Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 3

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 03

The kitten was finally named cotton pants.

Bai Xun is satisfied and follows Gao Yuan into the house he rented. It was no more spacious than her home, but it was clean and tidy. They made a small nest for cotton pants and help settle the kitten, Bai Xun repeatedly sneezed several times. She couldn’t help but have a runny nose and blinking her wet eyes she watched Gao Yuan feed cotton pants.

Gao Yuan, watched Bai Xun who was watching the kitten, how is it that he feels that he wants to touch her head more than the cat?

Because of cotton pants, Bai Xun spent an afternoon with Gao Yuan. She looked at the time and had to go to work.

“Hey, I have to go out, I have things to do, cotton pants please oh.” Bai Xun reluctantly looked at the little black cat, then look at Gao Yuan with her big eyes.

Gao Yuan smiled. “Don’t worry, this guy will be safe with me.”

She said goodbye to Gao Yuan and rushed to her workplace – Guanlan Club.

Because the female host is from a poor family, she usually come there to work as a waiter after class during the evenings and goes to the fast food restaurant to cook on the weekend.

But for Bai Xun, this club was an opportunity to meet an important person. The club owner is a key figure from the Mafia. She was not clear when the other party will appear, so all she can do is wait.

What’s more, the Guanlan Club is a place in the game where several capture targets come and go, whether they are talking about business, celebrating success or gathering.

Bai Xun changed into the waiter uniform, which is similar to a maid costume. It is relatively simple with a white ruffled skirt and black apron, every waiter wore animal ears, while Bai Xun wore a pair of cat ears.

Tang Jie, who is in her thirties, is their manager, she guided them to a private room. “You guys will be responsible for this private room this evening. There is a young master in there who can’t be offended. Be careful not to make trouble.”

The person who instructed the fearful manager is her unexpected gains. Bai Xun thought about it and then went in to serve two people carrying wine.

They set the glasses straight, poured the wine and stood waiting as a row in the corner of the service area. The waiters at the Guanlan Club are well-trained and their movements were elegant and smooth.

Bai Xun scanned the whole room, looking for an 18-year-old teenager, but he looked older than his age. Apart from other cannon fodder NPCs, the teenager who sits alone on the sofa is the most conspicuous.

He has chestnut colored hair and a blue stud on his left ear. His phoenix eyes are extremely beautiful. The eyebrows are sharp and unassuming, and the slender long legs in ripped jeans are placed on the coffee table in front of him.

Bai Xun recalled the game she has played before. She confirmed that this person is Qin Xiao, the only son of Qin Feng, the president of Qin corporation, and his mother is Leng Jinyu, the elder sister of the Leng family.

Qin Xiao’s life is very difficult. When Leng Jinyu gave birth to him unmarried, she had a difficult time during child labor and died. As rumors began to rise, Qin Feng came forward to recognize the child.

Although Qin Xiao is the only child of Qin Feng, it is said that the relationship with Qin Feng is not good, and this day is also the death anniversary of Leng Jinyu, so the family has never celebrated his birthday.

Today, it is his 18th birthday.

Bai Xun thought about how to attract his attention. She thought about second generation rich people who seem to be the type with a lot of money but lacking love.

Qin Xiao occupied the sofa alone. As for the enchanting lady with wine who wore an exposed dress and a charming posture, he didn’t pay her much attention. He was so upset that he threw his glass impatiently. “Is this stuff really called wine?”

Several of the people who accompanied him looked at each other. They did not know why the young master’s mood was so bad today and what was wrong with him.

Next to him, a young man with yellow hair rushed to laugh and jokingly said. “You go and get two more bottles again. Besides, what kind of wine does Qin Shaoye1Shaoye – Young Master drink in this sort of place? Don’t let down talented people.”2This is a high-end brothel, “don’t let down talented people” meaning to not waste the talents of the women in this establishment.

He pinched the waist of a beautiful lady in his arms with a laugh as he spoke, causing the other person to giggle and fall into his arms.

Bai Xun had an idea, with Qin Xiao she may not be able to attract attention, but with the yellow-haired man next to him…

She went out and retrieved two bottles of wine, and on the way, pulled off the top button of her white shirt. Without the button, she only needs minimal movement, and the neckline will slide open, revealing a delicate clavicle and fair skin.

Bai Xun entered, carrying the wine with her head bowed and obediently walked past the yellow-haired man. She wanted to go to Qin Xiao to pour him wine.

Her neckline slipped down because she bent slightly. From the angle of the yellow-haired man, he could see the other’s white chin and the seductive clavicle, and her curves, it made him wanted to explore.

Sometimes it is good to hold in your hands, but it is very difficult to bear if you can’t eat.3“Sometimes it is good to hold in your hands, but it is very difficult to bear if you can’t eat.” It means it’s good to molest with your hands, but it is difficult to hold in your desires if you can’t go all the way.

The woman who laid in the arms of the yellow-haired man is very beautiful, but the heavy makeup and wide waist, in contrast to Bai Xun with light makeup who wore tight clothes and had unintentionally reveal a small piece of white and tender skin, it made him wanted to retreat to a new temptation.

The yellow-haired man felt that the flattering woman in his arms was very boring. He threw away the woman in his arms and reached out to Bai Xun with great interest. “When did Guanlan gained such a pure waiter?”

“Ah, I, I am not…” Bai Xun was suddenly caught by her wrist, the tray swayed, and she quickly protected the bottle in her hand, looking at the man with bewilderment.

The yellow-haired man was stunned, since the waiters were standing in a dimly lit place and kept their heads down, so the guests didn’t pay much attention to their faces. Now looking at her directly, the delicate face is exposed. Especially in this kind of atmosphere, when she blinks at you with a pair of especially simple and innocent apricot eyes, she makes men have the impulse to immediately press her under and make love.

His interest was even more piqued, pulling her into his arms using one hand, and grabs her chin with his other hand, “Say, how much do you want?”

Bai Xun panicked, the bottle fell to the ground, she struggled but could not escape man’s grip who forcibly held her in his arms.

“Let, let go… let me go! I don’t do that…”

The face of the girl next to her also changed a little. She forced a smiled and went to the man. “Huang Shao, don’t frighten her. She is not a lady from the club. Besides, you don’t like sweet?”4She’s referring to herself as sweet.

Most men would have liked to be persuaded to agree and let her laugh. But Huang Shao glanced at her and sneered. “You, I am tired of playing. Now, I want her. Why don’t you sell it? It won’t be cheap.”

The man pushed aside the woman beside him and sniffed the faint fragrance from her neck. “As long as you stay with me for one night, why do you need to be a waiter here?”

Bai Xun was angry and anxious, and her face became red and white. She couldn’t escape the man’s grip. She couldn’t help but glance around for help, then looked at the only man who was watching.

Qin Xiao obviously noticed this too. Her watery eyes are clear and pure, she is clearly unwilling.

Qin Xiao is different from them. Although his father seldom cares for him, he has a strict uncle, so he rarely comes to these places and looks down on forcing others.

Just as Bai Xun bit her lip and avoids the man’s frivolity, the young man sounded impatiently with a slightly hoarse voice.


  1. Shaoye – Young Master
  2. This is a high-end brothel, “don’t let down the talented people” meaning to not waste the talents of the women in this establishment.
  3. “Sometimes it is good to hold in your hands, but it is very difficult to bear if you can’t eat.” It means it’s good to molest with your hands, but it is difficult to hold in your desires if you can’t go all the way.
  4. She’s referring to herself as sweet.

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