Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 21

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 21

Bai Xun and Gao Yuan were together, the news flew with wings and spread quickly all over campus.

All the girls looked at Bai Xun as if she was a bitch. After all, just a few days ago, her relations with Su Shi was unclear and there was the high-profile fiancée, Huang Yanran.

However, the young couple who have just revealed their feelings to each other didn’t care about such things. They were in love, looking at each other with sweetness.

Except the occasional encounters with Su Shi.

She met him at the restaurant, where she worked during the weekend. He looked haggard, apologetic and uneasy.

“Senior?” She was a little overwhelmed and barely maintained a smile. “What a coincidence, what does senior want to eat?”

Su Shi didn’t speak. His gentle eyes were still tender, but with heartbreak, as if he still yearned for something more.

He looked at her for a long while and then gently said, “I’m not here to eat, I came to see you.”

“To see me?” Bai Xun muttered, she stumbled with her words as if she didn’t know how to speak, “I…”

“Why? Why do you still do this kind of work? Didn’t Gao Yuan tell you his identity? As long as he wants, he could buy this store and gift it to you.” Su Shi smiled gently and faintly said.

Bai Xun frowned. She didn’t like this side of Su Shi, her senior wouldn’t say such words.

“Senior, what are you talking about? No matter what A Yuan’s identity is, I can’t totally rely on him. I can support myself.”

Her serious and disapproving look caused the smile on Su Shi’s face to fade.

After a long while, he sighed, and when he got up to leave, he reminded her. “Huang Yanran hasn’t been to school for a long time. She should return soon. Be careful.”

After a pause, he said again. “…Xiao Xun, if… If you are in need of help, you can come to me.”

He’s concerned for her.

“Thank you, senior.” Bai Xun hesitated and said. “Also, the medical expenses I owe you from last time, I will pay you back as soon as possible.”

Su Shi shook his head and wanted to say no. Does she even want to cut the last tie to make it clear for him?

…But looking at Bai Xun’s serious expression, he finally didn’t say anything.

Su Shi left and Bai Xun was secretly relieved.

Thanks to her wit, she reduced the opponent’s blackening value from 5% to 0%, but at the same time, the affection dropped to 90%.

Once the affection reaches 100%, it will no longer decline, so she didn’t have to worry about Gao Yuan. She needs to find a way to fill up Su Shi’s heart as soon as possible.

She is now Gao Yuan’s girlfriend. If she wants to step on a second boat, the plot will reach a huge turning point.

In the game, the protagonist’s family is poor, her father died young, thus she worked part-time and sent money to her mother in the countryside.

That day, she answered a phone call and her plate fell to the ground.

“Xiao Xun, what’s wrong?” Her boss was shocked.

When Bai Xun turned around, her pale face was covered with tears. “My mother is sick, I, I ask for leave…”

Looking at her appearance, the boss knew that she must be ill and hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, it will be fine, you can leave.”

Bai Xun nodded, changed out of the shop’s uniform, took her bag and ran out.

She looked in a hurry and only had time to send a message to Gao Yuan. She went to the station to buy a ticket to leave.

Even if there are no capture characters around, her acting skills were on the line!

Bai Xun went all the way to the county hospital. Her mother had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and the neighbors took her to the hospital. The doctor said that craniotomy must be done as soon as possible.

The mother’s role of the female lead was minor and this game’s NPC model was a normal middle-aged woman.

However, Bai Xun sat beside the hospital bed and looked at the woman with her eyes tightly closed and connected to all kinds of instruments. At that moment, her strong feelings caused her nose to sour and eyes to reddened.


The medical conditions of the county hospital were not good. Bai Xun’s mother was quickly transferred to the city. All her part-time savings were spent in less than two days.

She still needs money and lots of it.

But she is a poor college student. Where can she get money?

Bai Xun went the entire way home in a trance. When she went up the stairs, she heard a quarrel. The voices were familiar to her – Gao Yuan and Huang Yanran.

“Don’t come to me. I’ve already made it clear to him that I won’t go back.” Gao Yuan said in a cold voice.

Huang Yanran smiled lightly. “A Yuan, haven’t you found out yet? All your cards don’t move. All your friends are no longer with you. Even next month’s rent, you can’t afford it?”

Gao Yuan faintly replied, “You don’t have to worry about it. Since I left the Lu family, I can earn money on my own merits.”

“Well, I’ll wait and see.” Huang Yanran’s high-heel shoes sounded and Bai Xun immediately hid.

There was a pause in her step. “By the way, Uncle Lu has already communicated, no one is allowed to help you. Even if you go looking for work, no one will hire you.”

Bai Xun hid in the shadows, waiting for Huang Yanran to leave.

Upstairs, there was a sound of a door closing. She stood for a long time before slowly walking up.

Gao Yuan has no money, and it sounds terrible. Therefore, she can only sell her body… ah no, to earn money for her sick mother.

As soon as Bai Xun opened her door, the other side opened his door when he heard the sound. “Xiao Xun? Are you back?”

He hasn’t seen her for two days and couldn’t help but be worried. After all, he received a message from Bai Xun mentioning that something happened at home.

“How is it? What happened at home? You didn’t tell me anything. I didn’t know where to find you. I’ve been dying these past two days.” Gao Yuan held her hand anxiously.

Bai Xun was in a trance. When she saw the familiar person, her nose soured, and her tears fell. “A Yuan…”

Gao Yuan saw her crying and panicked. “What’s wrong? Don’t cry, slowly tell me. No matter what happens, there is me, I will help you…”

Bai Xun opened her mouth, as if thinking of what she just heard then restrained herself. She still had tears on her face, but then smiled. “No, nothing. The family’s affairs have been handled. I haven’t seen you for two days. I miss you.”

Bai Xun rarely said such affectionate words. Gao Yuan was somewhat overjoyed for a while. When he saw her bowed head, he thought she was being shy and didn’t noticed her abnormality.

“I miss you too. I miss you very much.” Gao Yuan embraced her.

Bai Xun didn’t move, let him hold her and whispered. “I may come back later in the evening.”

Gao Yuan frowned. “Didn’t you say that you quit your evening part-time job?”

Bai Xun smiled. “Xiaoya introduced a new part-time job to me, to coach some students to paint. It’s very easy, and I can practice and make money.”

“Then I’ll wait for you to be a famous painter in the future.” Gao Yuan didn’t suspect her, smiled and said: “Don’t be too tired, I’ll pick you up at night.”

“No, I’ll be with Xiaoya, and it’s very close.”

Gao Yuan thought to himself that he also needs to find work to make money, so he nodded. “All right then.”


In the Guanlan Club, Bai Xun changed her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror.

Big apricot eyes, the end of her eyes slightly upturned, naturally gave her a look of pure innocence. She had a pale face and wore light makeup to give her some color.

Bai Xun hasn’t been here for a while. She used to be a part-time waiter only, but now she sells wine part-time.

But unlike the girls who accompany the drinks, she doesn’t go to the private room to sell herself. As long as the guests order drinks, the commission was very impressive.

She was satisfied as she pulled out her dress which was different from the maid clothing she wore while she was a waiter. The long dress showed off her enviable toned figure and her ample cleavage, it didn’t match her temperament, but it gave her an opportunity to play.  

Her bare back was covered by her black hair. She covered the deep V line on her chest with one hand and stood in the corner of the hall holding her long dress with her other hand.

Her appearance, people can tell with a glance she’s a novice and the panic in her eyes were clear.

After a while, she finally summoned up the courage to come to a table and timidly ask, “Sir, do you need any more wine?”

She really can’t do this. How can a lady approach people and ask if they want more wine directly? Aren’t all men coaxed to order the most expensive wine?

Several men burst into laughter, staring at her with love filled eyes. “What kind of wine? Come and have two drinks with us…”

They said and reached out to pull her.

Bai Xun was shocked and stepped back two steps. Her heels caused her to fall.


Bai Xun covered her chest and was afraid of the pain, but the expected pain didn’t come. Instead, she fell into a warm embrace with a whiff of cologne.

“This is… did you bump into a little rabbit?”

The interested low male voice let Bai Xun slowly recover, then she sees the person who held her in his arms.

Beautiful facial features with a cynical smile, and the thin lips are slightly curved. It’s like a prodigal son in the game world, looking at him, other people feel that he doesn’t care about anything.

However, those playful eyes held hopeless allure and attracted people like moths to a fire.

The behind-the-scene boss of Guanlan Club, Feng Chi, affection 0%.

Feng Chi helped her up and looked her up and down. Her green1Green – like she’s a newbie/greenhorn and pure temperament contradicted her dress, which made him interested. He laughed at the people around him and said, “A Xiao,2A Xiao – a nickname to Qin Xiao… there’s a rabbit that stole fox clothes.”3She’s innocent and pure like a rabbit but is pretending to be a sexy/seductive fox.

A Xiao?

Bai Xun looked over in a daze and saw Qin Xiao who had a close relationship with her.

A young man with chestnut-colored hair, phoenix eyes and a sharp nose, handsome and compelling.

Only at this time, his eyebrows were furrowed and stared at Bai Xun with his icy gaze and his gentle words were sarcastic, “You don’t say, you’re not selling it? Then, what are you doing right now?”


Bai Xun looked embarrassed and innocent and was already screaming in her heart.

Ah ah ah ah ah! What a good day today is! She suddenly encountered the puppy Qin Xiao and the bad Feng Chi!

Author’s Notes:

I am particularly excited when I look at the outline, why am I so slow to write it, I am not ready to face people [covers face]

  1. Green – like she’s a newbie/greenhorn
  2. She’s innocent and pure like a rabbit but is pretending to be a sexy/seductive fox.
  3. A Xiao – a nickname to Qin Xiao….I got it incorrect and been calling him Qin Hao since it sounded similar…my bad. His real name is Qin Xiao. Fixed the previous chapters.

TL Note: Guys, she considered Su Shi as an opponent. Ahah so cold-hearted! Also, if you noticed the game’s parameters, since she maxed out her affection with Gao Yuan, it will stay frozen as max no matter what she does – truly fallen fully in love to never come out. And basically…. she can be a total piece of shit and her only penalty will be blackening value.

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