Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 22

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 22

Bai Xun has worked here part-time for so long. It was the first time she has encountered Feng Chi. However, her present status isn’t suitable to interact with this scum.

This black-bellied guy is so paranoid of others that he can’t trust anyone easily. Moreover, she is deeply in love with Gao Yuan, surrounded by other admirers. He will not trust her, let alone fall in love with her.

There was no need to hurry, at this moment, she can only show her face and be familiar with him.

On the other hand, Qin Xiao was even more unhappy when he saw that she was dull and didn’t speak. He raised his eyebrows coldly and said, “Speak.”

“I, I am not…” Bai Xun wanted to deny it but thought that half the reason was because she was originally trying to make money.  

She gritted her teeth and met an acquaintance which made her feel embarrassed and covered her clothes, turned around and tried to escape.

“Want to escape?” Qin Xiao sneered, reached out, grabbed her wrist and easily pulled her back.

He hates being deceived the most.

Not to mention, this person gave him a cake with a false heart. It made him think about her for a few days and he was even worried about whether she would be bullied here with her temperament.

The young boy with strong adolescence hormones had intense emotions. It’s difficult to say that the person in his dreams was her.

But he came back several times and never encountered her.

But today…

The more Qin Xiao looked, the uglier he looked.

Bai Xun held her hand to her chest but was unable to cover herself with one hand.

Already surrounded by many bystanders, Bai Xun blushed in embarrassment and said, “You, you let me go…I, I have to work…”

Qin Xiao looked at her eyes and gnashed his teeth. “Work? You really feel at ease wearing this.”

His affection began to decline from 40%.

Bai Xun felt that the surrounding men’s eyes looked unscrupulously at her bare skin without restraint, and her shoulders trembled. She couldn’t hide the sight of her chest with her one hand an could only hide in Qin Xiao’s shadow as much as she could.

It’s just that, she got closer to Qin Xiao. When he bowed his head, he could smell her hair’s light fragrance. When he looked down, he could see the tender white clavicle, then downwards, the scenery that the other’s five slender fingers were trying to cover.  

At first, Qin Xiao felt unnatural, then even angrier – this person even wanted to seduce him?

He only felt that he had to look and push her away from him. But Bai Xun looked up at him, because of fear, her moist red eyes caused people’s heart to soften unconsciously.

Acting as if she was afraid of troubling Qin Xiao, she gritted her teeth and begged with her eyes and whispered, “I, I really need the money now. I can’t lose this part-time job. You should let me go first…”

Qin Xiao paused. She looked like she was bitter and distressed.

But gradually, as her pink lips began to move again to gently plead, Qin Xiao’s attention was attracted by her white skin, like soft and tender milk jelly. He doesn’t know if he were to bite gently, would it sink and bounce?  

Qin Xiao silently moved his throat.

He can’t help but wonder if this person would taste the same as in his dreams.

Qin Xiao’s affection stopped at 35%.

While the manager came and bowed respectfully to Feng Chi. Then asked Qin Xiao, “Qin Shao,1Shao – young, basically greeting him, young Qin, since older Qin can frequent this club technically. do you still want the same room as last time? Do you need someone to come and serve?”

Qin Xiao returned from his mind, loosened his hands and stepped back, pointing at Bai Xun with darkened eyes.

“Just her.”

Feng Chi didn’t expect Qin Xiao to care so much about a woman. He seamlessly looked at Qin Xiao and as if he thought of something, winked at Qin Xiao with a mischievous expression. “I haven’t been here for a while and have some things to handle. So, I won’t disturb you from getting along with the little beauty alone.”

Feng Chi took the person away and Bai Xun followed Qin Xiao into a private room bewildered. Once it was only the two of them, she became more nervous.

Qin Xiao sat on one side of the sofa and stretched back his lower back. The young man emitted an air of authority. The sharp eyebrows were coldly raised and looked at Bai Xun.

Bai Xun felt alarmed and uncomfortable with her dress exposure. She had to hold the collar with one hand.

Qin Xiao saw her standing still with no reaction for a long time and knocked impatiently on the table.

“Are you stupid? Did I let you come in to stand? Pour the wine.”

“Ah?…Oh.” Bai Xun nodded her head and answered.  

She dragged her skirt to Qin Xiao’s side and reached for the bottle, but she was inconvenienced by using one hand and inevitably spilled a little.

Qin Xiao didn’t utter a word but looked at her.

Bai Xun became more and more nervous, shivering for a while and handed it to him, “Okay.”

“That’s it?” Qin Xiao looked at her.

Bai Xun seemed puzzled and her clear eyes plainly seem to ask – what else?

Qin Xiao snapped softly, “It should be like this.”

As soon as his voice fell, he took a sip of wine himself, reached out and held the person in his arms, leaned over and kissed her.

The flexible tip of the tongue easily penetrates the delicate pink lips and the mellow liquor is passed over.

Bai Xun was half embraced by him and her ink black hair spread out. He touched a wide expanse of her exposed warm back, smooth and tender like gelatin, while her hands shielded her chest to prevent exposure, her face was frightened like a rabbit.

The beautiful apricot eyes were misty and the playful little mole on her nose was vivid.

Qin Xiao unconsciously tighten his arms, holding the delicate beauty’s slender waist.

The other side’s lips and tongue resistance was mercilessly suppressed. The man had a sense of satisfaction from having complete control.

He couldn’t control himself. He was fascinated.

When the wine was ingested, Qin Xiao was quite reluctant to let the person in his arms go.  

“You… bastard…” Bai Xun was released and slapped Qin Xiao’s face, she fell on the carpet. 

Although Bai Xun didn’t have much strength at this time, Qin Xiao had been slapped by others, and his eyes were cold.

It’s just that Bai Xun was coughing this entire time, her black eyes were red and misty, full of tears.

Pitiful, delicate and moving.

“You, how could you do that? I, I always thought that you were a good person…” Bai Xun complained and trembled.

Qin Xiao’s actions were interrupted. Did I go too far?  

His anger was gradually replaced by regret and pity, but his face was still a little hung up. He concealed his unnatural face with a cold-hearted remark, “Aren’t you working to make money? This is only part of the job.”

“I…” His words made Bai Xun felt as if she had been drained of her strength and collapsed on the soft carpet.

Looking at Bai Xun, Qin Xiao frowned.

Is that what you need?

Obviously, her whole body was resisting and not voluntary…

He had just verified his thoughts and was in a better mood. So, the voice softened, “Say, why on earth do you want so much money?”

Bai Xun sat on the carpet and didn’t react when she heard the question. After a moment, she quietly said, “My mother is sick and needs to do a craniotomy.”

It turned out to be…

Qin Xiao frowned and scolded, “Did you watch too much dog blood TV shows? So, you’re going to sell yourself to make money?”

Bai Xun was shock by his tone and whispered with a nasal voice, “You…If there were other ways, who would do such a thing…”

Qin Xiao almost laughed in anger, but in his heart, he had a soft spot for her, who was foolishly willing to sacrifice herself for family.

When he was born, his mother died from childbirth, and the so-called father never took care of him.

Is this family?

Qin Xiao likes it, 50% affection.

His heart softened, kicked the table, and faintly asked. “Say, how much?”

Umm? …Is he going to give her money?

The excellent actress Bai Xun was very anxious in her heart. Motherfucker, was my acting too realistic?

No way! She doesn’t really want to make money…

Just as Bai Xun was thinking about how to refuse reasonably and tactfully, she heard a noise outside, and the door next to the room was kicked open with a cry of surprise.

Bai Xun seemed to hear a familiar voice. She turned her head in surprise.

Qin Xiao naturally didn’t miss the instant expression on her face, he frowned, “Why…”

But before he could finish, the room’s door was suddenly kicked opened.

Bai Xun looked at the tall figure standing against the light from the door.

“A Yuan…”

Her voice was uneasy and sounded aggrieved.

Gao Yuan’s face was as cold as ice. His cold eyes swept across the room and landed on Bai Xun’s intact clothes before breathing a sigh of relief.

Just looking at the exposed dress, he couldn’t help but tightened his lips and keep silent.

He strode over, took off his coat and covered Bai Xun, then took her hand and was ready to leave.

Qin Xiao, who was ignored, raised his foot on the coffee table in front of him and kicked it. He stood up and sneered. “Who are you? That you can come and leave whenever you want?”

Gao Yuan’s whole person was cold, “I’m her boyfriend. I’m taking my woman, do I need to report this to you?”


Gao Yuan’s words left Qin Xiao stunned and he felt a little uncomfortable.

While he was dumbfounded, Gao Yuan had left the club with Bai Xun.

Feng Chi also rushed over. He waved his hand and signaled his men to leave. He walked to Qin Xiao and looked at the absent-minded person and joked, “What? Is this really love?”

Qin Xiao returned from his mind and felt his heart was tight. He threw himself onto the sofa and didn’t speak.  

Feng Chi smiled, “Big Qin Shao hasn’t taste meat yet, right? Shall I find you a clean one? The woman, turn off the lights and it’s all the same.”

“Don’t bother me.” Qin Xiao has a black face.

Feng Chi picked up his eyebrows and carelessly said. “If you like her, you’re the only son of the Qin family, what do you want? The woman, go get her, are you afraid of not obtaining her heart?”  

Qin Xiao was stunned by what he said. He clenched his glass and suddenly stood up. “I have something to do, I’ll go first.”

Feng Chi’s smile was profound watching Qin Xiao’s back while he left.

He thought about the photo he just found – it looked similar.

Author’s Notes:

New characters bury a line, Chirp meow~~

  1. Shao – young, basically greeting him, young Qin, since older Qin can frequent this club technically.

TL Note: BTW…I don’t know how much cleavage Bai Xun has…she made her character to not be like enormous and would assume average since she could “develop” it in the later stages of the game…so not sure why the author writes and focus on her “average” chest. Unless she had a large rack that was “average” in her opinion and later she makes them ridiculously huge which wouldn’t fit her white lotus acting (LOL) and she then plays the green tea bitch later on (IDK).

What do you guys think about my translations? My site has only been opened for less than a month. Just added some user-friendly widgets on the bottom of the site for better navigation.

Also, since my site will be open for officially 1 month this Sunday the 13th, I will aim to finish this arc on that day. I must go into work on Saturday, but this is my goal I am striving towards to celebrate. Woooo 90+ chapter releases so far and hasn’t been 1 month yet!!

After I finish Arc 1, I will dedicate less time on this series to finish up Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend so I can start my teaser project on Lovable Beauty. If you guys notice, I have a hard time just focusing on one novel and have to have multiple options to bounce between.

Around December/January, I will be picking up another Quick Transmigration novel – the female protag is a toddler girl looking for her daddy and attaches to a system to go cure the big villain by being the cutest fluffiest daughter to her “fathers” so their evil value becomes 0. I believe the reason she attaches to the system is to gain points so she can find her real dad. This isn’t romance (no wincest) this is more of a comedy/fluffy/heartwarming novel from what I can tell. I hadn’t read the raws but seen people post about it.

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