Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 30

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 05

Now let’s resolve the misunderstanding, play with this big brother! Xiao Yuan’s guilt wasn’t so deep.

It’s not until she made a big mistake and had to get rid of the misunderstanding that she had regrets!

Bai Xun clenched her teeth and didn’t say a word. The tears from her eyes flowed down and burned Lu Zhi Yuan’s hands.

Lu Zhi Yuan was stunned for a moment. He looked at her pain and struggled to not mention anything from the past.  

He didn’t understand, he didn’t want to believe it, but the facts were in front of him.

The woman disappeared without a single explanation.

Lu Zhi Yuan’s complicated mood disappeared in a blink and his eyes flashed. The smile on his lips was even colder, “I didn’t expect that you are now a well-known designer.”

“It seems that you are doing very well. Have you forgotten about the difficult situation from that time? Whether or not your heart was complacent?”  

Bai Xun trembled. His words reminded her of his injury. Her eyes couldn’t help but sweep at his little finger. There was a scar there, how couldn’t it be eliminated…

For Lu Zhi Yuan, she was a vain woman who betrayed their feelings and coveted money.

But she promised Lu Fu that if she took the money, she wouldn’t be qualified to stand beside him.

When she noticed that the two figures were close in the distance, Bai Xun’s eyes grew red. Her eyes were filled with tears and she choked: “It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have appeared in front of you. Then, can you let me go?”

“Let you go?” This was a dynamite barrel. Lu Zhi Yuan’s anger almost instantly made his eyes red.  

After three years of pain and agony, she still wanted him to let her go?

He squeezed her chin in his hand and slid it down to her neck. “What do I want to do? I want you to die?”

Lu Zhi Yuan roared, almost suffocating her, and his hands gradually began to tighten.

“Oh…” The air was getting more and more scarce. Bai Xun’s face turned red.

She stopped struggling and closed her eyes, as if she had accepted her death.

“Do you want to die like this?” Lu Zhi Yuan’s pupils shrank, but he stopped unconsciously and murmured, “No, such a cheap thing…”  

At this time—

“Lu Zhi Yuan, what are you doing!”

Lu Zhi Yao, who rushed in, grabbed Lu Zhi Yuan’s wrist in one hand and pulled the other’s collar in his other hand to push the person away.

He held Bai Xun, who was coughing the entire time, and spoke faster than in his usual cold voice. “Are you okay?”

After a while, Bai Xun shook her head.

Lu Zhi Yao protected her behind him. He looked at Lu Zhi Yuan and his brows were wrinkled tightly. Although his words were light, his cold momentum was compelling, “Lu Zhi Yuan, what are you so crazy about?”

Lu Zhi Yuan was pushed away by the other party. He stumbled back two steps and was supported by Huang Yanran. He waved away the other person and looked at the man standing in front of Bai Xun in a protective stance.

As if he understood something, he looked strange and angry. Then looked at Bai Xun and said with a sneer, “Ha ha, you’re really good. You broke up with Su Shi and fell in love with Lu Zhi Yao? Or are you in two boats?”

She had to say that Xiao Yuan’s words were true.

It’s just that two boats were bullshit? She’s the one who’s going to step on seven boats!

Lu Zhi Yao couldn’t listen anymore and waved at him directly and asked, “What’s this nonsense?”

“Nonsense? Lu Zhi Yao, you should be careful, wear a green hat and treat the other like a treasure.”

“I think you need to wake up and be sober.”

Lu Zhi Yao’s whole body exuded a cold air, he lightly spoke and moved his wrist.

Lu Zhi Yuan sneered and struck without any hesitation.

“General Manager…” Bai Xun was shivering all over, standing on one side and tears falling.

“What are you doing back?” Huang Yanran said, she didn’t know when she arrived at her side, her eyes were complicated and said in a depressed voice. “Did you forget your promise to uncle Lu?”

As soon as she heard this, Bai Xun’s body was stiff and she looked at Huang Yanran’s cold eyes. She bit her teeth and ignored the two men who were still fighting and turned to leave.


Bai Xun headed home. She was a good girl who kept her promises. Since she took the money, she had to pay for it!

If it was clear now, it was certain that she had been together with Lu Zhi Yuan. How would she step on other boats?

She looked at Huang jiejie’s appearance and Lu Zhi Yuan who was kept in the dark. She didn’t know how many years the other party used eye medicine for this matter.1So, eye drops meaning Huang jiejie encourage him indirectly that Bai Xun left for the money and never actually loved him (which are both true).

Speaking of her, she was still a capture target. Since Huang jiejie was going to reveal the truth at last, she must definitely win her over.

But no matter what she does, even if she acted shrewdly to gain her favor or resorted to self-harm, nothing worked on the scheming jiejie at all!

It’s so hard to be a virgin! It’s even harder to have a foot on seven boats but also forced to engage with that little bitch to be lily!  

While walking, Bai Xun shed tears and shrank her shoulders. It was early spring, she only wore a long skirt and walked on the street. It was really cold.

“Do you want to go back like this?”

She didn’t know when the cold voice of Lu Zhi Yao sounded, but he had already caught up to her by driving and was on the side of the road.

Bai Xun paused and looked at him. It seemed as if she had been crying for a long time. Her eyes were covered in tears. She was confused by the cold man in the black coat who slowly got out of the car.

“Chief Lu….?” Bai Xun’s voice was still hoarse.

Lu Zhi Yao looked at her embarrassing appearance, she was full of tears and her makeup a mess, and he seemed to sigh silently.

He took off his coat and put it on her. “Get in the car, I’ll take you back.”

Of course, Bai Xun was prepared to be caught, so even if she shed tears and cried, she looked like a cute and pitiful little cat!

She also guessed that Lu Zhi Yao would chase after her. After all, Huang jiejie was still there. How could she let Xiao Yuan come over?

The look on Bai Xun’s face depressed Lu Zhi Yao.

After the car was started, she was still speechless, she leaned her head against the seat and looked at the flashing lights outside the window.

The car was too quiet, finally Lu Zhi Yao broke the silence.

The deep and beautiful voice slowly flowed. “Was the person you mentioned was him?”

“…what?” Bai Xun returned to her senses and felt somewhat inexplicable.

Lu Zhi Yao glanced at her meaningfully, “The ex-boyfriend from three years ago.”

For a moment, Bai Xun froze. She twisted her head and didn’t want to talk as if she had acquiesced.

Lu Zhi Yao suddenly said: “It’s good to break up.”

As if it was because of Bai Xun’s fluctuation, he paused and added, “Don’t cry for someone unworthy.”

After a long while, she finally opened her mouth to talk about tonight’s matter. Bai Xun’s voice said with difficulty, “You…aren’t you his brother?”

Lu Zhi Yao pulled the corner of his mouth. “Brother? He’s just a high-ranking person…”

“You…” For the first time, she heard some sarcastic words from Lu Zhi Yao’s mouth and couldn’t help but stare at him, “But, didn’t you heard what he said…I’m just a vain person…”

She murmured, her expression was very down.

“Those stupid words that was said without the slightest brain or IQ?” Lu Zhi Yao recovered his dull voice without much emotional fluctuations, and finally concluded, “Naïve.”

“I believe more in what I see for myself.”

Bai Xun was shocked and couldn’t speak. It seemed that she was touched.

Although Xiao Yuan was a bit too naive, but people were still deceived by their first love, and the IQ in love will inevitably fall. The deeper the love, the more they will be overwhelmed by hate.

To think that he was actually a few years older than her, in addition to his mature and aloof iceberg nature…falling in love still made him an idiot?

Of course, these roasts were said in Bai Xun’s heart. She had tears on her face and looked at Lu Zhi Yao.

Author’s Notes:

The bigger the person, the more serious is the glass heart.

In the past, even if it was a critical comment, someone still took care of me, and even wrote a few hundred words back to that other party. Now when I see a negative comment, I want to say, “Look at it, don’t look at it x”.

Then I thought, how did I become so irritable?

The text should be criticized here. I should be fine even if I don’t see eye to eye with it.

Alas, the 3D Yuan has already bowed down, and the 2D Yuan is much happier.

“Emotional Salesman”2This is author’s other work was very hot when it was first published, then it became cold. Hahahaha, but I will still finish it.

The views on this novel is really low, its enough to make me doubt that this novel is all jj3Curse word for penis/dick, hhhh but I love you every time you leave a comment and it gives me more motivation~ I love you more than my heart~ I have rarely written so many words, I’m afraid that if I say more, I’ll be annoying. Hahahaha, it’s alright to think about writing more, but you still can’t control it when you feel emotional talking about it yourself.

  1. So, eye drops meaning Huang jiejie encourage him indirectly that Bai Xun left for the money and never actually loved him (which are both true).

For my readers that are doubting the yandere….the author doesn’t want to scare away readers from the first arc. So as the story progress…the yandere extremity will increase to the point where its pitch black. It’s so terrifying but exciting. I can’t wait to get to the finale. I hope in my upcoming poll, the winner is a male yandere novel. >_<;;

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