Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 27

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 02

Bai Xun’s appearance was incredulous, cautious and frightened, it made Lu Zhi Yao’s expressionless face reveal a slight smile.  

The atmosphere was tense and awkward for a while. Bai Xun hurriedly took the coffee in the other’s hand.

“General Manager, how come you’re here? Is there something?” The design department was somewhat puzzled and looked at Bai Xun uneasily.

“Nothing, everyone is working hard, please have a cup of coffee.” Lu Zhi Yao said, he looked at her eyes and nose, in his heart he wanted to be like Bai Xun who had a faint existence. He said lightly, “Bai Xiao Xun, work hard later.”

Bai Xun nodded obediently.

The words were not light nor heavy but everyone in the office was shocked.

Lu Zhi Yao clearly taught Bai Xun a lesson, but she brought them coffee. Wasn’t this a warning to them?  

From the expressions and words of those people in the design department, it wasn’t hard for Lu Zhi Yao to guess what Bai Xun’s ordinary days were. No wonder he hasn’t seen her.

He cherished talent and said that there was no need to run errands to buy coffee in the future.

When Lu Zhi Yao was gone, the people in the office looked at Bai Xun differently.

Did the general manager remember her name and helped her bring coffee back?

No matter what they thought in their hearts, at least they won’t dare to offend her, nor instigate her willingly.

Bai Xun was free and happy that no one will find her to do chores and simply drew design drafts.


On the other side, Lu Zhi Yao frowned tightly when he saw the new design brought by the design department.

He only thought that it wasn’t as good as the draft of the novice designer he saw in the afternoon.

What did he think? He got up and left the office.

When he got to the design department, he didn’t think of the time and realized it was time to get off work.

However, there was a faint light on one of the workstations in the office.

Lu Zhi Yao paused and slowly walked over.

Bai Xun was still drawing.

Today, she just brushed her sense of existence in front of Lu Zhi Yao. She was trying to stay behind and work overtime so he would be impressed. Unexpectedly, waited for that person to come.  

A long slender hand slowly took the drawing from one side and a deep voice sounded in her ear, “It’s a good design.”


The voice in the dark and quiet office suddenly reminded Bai Xun. She found out who was here and could only swallow back the exclamation that just came out.

Lu Zhi Yao’s suit jacket was left in his office. At this time, he only wore a white shirt. Maybe he was irritated, and he slightly untied two buttons. It added two more casual points to his cool temperament. At this time, the slender figure leaned on one side and turned over the drawing in his hand.  

“Mr. Lu, why did you approach without a sound?” She didn’t know how long he had been watching. Bai Xun’s dark apricot eyes secretly stared at him and muttered in a low voice: “There was no sound of you walking. It’s also like in the afternoon…”

She slightly complained with her words, her soft tone of voice was unbearable and caused people to not breathe. The beautiful face buried in the dim yellow light became ambiguous.

Lu Zhi Yao’s eyes were dim, and there was still no expression on his face. He just raised the drawing in his hand, “This design draft was designed by you according to the spring show’s theme. Why haven’t you turned it in?”  

As he said that, Bai Xun’s face dimmed. “Li jie said that my qualifications were still shallow and I’m not eligible to qualify in such a big program.”

When she finished, she noticed that something was wrong. She looked at Lu Zhi Yao and was cautious. “General Manager, what do you mean…?”

“Since it was organized by the company, all designers in the company are eligible to participate.” Lu Zhi Yao faintly said, he collected all the designs on her desk, “Now, it’s up to me.”

“General Manager Lu?” Bai Xun looked at him in surprise.

However, after a moment of joy, her face became tangled again. “However…it’s not good for me to be chosen without following the process…it’s not fair…”

Lu Zhi Yao’s hand paused and couldn’t help but look at her a few times…

Bai Xun’s beautiful eyebrows and eyes were wrinkled into a ball. There was pure sincerity in her clear black eyes that hadn’t been crushed by this cruel society.

She seemed to have finally decided. She reached out and wanted to take the designs from Lu Zhi Yao. “Forget it, I can’t rely on this way of entering the back door…”

Lu Zhi Yao finally confirmed that her expression was not fake, and his cold face was helpless. “What is the way of entering the backdoor? Are you not confident in your ability?”

“What’s more, when did I said that I chose your design? I’m just going to take it to the office meeting to discuss during the screening.” His light and cold words held a bit of a smile.  

“Well, then, I…thank you General Manager Lu…” Bai Xun blinked and her white cheeked turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Lu Zhi Yao was stunned, it was so easy for her to blush.

Since childhood, he saw a lot of people who were unscrupulous in their minds for the sake of power. Suddenly, he saw Bai Xun, who was still pure in thought and was capable, and he didn’t want her to be dyed black by this big dye tank.

However, such a simple character will suffer a lot of losses. People always have to learn to face the reality in order to live a better life.

His twilight eyes became cold again. “Well, it’s already late, go back soon.”

Bai Xun nodded.

When Lu Zhi Yao left, Bai Xun was relieved, his affections were already at 30%.

Earlier she took advantage of Lu Zhi Yuan, she must brush the affection of Lu Zhi Yao, otherwise when the moment comes for that person to lend a hand, if he doesn’t it would be game over for her from Xiao Yuan’s1So, before she used to call him A’Yuan in arc 1 which was much more respectful. But here she calls him Xiao Yuan which means small or little. It shows that she doesn’t think of him romantically and that he’s a child in her eyes. Plus, its an insult to a man to nickname him “little/small” X. blackening value.


Bai Xun’s innate skill was the game’s settings. The next day, in the office meeting to decide on a design, her design was naturally selected!  

Lu Zhi Yao also promoted her to chief designer, and she was in the limelight for a while.

However, this kind of momentum will certainly provoke the villain’s envy, not to mention that she was just only a small assistant two days ago.

Sure enough, in a few days, the design department has been overwhelmed by rumors.

At first, they just pointed at Bai Xun’s back. No matter what she did, she could always feel their strange eyes and the office’s whispers.

Bai Xun secretly picked up her eyebrows. In the afternoon, she went to get water, and heard voices in the tearoom full of disdain and scorn.

“Ah, how long has it been since this talent entered? Already have become the main designer for the company’s spring show?”

“You still don’t know? She stays late every night. Do you really think she is working overtime? I heard that someone saw her sneaking out of the general manager’s office at night.”

“No? No wonder she was promoted so quickly.”

“When I first came in, I saw her appearance and knew that she was a fox who could hook people…”

Bai Xun’s face turned pale. She rushed into the tearoom and placed her cup on the water table. The clear sound of splashing water changed the faces of the two people who were talking.

They looked at the thin Bai Xun in front of them, they weren’t afraid at all. Their expressions were contemptuous.

“Isn’t this the big designer? Why, just when you started as the chief designer, you can put on airs?”

Bai Xun took a look at her. She was trembling with anger. Her dark eyes were covered with a water mist of tolerance. She could only say sullenly with a cold face: “You should be practical and realistic when you talk, this hearsay would spread randomly without fear of breaking your rotten mouths.”

She was a simple and soft person, and she was so anxious to say such words in a hurry, this was her limit. Even her voice was shaking.

The two people seemed to have heard something funny and smirked. “What kind of nonsense is this? We didn’t name the person, we were just chatting.”

“You…!” Bai Xun didn’t know how to fight back. She could only bite her teeth and her eyes were red.  

Just then, a low voice rang with coldness –

“During working hours, what are you doing?”

The tone wasn’t high or low but had a chill that makes people unconsciously cold.

  1. So, before she used to call him A’Yuan in arc 1 which was much more respectful. But here she calls him Xiao Yuan which means small or little. It shows that she doesn’t think of him romantically and that he’s a child in her eyes. Plus, its an insult to a man to nickname him “little/small” X.

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