Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 28

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 03

The two people who were just gossiping, their faces changed instantly and said fearfully, “Well, General Manager!”

The tall and slender figure, mingled with the cold atmosphere, beautiful facial expression was faintly like an ice sculpture, and the dark obsidian-like eyes were cold.  

Lu Zhi Yao looked at the three people in the tearoom. “You’re quite unoccupied?”

These fluttering words made the two people’s hearts trembled. Why did it feel as if he scolded them?  

The ice-cold twilight eyes looked at them and from the bottom of their hearts they trembled. Promptly, they ran with their tails between their legs to return to their workstation.

She didn’t know how much Lu Zhi Yao heard, but he couldn’t have been unaware of the company’s rumors these days.

He looked at the person with red wet eyes and tears streaming from her face and frowned unconsciously, “Why are you crying?”

Bai Xun touched her cheek and later realize that she was crying.

She bit her teeth and retorted. “I didn’t…”

It just that she choked and convulsed while she spoke. Bai Xun sniffled, lowered her head and didn’t want Lu Zhi Yao to see. She just wanted to leave without saying a word.

As if she heard the other person’s silent sigh, who reached out his hand and faintly said: “Come to my office.”

When he finished speaking, he took the lead and left, and Bai Xun paused. It took a while for her to catch up with the other’s footsteps, with her shoulders slumping.

Lu Zhi Yao sat behind his desk with his hands crossed against his chin. When he didn’t speak, he was very oppressive.

However, Bai Xun was in a state of depression and in a trance. She didn’t move at all and seemed to be still immersed in the dialogue between the two women.

“What are you thinking about?” Lu Zhi Yao knocked on the table and opened his mouth first, otherwise this person would be isolated in her own world for the entire day here.  

Bai Xun returned to her senses. She had calmed down a lot from her appearance. When she looked at Lu Zhi Yao, she still felt wronged for a moment, but said stubbornly: “I just don’t understand, I obviously didn’t do those things. Why would they say such slander?”

Sure enough, such a simple person…

Lu Zhi Yao leaned back and sat more relaxed with his broad back.

He said casually, “You don’t have to care about what they say.”

“But they said that I and…” She said quickly halfway and looked in front of her at the man with the light expression who looked back at her, then swallowed back. “They said that I got this opportunity by relationship.”  

“It’s all fake, isn’t it?” Lu Zhi Yao certainly knew what she wanted to say. After a pause he said: “Only the weak would need to use lies to attack others and hide their jealousy. The better you are, the more attacks you’ll receive. But when you’re strong enough, no one will dare hurt you willingly.”

“So, all you have to do is use your strength to shut those people up.”

That’s what he did.

As an illegitimate child, he was denounced as a wild animal when he didn’t return to the Lu home. Even if he did return, most of those people despised him.

But now, with his own ability, he has a place in the Lu family. Who dares to ridicule his life accomplishments willingly?

His voice was deep and beautiful with a cold texture. Even if he said such inspiring words, there wasn’t much emotion in them to motivate people.

“It turns out to be like this.” Bai Xun seemed to have suddenly realized, “Yes, why should I care about those lies of irrelevant people? Anyways, whatever they say won’t affect my design.”

Bai Xun turned to Lu Zhi Yao with her eyes full of admiration. “Chief Lu, you’re right. I will produce more excellent designs that will make them speechless.”

He looked at her, she had regained her vitality again. She looked as if she had a light of fighting spirit. Lu Zhi Yao’s cold expression looked as if it was faintly showing appreciation.

Since Bai Xun entered, all the people working outside used the corner of their eyes to pay close attention to Lu Zhi Yao’s office, when Bai Xun went in, she looked dejected. When she exited, she looked high-spirited.  

It must have something to do with Lu Zhi Yao, the General Manager, they were on their toes. On the other hand, the two people who were just in the tearoom were trembling. For a while, they felt that the rumors weren’t just rumors, but the truth.

However, Chief Lu clearly defended her, that people didn’t dare to provoke. Who knows if the other party will become the wife of the General Manager one day?

Bai Xun seemed to be inspired by Lu Zhi Yao’s words. She worked overtime at once and drew a complete set of the theme.

Although Lu Zhi Yao didn’t say anything, his goodwill of 50% couldn’t deceive people. He was obviously satisfied with her.

Although Bai Xun’s character was getting colder and colder, she was also unique in the company, but in Lu Zhi Yao’s perspective, this was just a way for the other party to protect herself.


The spring show was getting closer and closer. Bai Xun still had the last few sets of drawing designs to finalize, but Lu Zhi Yao didn’t come into work today.

She thought of last night’s overtime work, the other side had a small cough. She hurriedly took out her cellphone to call the person.

It took a while for the phone to connect. The voice wasn’t as deep and beautiful as before, but dull and hoarse.

Bai Xun hesitated to speak, as if she was worried, “Chief Lu, are you sick? You don’t sound very good…”

After a while, there was a muffled cough, and then a hoarse voice with a cold texture sounded, “Nothing, it’s just a little cold, what’s the matter?”  

A little cold?

The cold that can make Lu Zhi Yao absentee, who has always worked hard, it can’t be a common cold!

Bai Xun’s heart was so excited for this good opportunity to brush his affection that she felt relieved. “Well, the spring show is about to start, but there were still some final design drawings that haven’t been decided. I wanted to confirm with you…. then I will wait until you come back to work.”

After she just finished talking, he paused and after a while, said an address, “You can come to this place with the drawing design.”  

“Ah? Oh, yes, but will you be all right?” Bai Xun’s response showed her concern.

“Isn’t it too late? Don’t dawdle.” The hoarse low voice came from the earpiece, as if it was an electric current and made people’s hearts softened.

Bai Xun confirmed, hung up the phone, took the design draft and went straight to the address that Lu Zhi Yao provided.


This was a high-end villa area. Bai Xun found the place where Lu Zhi Yao lived. It was a single-family villa with its own small garden. The rock garden was tall with flowing water, but most of the plants seemed to have died since no one took care of them.

It seemed deserted, the chief who has money, but lacks love and only have material goods.

The little angel who was ready to send warmth went to the door and rang the doorbell.

After a long time, the door was opened.

The man in the light-colored thin shirt didn’t look as meticulous nor serious as when he was in the office. The broad shoulders and back had smooth lines, and the loose neckline from the shirt leaked his sexy collarbone.  

Because of his illness, the obsidian-like eyes didn’t seem cold and indifferent as in the past. His black hair, which hadn’t been combed with gel, made his hair look soft.  

Bai Xun looked at the address hesitantly as if she didn’t dare recognized it. Then she looked at the handsome man who lived in the home in front of her eyes and hesitated, “General Manager Lu?”

Lu Zhi Yao’s head was still dizzy. He half-propped himself up against the door, glanced at the little fool in front of him who was stunned and responded coldly.  “Okay, come in.”

“Oh.” Bai Xun nodded obediently.

Actually, she experienced the other side’s strong pressure for a long time. So, suddenly there was no pressure and she felt that the other side had a lovely appearance, Bai Xun couldn’t help but carefully follow him into the room.

Bai Xun sat down on the edge of the sofa and looked around. Lu Zhi Yao’s room was simple and cold like himself, chilling and isolated.

Lu Zhi Yao didn’t say much, he wasn’t in good spirits. He sat on the sofa and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He lightly said, “What about the design?”  

“Oh, oh.” Bai Xun found it, and quickly took it out and handed it over.

It’s just that her fingertips touched the palm of the other person’s hand. It was very hot.

“Chief Lu, do you have a fever?” Bai Xun frowned.

Lu Zhi Yao made an “En” sound that wasn’t salty nor faint, but his movements didn’t stop. He took the design and looked at it.

However, Bai Xun’s face was tangled and was somewhat dissatisfied. “That’s not good. If you’re ill, you need to take an injection and take medicine. What’s more, you still have a fever. I shouldn’t have come, please go to the hospital.”

Bai Xun’s nervous appearance made Lu Zhi Yao look at her a few times, and her face remained unchanged. His hoarse voice was softer, “There’s no need to go to the hospital. I’m used to it, I’ll be fine in two days.”

Bai Xun heard him and didn’t agree. “Even if you don’t go to the hospital, you should take some medicine and rest well. But you have a fever!”

“I said it’s nothing.” Lu Zhi Yao waved his hand and rubbed his dizzy forehead.

Bai Xun was a little angry to watch him. She reached for the design in his hand. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have come here and disturb you. You don’t have to look at it anymore. Hurry and go rest. I’ll take this back and wait until you come back…”

She pulled too hard, Lu Zhi Yao who was weak from the fever was pulled as well. He fell directly down from the sofa.

“Chief Lu!”

Bai Xun was frightened and rushed over, she saw that the other side have passed out.

She reached out her hand and stroked his forehead, it was burning hot.

She really couldn’t help the 1.8-meter-tall Lu Zhi Yao up to the upstairs bedroom. She could only help him to lie down on the sofa. She quickly found a towel to soak and wrapped it in crushed ice to cool his forehead.


“Chief Lu, do you feel better?”

Her concerned words didn’t get a response, but the cold touch made Lu Zhi Yao’s frown stretch and Bai Xun breathed a sigh of relief.

She kept changing the towel to cool Lu Zhi Yao. After a while, she touched his forehead, which wasn’t so hot.

Lu Zhi Yao fell asleep. Bai Xun stood up and covered him with a blanket. She muttered, “Don’t catch a cold again.”  

She looked at the time, it was almost afternoon, and Lu Zhi Yao must have not eaten today.

Bai Xun went to the kitchen and looked in the refrigerator, which was empty, it showed how simple this guy’s life was.

After half a day, she found some rice. People who were simply sick shouldn’t eat greasy food, so she just boiled rice to make plain rice porridge.


Lu Zhi Yao who was on the sofa, gradually woke up, the high fever faded, and his originally blurred eyes were clear.

He took the towel off his forehead and sat up. The sound in the kitchen attracted his attention and he slowly walked towards it.

The girl with a high ponytail which revealed her smooth forehead and exquisite facial features, her whole person looked quiet and warm. The sun shone on her snow-white skin through the windowsill as if it gleamed.

The other person stirred the small pot with the spoon seriously. The fragrance of the rice porridge wafted and hit Lu Zhi Yao’s cold heart.

He leaned against the kitchen door with his arms around his chest and watched the busy person quietly.

It turned out that he didn’t want much. He didn’t want to fight for the Lu family’s inheritance rights. He just imagined that when he was sick, someone would cook porridge for him.

Bai Xun stirred the porridge with the ladle and turned around to find Lu Zhi Yao leaning against the kitchen door. She didn’t know how long he had been standing there.

“Chief Lu? Are you awake? Is your fever gone?” She looked at the person in front of her with surprise, walked over and raised her hand to feel the temperature from his forehead.  

Bai Xun looked at him and smiled, “It’s not so hot. You can drink porridge and go back to sleep…oh…”

She only looked at his temperature and didn’t notice his eyes were darker than usual, which were filled with complicated emotions.

It wasn’t until she felt the warm lips that Bai Xun responded.

She widened her eyes and raised her hand to push the person away, but she was gently caught by Lu Zhi Yao who held her tighter. He reversed their positions and pressed the person against the wall. This position didn’t allow for retreat and forced her to bear the other party’s deep kiss.

“No, don’t want……”

Occasionally, the words leaked out between her lips and teeth, the sobs triggered the man’s body and made him want to bully her more.

Because of the fever, Lu Zhi Yao’s lips were fiery hot, but he had a calm temperament, so that every lick, every suck had an ice-cold restraint.

Not intense but profound, not rough but people couldn’t resist.

It was a mixture, a hot but slow, methodical kiss.

It was not until Bai Xun could barely breathe that he let her go.

Bai Xun’s body was soft. She was breathless for a long time and her heart was thumping. At this time, she could barely lean on Lu Zhi Yao and the wall for support.

Lu Zhi Yao’s body temperature was higher than that of ordinary people, and it passed through his thin shirt. His oppressive and heavy gasp rung in her ear, “Bai Xiao Xun, I think you have successfully stepped into my heart.”  

This was twenty feet in the clear! But Lu Zhi Yao said it coldly and seriously. His metallic voice slowly spewed out these words with hoarseness, but it had a charm of making people’s heart beat uncontrollably. Anyone would blush with shame.

It’s just that Bai Xun got rid of her anoxia and her cheeks were slightly red. There was no sense of shame and from the bottom of her eyes were sadness and resentment.  

She almost cried, her eyes were red, her voice trembled, “Bastard!”

She looked at the 75% affection above Lu Zhi Yao’s head, Bai Xun cried on the surface but smiled inside – would she ever admit being joyful? Naïve!

WTF, she got 75% affection within 3 chapters of this arc. Okay, now we know she’s going to spend most of her time clearing the misunderstanding AND juggling the two brother’s so they don’t blackened.

Anyways, the most yandere this series get is seen in arc 4, it’s really like dark black yandere. I guess the author wanted to ease the yandere scale and not scare away readers until then. Also on TOC I added a spoilers URL.

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