Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 29

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 04

“You, how could you do such a thing?”

After Bai Xun regained some strength, she directly pushed people away and ran out angrily.

Lu Zhi Yao looked at the fleeing person, and slowly raised his hand to touch his heart, which had gradually calmed down.  

He pondered, was he too sudden that he scared people.  

Perhaps it was just the atmosphere, it’s really too bewitching, or maybe his brain hasn’t recovered from the high fever.  

But in any case, she was really special, Lu Zhi Yao’s eyes were getting darker.


In the next few days, after Lu Zhi Yao got well, he went back to the company.

Bai Xun always felt that the other person’s eyes looked at her more meaningfully, but when she thought about that day, she kept hiding from the other throughout her day.

She was so obvious that Lu Zhi Yao had to personally catch the person.

He stopped the person in the tea room, and he had resumed his usual cool General Manager demeanor with his scrupulous black hair, neat and straight suit and flawless cold expression.

If he didn’t have to trap the person in his arms with his deep obsidian eyes, everything would have been perfect.

“Are you hiding from me?” A deep cello voice rippled in her ear.

Bai Xun’s face was tangled and frightened. She didn’t want to talk too much and pushed the other person with one hand. She didn’t want to be so close.

Her meaning was already obvious.

Lu Zhi Yao’s eyes darkened, and he lightly said, “What’s the matter?”  

The way he asked that, as if Bai Xun was unreasonable, suddenly ignited her anger, and her watery apricot eyes stared back, “You asked me, what’s the matter?”

Just as her eyes touched the other party’s cold eyes who were arrogant and held a smile, her flame unconsciously dwindled, and her shoulders sank.

“I, you…we better keep a distance.” She whispered in a small but firm voice.

Lu Zhi Yao asked softly. “Was it because of the kiss that day?”

Bai Xun stared at him with round eyes. Her eyes were a little anxious – how could that person say that!

Lu Zhi Yao, who clearly understood her meaning, paused and apologized. “Sorry, I was wrong that day. It was sudden and it must have scared you.”

Bai Xun was even more surprised. She couldn’t believe that the cold-faced chief would apologize. Although the other side apologized, his expression was cold.

On second thought, maybe she was wrong. The other party was muddled from the fever and reacted that way.

Bai Xun pondered and thought that maybe she should be generous and not say anything, and then this page could be turned over.

“That, Chief Lu, you must have been confused that day…so it doesn’t matter, this, let’s forget it…”

It’s just……

She expressed all her thoughts on her face. Lu Zhi Yao clearly saw it, and his eyes were deep. “I wasn’t confused from the fever.”

Bai Xun didn’t respond, “Ah?”

He was too close, and those dark twilight eyes looked at people seriously and made them feel really flustered.

Lu Zhi Yao lightly added: “Rather the feelings were naturally difficult to endure.”

Even Bai Xun, who had been in love with Lu Zhi Yao several times in the past, had a slight fever on her face.

Is this guy flirting? Skillful love words from the iceberg president?

But it’s strange, even if there’s good feelings, Lu Zhi Yao wasn’t someone who would directly express it so quickly?


Bai Xun secretly laughed in her heart, but her face was stunned. After responding to the other side’s meaning, her relaxed spirit was tense again in an instant.

“What…what… stop joking…”

Lu Zhi Yao sighed and further said: “I think, maybe we should try to get along with each other, I…”

“No! No…”

Bai Xun finally found her voice. Lu Zhi Yao frowned slightly and asked calmly. “Why, give me a reason.”

Bai Xun bit her teeth and blurted out. “I, I already have a boyfriend.”

Lu Zhi Yao wasn’t surprised. When he spoke again, his words were as cold as ever. “As far as I know, you aren’t even close to the opposite sex.”

“I…” Bai Xun seemed to recall the past, and her eyes darkened. “We separated three years ago….but even so, I’m…”

Her voice gradually fell, and the whole person seemed to be covered with a layer of sadness.

Lu Zhi Yao’s eyes were so dark and heavy. He didn’t like this kind of Bai Xun. It seemed that there was only one person in her eyes and heart.  

His tone was also heavier. “Since you’ve separated, it would only be considered as an ex-boyfriend. What’s more, you put forth a lot of effort that day to take care of me, didn’t you want my favor?”

Bai Xun didn’t expect Lu Zhi Yao would say such shameless words. She was also influenced by her sad memories and looked at him angrily, “You! Think! Too! Much!”

After that, she deliberately ran away from Lu Zhi Yao with a huff.

Since this big brother wants to play, then she will accompany him to the end!


Lu Zhi Yao seemed to have become more considerate and the company could clearly see the show of affection.

Bai Xun was both embarrassed and hard-pressed, and always refused.

Until the big spring show arrived.

This was a very important show for Lu Zhi Yao’s branch office. All the people who were present were well-known and were from the mainstream media. This show will almost determine the direction of the corporation for the entire year.

And as the main designer of this show, the young Bai Xun was undoubtedly eye-catching!

But for her, this wasn’t an opportunity to become famous.

Such a big thing, Lu Zhi Yuan from headquarters was certain to show his face at the show.

Bai Xun didn’t follow Lu Zhi Yao, but inspected the clothes backstage, directed every model to the stage and watched her achievements unfold one by one on these tall, slender, long-legged beauty.

She quickly glanced from backstage. Lu Zhi Yao sat steadily under the stage, talking to people around him with a light expression.

It seemed that someone had arrived. He got up and walked out.

Could it be him?

She hasn’t seen him in three years, and there was a full blackened value…. Bai Xun thought and started to become excited. The people around her only thought that she was nervous on participating in her first big show.

The last set of clothes were displayed on-stage. The host warmly asked Bai Xun, as the main designer, to introduce the design theme and source of inspiration.

Bai Xun took a deep breath and walked up slowly with a graceful smile on her face.

She lifted her light blue gauze skirt, the design of the waist was fitted snugly and outlined her slim waist. The neckline and hem were embroidered with some delicate patterns, which made her look like a fairy spirit.

“Hello everyone, I am the main designer of this big show, Bai Xun.”

Perhaps she had been with Lu Zhi Yao for a long time, her soft voice had a slight tone of indifference.

Lu Zhi Yuan, who just stepped into the show, heard the name and stood still.

His facial features have faded from the youthfulness of three years ago and was more cold and hard. The thick black hair was well-groomed, the handsome face was thin, and his lips were tight, and he brought out a chilling aura.

Was it her?

At that time, the woman who introduced herself in an orderly fashion with a calm voice had a proper and elegant smile on her face…

Lu Zhi Yuan’s eyes were fixed on the woman on stage and could hardly believe it.

However, the familiar five facial features have been etched in his heart over and over again…

It’s her!

Lu Zhi Yuan’s brain blanked, his heart beat violently and his breath was rushed. He had a pent-up hatred, a desire to torment the other for pleasure and maybe it was mixed with a complicated feeling, an inexplicable joy…

Huang Yanran, who came along with Lu Zhi Yuan, also found that his expression changed. She looked at Lu Zhi Yuan for the first time, but the other party didn’t pay any attention to her at all.

Lu Zhi Yao discovered the abnormality of the two people and lightly asked. “What happened?”

Lu Zhi Yuan didn’t answer. The smile on his face was frightening. He couldn’t hear what the people around him were saying. He just raised his foot and walked towards Bai Xun step by step.

It was too late for Huang Yanran to stop him.

“…In fact, the inspiration this time was actually a simple view of love. It was to also express the desire for a beautiful love…”

Bai Xun’s introduction was close to the end. The strong lights and countless flashes made her almost unable to see the people below, but his aggressive eyes locked onto her body that seemed as if he wanted to swallow her alive.

“The desire for a beautiful love? Bai Xun’s design had such a source of inspiration? Shouldn’t it be driven by money?”

The words that weren’t urgent nor slow was sounded with a cold smile. The tall figure approached step by step against the light, her face changed, and her eyes widen incredulously.

“A’Yuan…you…” Her lips moved, and the rest of her words were stuck in her throat when she ridiculously smiled at Lu Zhi Yuan.

His dark eyes no longer had the same light from the past, and the turbulence inside could been seen in the coldness which chilled people’s hearts.

If the repulsed hatred wasn’t within the crowd, he would have really wanted to reach out and strangle her.

Bai Xun didn’t dare to look at him. Her body was shaking.

The host on the side was inexplicably shivering. What happened?

People far away didn’t know what had happened on the stage, but the people in the front row heard Lu Zhi Yuan’s words.

There was a moment of silence in the hall, and then the whispers and the sound of flashing lights brought about a crazy surge.  

The host quickly responded and her smile reappeared. “It seemed that President Lu was also moved by the designer’s introduction. Thank you for the wonderful introduction brought by Bai Xun. We will proceed to the next phase.”

Bai Xun’s face was pale. She didn’t stay any longer with the host and turned away with her skirt.

Lu Zhi Yuan squinted and strode up.

In the audience, Lu Zhi Yao and Huang Yanran closely followed.

The host behind him tried to control the scene’s atmosphere. However, the media cameras followed several major figures.


Bai Xun ran all the way out of the show hurriedly, but she was wearing high-heeled shoes and was staggering.

Lu Zhi Yuan, who was close behind her, easily caught up with her. He grabbed Bai Xun’s wrist and said, “Why? Why run when you see me?”

Her wrists were pinched to death. It was so painful that Bai Xun couldn’t help but hiss.

Lu Zhi Yuan’s reflexes unconsciously relaxed a little, he didn’t even realize his own actions, but in the next moment he was furious.

How could he be soft on her? Everything about her was a hoax!

“Let me go!” Bai Xun frantically struggled.

Lu Zhi Yuan tightened his hand even more, sneered and icily said, “Have you returned from abroad? Didn’t Su Shi return with you? Why don’t old friends talk about the past when they meet? Xiao Xun, Xun…”

Her name slowly was uttered from his mouth. Every time he asked a question, her chill deepened.

Such a Zhi Lu Yuan was too terrible.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I don’t know you.” Bai Xun’s voice trembled a little. She looked away in a panic. After being clamped down, she didn’t dare to face the other’s eyes.

“Don’t know me? How dare you don’t look at me?” Lu Zhi Yuan’s anger surged in his heart. He reached for her chin and twisted her face. “What are you afraid of? Guilty conscience? Ashamed and uneasy?”

Lu Zhi Yuan was in a hurry from his anger, he pinched too hard and it easily left a red mark on her chin.

He seemed to be surrounded by a black air, the black eyes seemed as if they were covered in an ice-cold haze.

Motherfucker, it hurts!

Bai Xun didn’t need to act. Her eyes were already filled with physiological tears.

The blackened A’Yuan was terrible, how come brother A’Yao isn’t here yet…. there was no one here. She was afraid that she would be killed by this blackened anger!

Bai Xun’s brain was spinning fast. If she cried now and complained that she had left with the money to save him, would she be killed?

Lu Zhi Yao #1 my favorite yandere <3 so nice!! 100% iceberg but 100% moe and warmth when affection high enough!!

To those that doesn’t work in a company yet, so you can have a parent company which in this case, Lu Zhi Yuan is the president. Then the child company, which Bai Xun works in has a president that represents that child/branch company, Lu Zhi Yao.

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