Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 25

Translated by Novice Translations

School Grass’ Special Pet – 25

Why did Gao Yuan look for her? Why didn’t the Lu family stop him?

Bai Xun is now very worried. She just took five million from Father Lu and agreed to draw the line with Gao Yuan. Su Shi also knows, and now he’s with her.

This is an opportunity to max out Su Shi’s affection, but it also forced her to die in front of Gao Yuan!

Fortunately, the affection value cannot be undone… However, she expects that the blackening value will rise sharply!


Bai Xun’s cold expression made Gao Yuan panic unconsciously. He opened his mouth but didn’t know where to start.

What would he say?

Did she know if he was injured?

Ask her why she didn’t accompany him to the hospital?

Asked why she had taken the Lu family’s five million?

No… he doesn’t dare…

He was afraid to hear the answer.

Gao Yuan suppressed the panic in his heart and barely squeezed out a smile. In the end, he just reached out and wanted to pull the other.  He gently opened his mouth. “Xiao Xun… I’m back…”

However, he didn’t touched Bai Xun.

Bai Xun sidestepped gently to avoid his hand.

Gao Yuan stood in the same spot with the hole in his heart expanding.

Bai Xun lowered her eyes and said shortly, “You are not well, you should be at the hospital, what are you doing here?”

Her voice was so weak that he couldn’t hear her emotions.

She knows… she knows he was injured and hospitalized…

“I…” Gao Yuan’s heart was filled with pain and confusion.

He couldn’t see the way she looked, he could only see her beautiful and cold side.

He doesn’t believe it. That Bai Xun would be like this…

His voice was harsh and hoarse. “I woke up and didn’t see you. I wasn’t sure, so I came back to you.”

Bai Xun was silent, as if she had used her strength, and said word to word. “You will not be able to find me later.”

“…Xiao Xun, what are you talking about…?” Gao Yuan’s voice trembled. He wanted to laugh and say don’t joke, but he couldn’t bend his lips.

Bai Xun finally looked at him. In the light of dusk, he felt her indifference.

“They didn’t tell you? Uncle Lu gave me five million and I broke up with you.”

Her voice was light and erratic, as if it’s not true. But word by word it hit his softest and most painful spot in Gao Yuan’s heart.

“Xiao Xun!” He went to catch her as if he were mad, but Su Shi stopped him.

Gao Yuan was pushed back and slammed into the wall. He was emotionally distressed. “No, it’s not like this… You’re not such a person, you were being threatened, weren’t you? Xiao Xun, you said that you will always be with me, right?”

“How are you so stupid? That’s all a lie.”

Bai Xun’s insipid words chilled Gao Yuan’s heart.

Only Su Shi knows that Bai Xun’s body is shaking besides him. She has not eaten for two days and could hardly stand without his support.

Bai Xun had a cold smile. “Because I know that you’re a Lu person, and I was with you. However, you can’t even get money for my mother’s surgery.”

“Besides, you’re no longer a Lu person and you can’t give me what I want.”

Gao Yuan’s eyes were red, and he looked at Bai Xun with disbelief and shook his head. “No, this is not you…”


Just then, a door was cracked opened to a small slit, and a black cat slowly slid out with its small head, and the black eyes turned and meowed.

Gao Yuan seems to have seen a savior. He still remembers the other’s fierce appearance when she saved the kitten.

He leaned down and picked up his cotton pants, looked at Bai Xun anxiously. “Xiao Xun, don’t you want cotton pants?”

His calm black eyes were full of panic with sorrowful pleas and his heart ached.

Bai Xun looked away, lowered her mouth and said, “Stupid, who will raise a stray cat?”

Gao Yuan was struck by lightning. He didn’t know how to respond. He just looked at her, “…is that right?”

Bai Xun has no strength and was afraid of being revealed if she stayed any longer.

Suddenly, she took Su Shi’s hand and slowly said. “By the way, senior is now my boyfriend. Soon, we will go abroad together. Speaking of it, I have never been abroad.”

She appeared to be a woman who loves vanity and lusts for wealth.

Su Shi didn’t say anything. He let her hold his palm only to feel that her cold hand made him sad.

“You…?” Gao Yuan took two staggering steps and his cold heart became more and more frozen.

He leaned against the wall and his painful body made him cough twice. He even laughed slowly, but the more he laughed, the more he cried and the colder his voice became. “…How can I, fall in love with a woman like you?”

“Yes, so don’t like me anymore.” Bai Xun smiled and motioned to Su Shi to help open the door.

The door was closed with a “thump”.

Gao Yuan couldn’t support himself anymore and slowly closed his eyes and fell. The bodyguard who had been following him, rushed forward to take him away.  

After Bai Xun entered the room, finally her weak body slid down to the ground and her large tears could no longer be controlled and rolled down endlessly.

“Xiao Xun, it’s all right, I will always be with you…” Su Shi knelt by her side in pain and embraced her.

Su Shi’s affection is 100%.

Bai Xun breathed a sigh of relief and didn’t speak, but her warm tears gradually wet his shirt.

She got her second boyfriend! Will she go abroad with him?

Of course not!

Several other men are still in the country, and if she went abroad, she would be tied to Su Shi.

Of course, she can’t let Su Shi stay by her side. Last time, Su Shi gave up his chance to go abroad for her and stayed by her side. As a result, he watched her hook up with all kinds of men and finally blackened to hack her with the knife!

Early the next morning, Bai Xun left before Su Shi woke up.

She left a letter to Su Shi.

She thanked him for his care, but she couldn’t deceive him any longer. She owed him enough and could no longer drag him down.

After reading the letter, Su Shi looked sad. “We will meet again.”

On the other hand, returning to the Lu family, Gao Yuan woke up as a different person. Father Lu was in poor health and he no longer refused to take over the company.

He has been shown where Bai Xun lived, there was no one there. She should have gone abroad with Su Shi.

Everything inside was burnt and there was only one cat besides him.

From now on, there is no Gao Yuan, only Lu Zhi Yuan.

“That’s ruthless.” The tall handsome man stood by the bed and helped the cat down from his arms, then pet its fur. His lips coldly smiled, “It’s best not to let me find you.”


[Gao Yuan’s blackening value is full, the current affection is frozen, please be cautious in the next stage of the game.]

Bai Xun, who had already returned to the small room where the game started, gulped when she received the news. Lu Zhi Yuan turned black. She was afraid that the other would stab her the next time they met!

TL Note: Gao Yuan’s name has officially changed to Lu Zhi Yuan, don’t confuse it with his half-brother Lu Zhi Yao!

Well, this is the end of Arc 1 – now for her to hook her next victim…I will be taking a short break from translating this novel to focus on my commitment with Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself. This seems like a good point in the novel to “take a break.” Also, we are more than 25% through this novel!!! At my speed, should be done by end of January…or taking into considerations possible delays – the latest March. That’s my plan taking into consideration my irl and site workload.

I will be picking up Lovable Beauty sometime in November and be translating up to the VIP chapters before dropping it too. It was a novel I been interested in reading for a couple years but no one wants to translate it. 🙁 Hoping my small contributions will pique someone else’s interest.

Please do look at my project list, to view future projects I’ve been eyeing because I want my hands on all the lovely eggs into my basket…other translators are free to take it before I start on it… 🙂 I’ll somehow survive my greed, my eyes have always been bigger than my stomach as my grandpa always told me…

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