Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 24

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 24

Bai Xun rushed to the hospital accompanied by Su Shi.

When she saw Gao Yuan in a coma, she couldn’t help but cover her mouth for fear that she would cry out.

He was injured all over. Although he was treated briefly, the bloodstains on his body were striking, especially the red stained gauzed on his right hand.

She almost panicked, grabbed the doctor besides her, and asked in a trembling voice. “Doctor, how could this happen? He… how is he?”

“Are you a family member of the patient? He was found by passers-by in the grass. Many wounds on his body are skin injuries and has been dealt with. But the right little finger was cut off and need to be suture immediately, the surgery costs needs to be quickly paid. But it has been a long time, this finger is most likely be necrosis and you may want to mentally prepare yourself.”

The doctor hurriedly finished and directed several nurses to push Gao Yuan into the operating room.

Before she saw Gao Yuan, she already guessed that in order to make money, besides selling organs, it was by gambling.

But those underground casinos are so powerful and complicated that even if you win, how can you take it?

But when she saw Gao Yuan’s situation, she still felt sour.

This guy is really stupid.

Motherfucker! Fortunately, she knows that important characters won’t die and there was no setting in the game for Lu Zhi Yuan to lose his finger! It should be fine!  

However, Gao Yuan was injured to this extent. She didn’t believe that the Lu family didn’t know. Maybe they allowed him to get injured, so that he would return to the Lu family. In this way, the Lu family will definitely come to the hospital.

Bai Xun seemed to have completely lost her mind. She looked at the operating room with red eyes and her tears fell silently.

She had extreme sadness and no strength to make noise, her whole person seemed to be drained of energy, sliding against the wall and sitting on the ground.

Su Shi had already paid the fees and completed the paperwork. He got more and more worried. He reached out and half-supported her onto a bench. “Xiao Xun? Don’t worry, it will be fine.”

Bai Xun heard his words, looked at him stiffly, and she was expressionless. Her eyes were empty, and tears dripped from her face, it made people panic. “He was fine this morning… how come…”

She seemed to have thought of something, her face paled, and the whole person trembled. “It’s me, it’s because of money… I killed him…”

Su Shi saw that her whole person was devastated, and couldn’t help worrying, “Xiao Xun, don’t do this, you can’t put all the blame on yourself…”

Only, there was a voice filled with endless anger –

“How isn’t it her fault?”

Bai Xun followed the voice and looked over. She saw a middle-aged man, who looked somewhat similar to Gao Yuan walking over with crutches.

He was followed by two black bodyguards and Huang Yanran.

Even though Bai Xun has never seen this person, it’s not difficult to guess that he’s Gao Yuan’s “old man”.

She stood up, her sad mood has yet to fade, and her eyes were full of fear. “You are… Uncle Lu?”

Father Lu didn’t respond to her but looked her up and down.

He’s only in his forties, but he looked pale and had crutches, he should be in poor health. But after all, he has been in power for a long time and was surrounded by an air of authority. Even if he doesn’t speak, his eyes caused people to be afraid to look directly.

“You’re the one who let A Yuan risk his life to go to the underground casino and gamble for nothing?”  

His voice was hoarse and chilly.

Bai Xun was not deterred by his chilliness, but her face changed, “A Yuan went to the underground casino?”

Father Lu looked at her painful appearance which didn’t looked fake. He snorted and his voice was angry, “How can he easily go to that place? It’s good to lose, but if you win, how can you come back out in one piece? Originally, as long as he would have come back and gotten engaged, then everything would have been settled naturally, but for you, he would rather do this.”

The more he talked, the angrier he became and even coughed.

Huang Yanran stepped forward to help him, “Uncle Lu, don’t worry, A Yuan will be fine.”

Father Lu patted the back of Huang Yanran’s hand comfortably, gasped for a moment, calmed down and stared at Bai Xun. “You see, Yanran is our daughter-in-law for our family. As for you, don’t appear in front of A Yuan in the future.”

He said this as if clouds were light and breezy, but Bai Xun stiffened. She looked fragile but shook her head firmly. “Uncle Lu, I know that you don’t like me, but I promised A Yuan, I will always be with him…”

“Five million isn’t enough?” Father Lu said coldly, but his eyes were slightly contemptuous.

Here it is! At last!

The five million that was dumped gave her a chance to leave this plot!

However, this isn’t the real world. It’s useless for her to take the money! She couldn’t go unrestrained, she still had to interact with the main characters.

Bai Xun’s face became more and more tearful which made it unbelievable.  “Uncle Lu, this isn’t a question of money… A Yuan is still in the operating room. At this time, I can’t leave him alone.”

Confirming that the other party wasn’t touched by the five million at all, Father Lu couldn’t help but look at her again.

After a while, he uttered word by word, “What can you bring to him if you stay with him? You can only stay beside him, but it would only drag him down and burden him…This time it’s just a finger. Next time, how do you know it won’t be his life?”

Bai Xun’s pupils enlarged and her shoulders trembled. She seemed to be struck by the deepest fear within her heart and her lips were white, drained of blood.

She wanted to retort but couldn’t say anything strong with Gao Yuan lying in the operating room.

She wasn’t afraid of poverty, hardship, or even her mother’s circumstances…but she was afraid of hurting Gao Yuan.

“And A Yuan’s current situation, hospitalization fees, surgery costs and follow-up rehabilitation costs, can you stay with him and help him in this predicament? Do you want him to be continually stubborn and fight against me and the entire Lu family?” Father Lu’s aggressive momentum overwhelmed her mentality.

Bai Xun staggered two steps as if she had no strength.

“Xiao Xun?” Su Shi was worried and called her softly.

She didn’t hear him but looked at Father Lu. When she spoke again, her voice was dry, “If I leave, will he be all right?”

Father Lu paused. “You leave now and promise to not see A Yuan anymore. He’s naturally the next head of the Lu family.”

Bai Xun looked down at the operating room deeply. Finally, she turned to look at Huang Yanran quietly, and gently opened the corners of her mouth. She laughed and looked uglier than when she was crying. “In the future, please take care of him.”

When she finished, she turned and walked out the hospital step by step, her thin figure seemed to be exhausted and strengthless.

“Wait a minute.” Father Lu took out a check and handed it to her. “This is five million.”

Bai Xun didn’t take it. She seemed indifferent and murmured in her heart – I wish someone in the real world would give me five million dollars. —

Father Lu’s face changed slightly at last. Maybe this person is truly sincere.

He said faintly. “If I were you, I would choose to take the money.”

Bai Xun shook her head in dismay. “But if this is the case, wouldn’t I be a fraud by selling my feelings? I’m willing to leave him, but I’m not willing to sell him in this manner.”

Father Lu frowned. “But doesn’t your mother need money for an operation?”

Bai Xun froze – she couldn’t accept this insulting money in exchange for their love, but her mother’s surgery can no longer be delayed…

She eventually trembled and accepted the check.

“Thank you.”

The two gentle words almost tore her lips.

With this money, she’s no longer qualified to appear in front of Gao Yuan.

Su Shi clenched his fist. Of course, he could help her, pull her away from here immediately and allow her to refuse the money.


Without Gao Yuan, wasn’t this his chance?


With the money, Bai Xun’s mother’s surgery was quickly scheduled. But in the plot, Bai Xun’s mother died from illness, so after the operation, she didn’t survive.  

In just a few days, Bai Xun lost a lot of weight. Her face was pale and was in a trance, and Su Shi was always with her.

Bai Xun had nightmares in the middle of the night and woke up looking horrified and emotional.

“Xiao Xun, it’s all right, you still have me.” Su Shi held her hands in fear that she would hurt herself.

Bai Xun was still not clear-headed and trembled in his arms.

After a long while, she came to her senses and her body was stiff. She wanted to push him away but was held by Su Shi tightly.


Su Shi paused and gently said: “Xiao Xun, you can go abroad with me.”

Follow Su Shi abroad?

Bai Xun was conflicted. She wants to start the next storyline! But Su Shi’s affection didn’t go up!


In the ward, Gao Yuan slowly opened his eyes and his head was still dizzy.

The operation was successful. Although his little finger wasn’t as flexible as before, it was not completely necrotic.

“A Yuan? You woke up!” Huang Yanran was surprised.

Gao Yuan’s eyes cleared up gradually. His right hand was mended to prevent further injury and felt some pain from his body.

He turned his head and looked at Huang Yanran, frowned, and looked around again, but didn’t see Bai Xun.

His voice was hoarse, “Why are you here?”

When Huang Yanran heard his first words was this question, her surprise faded. She straightened up and said gently. “Who are you looking for? Bai Xun? She’s not here.”

Gao Yuan was stunned. “Where did she go?”

“A Yuan, I think you misread her.” Huang Yanran looked sad, as if it was worthless for him. “A Yuan, you were lying in the hospital for her, but she took Uncle Lu’s five million and left.”

Gao Yuan struggled from the bed to sit up and looked at her anxiously and angrily. “What did you say? Impossible!”

Huang Yanran lowered her eyes. “She hasn’t seen you at all during this time. Can’t you see what kind of person she is yet?”

Gao Yuan was stunned. It’s reasonable for the other party to accompany and take care of him when he’s injured. But he woke up and didn’t see her… Gao Yuan’s heart was in a panic.

“No, I don’t believe it. I’m going to find her!” Gao Yuan directly pulled out the infusion tube from his hand and got out of bed, staggering away.

The bodyguard outside the door tried to stop him but Huang Yanran stopped them.

She looked pale. “Let him go and see for himself. You’ll follow him and bring him back later.”



Gao Yuan wore a hospital gown and waited for a long time at Bai Xun’s door.

It was not until the sky was dark that he saw people.

Bai Xun’s cold aura made him feel strange, and her black clothes almost melted into the night.

And her wrist was held by Su Shi which almost hurt his eyes.

Author’s Notes:

Heeheehee immediately brush the last of senior’s affection and opened the second stage of the plot~ Brother A’Yuan is coming out~

TL Note: I feel so bad for Su Shi, so desperate for a slag woman…he reminds me of that person that’s friendzone and there for comfort and is like the “last” choice love interest since he’s a safe choice and always is there regardless – unless his buttons are pressed.

Dude, her acting is so good that not even a veteran in the high position spot can see through her. Those 999 deaths really did a number on her.

Bai Xun’s mother is a true cannon fodder…she was meant to die no matter what.

I feel like Gao Yuan’s romance with Bai Xun was short, all they did was hold hands and maybe kiss? The plot advanced too fast for him to truly enjoy her. At the end, he waited like an abandoned dog for its owner. RIP Gao Yuan got wrecked by Bai Xun.

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