Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 23

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 23

Under the dark night sky, the weakly lit road was empty and silent.

Gao Yuan’s hands were in his pockets and he was walking ahead, while Bai Xun wearing his coat followed behind.

She was cold and hungry, thinking about her mother that was still in the hospital and she didn’t earn any money…

Bai Xun shed tears while walking.

The angry person in front of her stopped unconsciously when he heard the occasional sniffling sound behind him.

Bai Xun also slowly stopped.

A while later, he opened his mouth and asked with a dry voice, “Why would you go to that place?”

Before Bai Xun could speak, Gao Yuan’s emotions burst. He tried to suppress his anger and sadness. “What if I didn’t go to Xiaoya’s place to pick you up and didn’t discover the so-called part-time job to teach art?”

He was so stimulated that he finally calmed down.

His voice was cold. “You lied to me.”

The blackening value above his head rises slowly.

It was the first time he had spoken to her so coldly.

Bai Xun’s apricot eyes were stained with tears, her reddish eyes full of grievances and apologies, “I’m sorry, A Yuan, I didn’t mean to deceive you, I…”

She couldn’t continue with her trembling voice and her tears fell more fiercely. She looked at the tall back that still ignored her. Her voice trembled, but he could hear the other person trying to suppress her crying voice. “I really had no choice, I need the money…. a lot of money….”

“What, a lot of money? Why do you need so much money for?” Gao Yuan turned around and looked incomprehensibly at Bai Xun whose tears covered her face and he couldn’t utter another word.

He didn’t dare to look at her because he was afraid that his heart would soften. Sure enough, now that he saw her crying until her nose was red, he unconsciously felt a pain in his heart. He reached out to wipe her tears and sighed, “Don’t cry…”

Originally, she wasn’t one to cry, but was so overwhelmed in the moment by his concern. She was full of grievances and it could no longer be suppressed.

She rushed into his bosom and hugged his waist. “Oh… A Yuan, I… my mother was hospitalized, it’s very serious, she must have a craniotomy… I wanted to tell you, but I heard your conversation with Yanran. I was afraid that it would increase your burdens, so…”

So that’s why, Gao Yuan was stunned.

The other person was under a lot of pressure and pain.

Gao Yuan noticed that the shirt on his chest was wet by her tears. The warm and moist touch made his heart sink. He slowly raised his hand and held Bai Xun’s waist, and his eyes were sour. “…How are you so stupid? Of course, this kind of thing, as your boyfriend, I should help share your burden.”

Bai Xun looked up at him with tearful eyes. She was worried. “But, now you…”

“What is the cost of the surgery? Don’t worry, leave it to me.” Gao Yuan rubbed her head and looked reliable.

After a pause, he looked at Bai Xun seriously. “But, if you encounter any problems in the future, don’t hide anything from me, eh?”

He watched Bai Xun nod her head and was relieved.

When she calmed down, Bai Xun felt hungry. She sniffled, “A Yuan, I’m so hungry…”

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to dinner.”


Gao Yuan’s blackening value has been reduced to 0 and Bai Xun was relieved.

It’s reasonable to say that Gao Yuan’s affection has reached its full value, regardless of whether she was courting death.

However, the blackening value is so terrible!

She must ensure that the other party’s blackening value is within a controllable range. If the value is full, she knows that the demon will go into a frenzied madness such as violence, imprisonment, death…


The next day, Bai Xun went to school. Xiaoya came over and asked, “Xiao Xun, are you okay? Yesterday, Gao Yuan suddenly came to pick you up and said something about your part-time job. Then I accidentally told him, you don’t blame me, do you?”

She shook her head in a pitiful manner, this NPC, the female host’s girlfriend in this plot,1This is a hint saying that this NPC will only be for this plot of the game or arc of the game she’s stuck in was really good for her.

She didn’t look well. She was busy taking care of her sick mother recently. She reluctantly smiled and comfort her by saying. “Nothing, I’m just thinking about how to earn more money. My mother can’t afford to be delayed any longer.”  

Xiaoya comforted her by patting her shoulder, then immediately thought of something. She took out her mobile phone and hurriedly navigated to a website.

“Xiao Xun look at this painting competition, the first prize is one million! I accidentally saw it and you paint so much, maybe you can try.”

“Really?” Bai Xun was dubious, but eagerly takes the phone, and carefully browsed the website information.

The company seems to belong to Huang Yanran’s family.

She looked determined and muttered. “No matter what, I’ll try it, maybe I will succeed?”


For several days in a row, she hasn’t seen Gao Yuan until now. Bai Xun guessed that the other party was finding a way to get money, but looking at his furrowed brows, things didn’t go smoothly.

Fortunately, her submission proceeded to the final evaluation.

Bai Xun’s face finally had a little joy, just as Gao Yuan called.

“A Yuan? I have good news, but I’ll tell you when it’s finalized.” She decided to wait until the final results were reported or she would have been happy in vain.  

“By the way, why didn’t you come to class today?”

On the other side, Gao Yuan was silent for a long time, listening to her voice. Bai Xun frowned, “A Yuan?”

“Yeah.” Gao Yuan’s voice responded a bit astringent. “Xiao Xun, do you believe me?”

“Why would you suddenly ask such a question?” Bai Xun was puzzled, but quickly replied. “Of course, I believe you.”

“That’s good.”

There was a sigh of relief, as if determined, with a relaxed voice, “Xiao Xun, wait until I come back in the evening.”

Gao Yuan finished talking and hung up.

Bai Xun had a bad hunch in her heart. In the past, because the affection doesn’t drop once maxed, she didn’t maintain the other’s blackening value and was more concerned about covering herself from being exposed.2Basically, she didn’t really pay attention to the blackening value and just went ahead and “cheated” on her boyfriends, that’s how she died last time to Su Shi who maxed out on blackening value when he caught her kissing Lu Zhi Yao. She was too busy trying to cover up her cheating between the 7 boyfriends.

But this time, Gao Yuan won’t do anything stupid, right?


In the spacious and bright office, several people in the design department were evaluating the final paintings.

On the other side of the sofa, Huang Yanran looked at Su Shi and smiled. “With Su Shi’s help, the competition went smoothly. Thank you very much.”

She is the only daughter of the Huang family and was gradually involved with her company’s affairs. This competition is sponsored by her.

Su Shi’s gentle look was a bit melancholy and didn’t really want to speak.

Huang Yanran didn’t say anything else and saw the head of the design department bringing a submission over, “Director, we selected the first prize winner, look.”

Huang Yanran took the submission carelessly, but her eyes eventually fell on the name.

Her eyes flashed and she didn’t ask Su Shi’s opinion, but lightly said. “I don’t think this painting is suitable.”

The designer hesitated for a few moments and took the submission. “There are also two more good ones, I will show it to you.”

Su Shi originally had a dull expression but glanced at the submission’s name from the corner of his eye and stood up.

“Show me.” He reached for it.

He looked at the submission then at Huang Yanran and left without saying a word.

“Director? This…”

“Let him go.” Huang Yanran waved her hand, remained silent for a long time, and laughed twice. “You are really… great…”


Bai Xun was absent-minded all morning until Su Shi came to see her.

“Senior?” She was a little surprised.

Su Shi handed the painting in his hand to her.

“This is…” Bai Xun took a look and confirmed that he had delivered the submitted draft for the contest. She bit her teeth and said, “Why is it here with senior?”  

Su Shi didn’t answer directly, but gently said: “There are some things that can’t be successful without strength.”

Bai Xun understood, and her face was pale and dejected and sat down.  

Su Shi went to her and squatted, his voice was soft and helpless. “I said, if you have any difficulties, you can come to me.”

Bai Xun reluctantly smiled. “There is no need to bother senior, A Yuan said that he has a way, I…”

Su Shi interrupted her with his faint look. “I know, I heard that he’s looking for a job everywhere, but there is no place that will take his resume. He’s also trying to borrow money everywhere, but no one dares to lend it to him.”

Bai Xun opened her mouth, she couldn’t imagine how such a proud man could bend his heart to borrow money and endure such a thing.

Su Shi added, “If he wants money, there are only abnormal means.”

“Abnormal means?” Bai Xun’s heart pounded, her face changed dramatically and shook her head. “No, no.”

Su Shi sighed, “Xiao Xun…”

Just then, a ringtone sounded –

Bai Xun’s phone rang, it was a high-end mobile phone.

She hurriedly picked it up.

“Is this Bai Xun? Gao Yuan had an accident and is now at the hospital, come over soon.”

From over there, the voice rushed to urgently inform her the address. Bai Xun only felt her vision blackened and almost couldn’t breathe in her panic.

Su Shi frowned and held her up worriedly. “What happened?”

Bai Xun’s lips trembled, “A Yuan… is in the hospital…”

  1. Basically, she didn’t really pay attention to the blackening value and just went ahead and “cheated” on her boyfriends, that’s how she died last time to Su Shi who maxed out on blackening value when he caught her kissing Lu Zhi Yao. She was too busy trying to cover up her cheating between the 7 boyfriends.

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