Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 20

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 20

Su Shi stood in front of Gao Yuan and was expressionless. “I’m not blocking you, but don’t you think that if you told Xiao Xun, she would reject you?”  

“What qualifications do you have to say this?” Gao Yuan sneered. “Are you afraid? You’re afraid that as long as I open my mouth, she won’t stay with you anymore.”

Su Shi clenched his fist, but his face had a faint smile. “Are you so sure? Then we’ll let Xiao Xun decide.”

Gao Yuan looked at Su Shi and coldly said. “Well, let’s have a basketball match tomorrow afternoon. After the game is over, I will confess to Xiao Xun.”

He looked at Bai Xun who was still in the ward and turned to leave the hospital.

Su Shi stood outside the door for a long time, his face uncertain.

In the ward, the doctor said that Bai Xun’s leg was almost completely healed and will be good as long as she doesn’t exercise vigorously.

Bai Xun nodded, after Su Shi sent her in, she went out. He thinks that she was looking for Gao Yuan.

Bai Xun looks at the two people’s red hearts from the final blow and felt that the first stage of the game was over.


The next day, there were many people surrounding the basketball court.

The match was between the two famous school’s grasses it naturally attracted countless fans.

Huang Yanran didn’t come. Bai Xun sat in a spot that was specially prepared for her. This attracted countless indignant eyes. However, she didn’t care as her full attention was on the court.  

The match was in full swing, and the confrontation between Gao Yuan and Su Shi was visible even for those who didn’t understand basketball. But the body who holds the brush all year round competing against the body that does sports all year round were incomparable. It’s no doubt that Su Shi’s body will be unable to keep up with Gao Yuan, the difference was gradually getting worse.

Gao Yuan high jumped once again, scoring a goal with ease, attracting cheers from the entire court.

He gave her a look with a glint in his eyes, that score was for her.

Bai Xun didn’t speak and looked at him with a stunned expression.

On the other side, Su Shi’s eyes drooped, sweat fell from his wet black hair and his eyes were dim…

The next time Su Shi competed for the ball against Gao Yuan, he was knocked to the ground, forcing the game to stop.

“Su Shi!” Bai Xun was shocked and got up quickly and ran over.

“Su Shi, how are you?” Su Shi’s legs were heavily bruised from the ground and his skin was broken. He couldn’t move for a while. Bai Xun was flustered. “It’s bleeding…Let’s go to the infirmary…”

Everyone around them were full of alarm. They were all squeezing forward towards Su Shi. From a distance, they saw Bai Xun supporting Su Shi as they departed.

She didn’t look at Gao Yuan at all.

He didn’t know when the people at the court left. But Gao Yuan was all alone, holding a basketball standing under the hoop.


In the infirmary, Su Shi’s legs have been bandaged. Fortunately, it was nothing serious.

Bai Xun sighed and felt fortunate. She smiled and said with a strange voice, “Su Shi, you scared me to death. You can peacefully paint, but suddenly playing basketball and getting hurt…”

Even with his legs covered in gauze and lying on the infirmary bed, Su Shi was still gentle as the breeze.

Bai Xun’s care made him extremely happy. He reached out and held Bai Xun. He said earnestly, “Because I want to tell Xiao Xun, even if I’m not good at basketball, I wouldn’t be inferior to that person.”

“Su Shi…” Bai Xun was stunned.

Of course, she knows what the other person meant, but…

Bai Xun choked. “It’s nothing like that. Senior is senior. Even if you don’t play basketball, you’re the most outstanding and academic senior in my heart…”

“So, Xiao Xun, do you remember what I said a month ago?” Su Shi was excited. He half-raised himself, slightly smiled and slowly said. “Now, can you tell me your answer?”

His light brown eyes were warm in color and the twinkling stars reflected his inner tranquility and care.

“I…” Bai Xun looked at Su Shi’s reserved and irresistible eyes with hesitation.


When Bai Xun came out of the infirmary, the sky was a bit dark. She walked alone to the playground and saw Gao Yuan was sitting alone under the basketball hoop.

Bai Xun hesitated for a moment and slowly walked to him and whispered, “Why are you still here so late?”

“Xiao Xun?” Gao Yuan asked with surprise. He quickly stood up and opened his mouth. “You’re still here… I, actually… today…”

He spoke incoherently for a while and anxiously didn’t know what to say.  

Bai Xun sighed, turned and prepared to leave. “Forget it, you should go home early.”  

Just when she took a step, she was pulled back by her wrist and held by Gao Yuan tightly.

“Don’t go!”

His warm chest smelled of dried sweat.

Bai Xun was stunned for a moment then reacted.

She struggled to push him away, “What are you doing? Let go!”

“I won’t let go! Xiao Xun, I have something to tell you, I…”

Gao Yuan was so nervous that he felt his eardrums buzzing. “I like you! I like only you!”

At last, he uttered those words and let out a big sigh of relief. It was as if a stone has fallen from his heart to the ground and his chest sounded with loud thumps.

Bai Xun was stunned for a long time. She could hardly believe it. She looked at him and murmured, “You, you don’t joke…It’s time for me to go back…”

She wanted to leave, but Gao Yuan held on and eagerly said, “I’m not joking, I’m telling the truth, Xiao Xun, I…”

His words made Bai Xun’s suppressed feelings burst.  

“What do you mean? You have a fiancée, and you dare say this to me? How can you treat her like that? Let me go!”

Gao Yuan urgently said. “No, Huang Yanran and I were just children when the engagement was decided by our families. I’ve always told her clearly that I don’t like her, and I won’t be with her. I didn’t tell you at first because I was worried that the Lu family would hurt you, but now…It took me a while to understand that I can’t lose you.”

Bai Xun was stunned. After a while, she digested the meanings of his words and carefully replied, “You, is what you said is true? And she was…”

“Xiao Xun, I will not lie to you. I used to be called Lu Zhi Yuan, and I have a half-brother, but now I want nothing to do with the Lu family.” His voice was hoarse. “My family is a bit complicated and I can’t explain it right now. But I like you and won’t be engage to Huang Yanran, I have already made it clear to her…would you give me a chance?”

Bai Xun looked back at the person who was staring nervously in front of her. She gradually relaxed.

“Just now, senior confessed to me.” Bai Xun said slowly. “Senior is excellent, considerate and caring…”

However, every time she praised him, Gao Yuan’s heart cooled more.

He stared at her eyes dimly and with a dry voice, “So…”

Bai Xun didn’t speak, she thought of when she was in the infirmary –

In the face of Su Shi’s confession, Bai Xun felt guilty and apologetic.

“…Sorry, senior.”

Su Shi loosened his hands as if he had been drained of all his strength and leaned against the bedside bitterly. “Although I always had a hunch, but to hear Xiao Xun’s answer, it still feels very uncomfortable.”

Bai Xun looked nervously at him. “Su Shi, you’re really excellent. You’re a very good person, you deserve someone better…”

Su Shi smiled bitterly. “But even if I’m so excellent, I’m still not good enough compared to him?”

Looking at Gao Yuan in front of her, Bai Xun slowly said, “I told him that I can’t deceive him, let alone deceive myself.”

“Because, in my heart, there has always been only one person…”

Her voice just fell, and the heart which gradually turned colder and colder seemed to have sparked. His voice trembled and he looked down at Bai Xun and whispered, “That person is… me?”

Bai Xun didn’t speak. She bit her lip and suddenly stood on her tiptoes and gently printed a kiss on his cheek.

The evening wind blew the girl’s skirt and her soft lips emitted her faint maiden fragrance.

Gao Yuan’s body stiffened, and his cold heart gradually warmed up and spread like a prairie fire throughout his body.  

He tightened his hand on her waist and hugged her. He was so excited that he couldn’t suppress himself. “Xiao Xun, before I was bad, I said it too late and worried too much…from now on nothing can separate us. I will protect you and won’t let anyone hurt you.”  

Bai Xun responded with a smile, this was the first time he seen her revealed it after a long time, his voice choked.

She was smiling and the corners of her eyes tearful.

The red heart above his head was 100%, she obtained her first boyfriend.


Mom, this little bitch is lying! I almost believed it!1She’s cursing herself out and saying she almost believed she had mutual feelings for him and fell for her own act.

Bai Xun raised her hands around Gao Yuan’s waist and enjoyed the joy and warmth of the moment.

Because, from tomorrow onwards, they must face the “dog blood2Dog blood – modern saying meaning that its absurd/exaggerated cliché. She is hinting to readers that tomorrow onwards, its going to be an absurdly cliché sad romance that will end shortly. sad love”.

Author’s Notes:

The plot of “give you five million so leave my son” is about to happen.

Hahahaha, the new characters will also have a sense of presence~

  1. She’s cursing herself out and saying she almost believed she had mutual feelings for him and fell for her own act.
  2. Dog blood – modern saying meaning that its absurd/exaggerated cliché. She is hinting to readers that tomorrow onwards, its going to be an absurdly cliché sad romance that will end shortly.

TL Note: Guys I just had an epiphany, once this novel is more well-known (since this is new in the community). I am pretty sure we will enjoy a lot of fanart of BL pairing for the capture targets. I can imagine a Su Shi x Gao Yuan… Crossing my fingers that my prediction comes true!

Also, there’s only 5 chapters left before this arc end. Then we move on to Gao Yuan’s half-brother, Lu Zhi Yao. I’m on the same chapter as the readers and didn’t read ahead. I just only know that arc is about him…not sure about the details…maybe another capture target will be included? Dunno.

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