Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 26

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 01

Three years later, the design department office.

“Bai Xiao Xun, did you finish the information that I gave you this morning?” A bossy voice sounded.

“Ah?” When Bai Xun heard herself being called, she hurried raised her head from the pile of messy documents.

Bai Xun searched for the documents at hand and then handed them over. She said with a flattering smile: “Li jie,1Jie – older sister it’s already finished, take a look.”

Exquisite eyebrows, straight nose, clear black eyes…no powder on her face which brought a fresh and natural beauty. She wore a white shirt and had long black hair. Compared to three years ago, her cheeks were thinner, less lovely and more mature.

When the person took the file and went through it, she glanced at her again. Her eyes were impatient. “Why didn’t you give it to me earlier after you finished it? Are you just waiting here for a task assignment?”

Bai Xun was shortly stunned and soon returned back to her senses. She wouldn’t be helpless as when she was in trouble the first time, so she said apologetically, “What Li jie said, the next time I finish it, I will send it to Li jie immediately after.”

She had such a good attitude that it was hard to lose her temper again. She waved her hand and said, “Forget it, don’t be idle, go down and buy me a cup of coffee.”

Bai Xun looked up and saw a pile of documents stacked on her desk along with debris, but she didn’t say anything.

It’s just that when she got up, the rest of the office started to talk in twos and threes –

“Xiao Xun, are you going to buy coffee? Please bring me a cup of caramel latte, half sugar.”

“Then I want an American styled iced coffee, large cup full of ice.”

“I also want……”

“Oh, okay…” Bai Xun smiled and hurriedly took a note of everyone’s order.

Her face was smiling on the surface but in her heart, she cursed MMP2MMP – ma mai pi (sounds like ma my pee); it means motherfucker. … it’s really hard to be a little assistant!

She was now an assistant designer in the design department. She wanted to be a designer, but she just entered shortly. All of them are qualified and educated people, so she mostly does errands such as buying coffee.

Bai Xun recalled the game’s plot. At this time, Lu Fu went abroad to cure his illness. Lu Zhi Yuan took over the Lu family, but there were many branches under the Lu family.

Her current company was one of them, and the general manager was Lu Zhi Yuan’s half-brother, Lu Zhi Yao.

Of course, it was tough to stand up in the office, or doing these forced errands which were mixed with work alone.

However, Lu Zhi Yao likes people who are able to grow without relying on means.

Especially for a person who grown to be an excellent designer with his help and leadership will always be a little special.

To get close to Lu Zhi Yao, then there must be a future encounter with Lu Zhi Yuan.

She also understood, although Lu Zhi Yuan’s blackening value was high, but the thing between them, it was a misunderstanding!

These things, Su Shi and Huang Yanran were clear. How is it that Lu Zhi Yuan didn’t stretch his hand and grab it to clear the misunderstanding?  


Bai Xun found the coffee shop downstairs.

She has been with the company for some time, but in her position, she has never seen General Manager Lu Zhi Yao.

Fortunately, she knows that in the game, Lu Zhi Yao likes to sit downstairs in the coffee shop when he’s bored and order a cup of coffee and sit for a while.

So, after she arrived at the company, she basically went downstairs to buy coffee every day to see if she could encounter Lu Zhi Yao.

Of course, she was oppressed by others to buy coffee, she wasn’t slacking off.

This encounter with Lu Zhi Yao was of course a seamless matter.

As soon as Bai Xun entered the shop, she saw the man sitting by the window. His black hair was neatly arranged, and his suit shirt was meticulously buttoned to the top. He sat quietly, with handsome features and a cold aura, obsidian-like eyes that were chilly.

It was Lu Zhi Yao.

His eyes were faintly looking out the window and wasn’t attracted by the beautiful girl who just entered.

Bai Xun didn’t stop at all and didn’t even glance at him.

She went straight to the counter, took out the post-it notes, and ordered the coffee one by one, then found a place to wait.

Several cups of coffee wouldn’t be finished in a short amount of time. Bai Xun took out the small book she carried with her and place it on the table to draw in.

She deliberately chose a spot on the side of the aisle, so that when Lu Zhi Yao left, he would surely pass her.

Bai Xiao Xun’s artistic talent that has been praised by Su Shi in university wasn’t wasted. She just outlined a set of gauze skirts with a few simple strokes.

The company’s annual “Spring Show” was about to begin. The design department has recently come up with several sets of design plans. Lu Zhi Yao wasn’t satisfied, and the other party was worried.

Bai Xun glanced with the corner of her eyes and saw that he stood up. The pencil in her hand kept leaning slightly, she tilted her head and her long white neck was revealed. The sun shone on her white skin and reflected it like it was the first snow.

Sure enough, the footsteps that had left stopped besides Bai Xun. She seemed to be too absorbed in drawing to notice at all.

“Number 89.”

The voice from the counter called out. Bai Xun returned to her senses, closed the sketchbook and placed it in her pocket and got up in a hurry. “Coming…”

This time she moved too fast and the man near her didn’t step back. When Bai Xun stepped up, her forehead hit the other’s chest.

“Oh!… Sorry, sorry, sir, are you okay?”

Bai Xun looked up with physiological tears in her eyes, rubbed her forehead and anxiously apologized.

“…it’s okay.”

The beautiful and low-pitched voice, like a cello, rush out, but the light two words that said “it’s okay” sounded as if it hurt.

Bai Xun smirked in her heart, but her face looked embarrassed. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t notice that there were people around me. Why don’t I invite you for a cup of coffee?”

Her beautiful eyes still have some water mist. At this time, she was fully apologetic, and it was likely that people would blame her again.  

Lu Zhi Yao’s face was still faint, but Bai Xun’s words also made him think that he was quietly standing beside the other first.

“No, I’ve already had one.”

“Well.” She saw that the other side really didn’t care, Bai Xun sighed and was relieved. She smiled and nodded, went to get the coffees on the counter. It was just a little too much, she couldn’t get it all by herself.

Bai Xun frowned and wrinkled her eyebrows. When she was trying to find a way, a pair of long and powerful hands reached from above and took some of it.

“Eh? Sir?” Bai Xun looked at Lu Zhi Yao doubtfully.

“Let’s go, just was about to go up.” He said and was the first to leave.

Bai Xun quickly caught up and was surprised, “Are you from our company too?”

He didn’t sound salty and weakly sounded “En.”

Bai Xun didn’t mind but smiled slightly. “Thank you very much for today, or I wouldn’t know how to take the coffee back alone.”

She said and pointed to her own work card. “My name is Bai Xiao Xun from the design department. How about you?”

Lu Zhi Yao didn’t say anything, but his cold eyebrows and eyes dropped and looked at the work card hanging from her neck.  

From the design department? He had no impression at all.

Lu Zhi Yao was really too cold, and Bai Xun doesn’t dare ask if he doesn’t talk.

When they arrived at the design department, Bai Xun placed the coffees on the table and said with a smile, “The coffee is here.”

“Why are you so slow when buying coffee?”

“Yes, Bai Xiao Xun, you don’t be lazy…General, General Manager!”

The original dissatisfied complaints abruptly stopped when they saw the man standing behind Bai Xun.

Bai Xun was also stunned, and she hesitated to turn around, and looked at the handsome man in a stiff western style suit with the coffee in his hand, and swallowed her saliva, “General Manager?”

  1. Jie – older sister
  2. MMP – ma mai pi (sounds like ma my pee); it means motherfucker.

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