heart feels different from usual. The breeze brings a fresh scent, which is the fragrance of a girl.

While Gao Yuan was absent-minded, the bicycle tires had run over a stone.

“Ah!” Bai Xun exclaimed, and his hand held her small waist.

The girl’s soft, white arms hugged his thick waist, and his abdominal muscles bulged, he felt the temperature of her skin and her scent.

Gao Yuan’s body stiffened for a moment, his heartbeat pounded faster, Bai Xun seem to not notice, and he was nervous of the close body contact.

“Good catch, I almost fell down…” Bai Xun soft voice breathe a sigh of relief, when she calmed down, she felt like this was not right, so she went to retrieve her hand, but he held onto her.

“Hold tight, or you’ll really fall down later.” He said very calmly, if you ignore his reddish ears.

Looking at the red heart that has risen by 10%, Bai Xun’s mouth curved slightly, she prefer the simple campus life.

When they arrived at the pet hospital, the doctor said that the black cat had injured the bone in its leg, and if it wasn’t treated it would have to walk limply.

Bai Xing was so distressed that she was teary and ready to adopt the kitten. After the vaccination and all the formalities were complete, she realized that she couldn’t raise it…

Looking at the person who was crouched at the hospital’s entrance distressed, Gao Yuan felt it was funny. “Well, I am reluctant to let you keep it, you should think about other alternatives as soon as possible, so I’ll take it for now.”

“Really! Thank you so much! You are such a great person!”

Looking at Bai Xun staring at his sparkling eyes, the impulse to curve his lips could not be suppressed.

Also accompanied by Bai Xun, they went to buy some things for the kitten before going home. Bai Xun’s small face was constantly excited and chattering entire time on the road.

“Let’s give it a name.”

“Kitten? You can’t do it, it’s too common.”

“Gou Dan?1Its translated as “dog egg” literary. To make this passage more serious I used the Chinese enunciation. I asked a native Chinese friend and he said that its a common nickname for mainly sickly children. It is suppose to give that person a longer life every time they are called by that nickname. Oh, it seems that the species is wrong!”

“Or call it…”

Bai Xun was enthusiastic to give it a name and pondered deeply. Bai Xun’s face looked like a suffocating puffer fish.

“Cotton pants.”

Gao Yuan gently decided.

“Hey? Cotton pants? It seems to be pretty good…”

She was like a little sun, warm but not scalding.

The tall figure walked along her side, and his smile never disappeared.

  1. Its translated as “dog egg” literary. To make this passage more serious I used the Chinese enunciation. I asked a native Chinese friend and he said that its a common nickname for mainly sickly children. It is suppose to give that person a longer life every time they are called by that nickname.

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