Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 31

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 06

Bai Xun looked at Lu Zhi Yao and suddenly frowned slightly. “General Manager Lu, what’s the matter with your mouth? Injured?”

Her words reminded Lu Zhi Yao of the previous fight. He and Lu Zhi Yuan both beat each other several times with punches. It’s estimated that the injury was also caused from that time.

He rarely looked bad, “It’s nothing.”

When Bai Xun got out of the car, she still felt uneasy. “Would you like to go in and sit for a while, I will give you some medicine.” Lu Zhi Yao paused, but he didn’t refuse.

Not far away, a car that followed them, slowly stopped.

Lu Zhi Yuan looked at the two that walked into the building and almost crushed the steering wheel in his hand.

His dark eyes blended into the night, and the emotions in it were not so simple as pure hatred. It was better to say that it was a complicated mixture of extreme jealousy and hatred.

On the other side, Lu Zhi Yao followed into the room, and Bai Xun went to look for the medicine box. He looked around and saw that there were very few feminine decorations.  

Although there was only one room and one hall, it couldn’t compare with his luxurious villa, but it was better in the sense that it was clean, warm and lively. It’s not like where he lives, which was too cold.

When Bai Xun returned with the medicine box, she saw that the other side was in a daze. She couldn’t help but blush, “It’s a little small here, don’t dislike it Chief Lu.”

Lu Zhi Yao shook his head. “It’s good.”

Bai Xun smiled and said. “Okay, let me see the wound.”

When she finished, Lu Zhi Yao suddenly rolled up his cuff. His arm’s injury seemed to have been caused from a fall and was scraped. There was red blood.

Bai Xun pressed her lips tightly, disinfected and applied the medicine seriously, and finally put on a band-aid.

“It’s good here, now for the corner of the mouth…”

She said, then she dipped the cotton swab into the medicine, she raised her head and faced Lu Zhi Yao’s eyes.

The obsidian colored eyes looked at her without blinking. It seemed as if there were stars in it. It didn’t have the feel of a gentle person, but it made people almost felt as if they would drown in this deep spring.  

Bai Xun was stunned by his actions and had an unnatural appearance.

Lu Zhi Yao’s eyes were deep, and he bent down slightly to approach her, gesturing to her to apply the medicine quickly.  

Bai Xun then raised the cotton swab from her hand to smear it on the other’s wound.

But they were so close, that the magnified beautiful facial features were right in front of her. Bai Xun was so flustered with her eyes, that she almost held her breath.

The tension of being closely watched made her dare not look at him again. She could only look down and concentrate on the injury.

In fact, in the eyes of Lu Zhi Yao, she was a beautiful person.

The delicate skin that was snow-white without a single flaw. At such a short distance, the tiny hairs on the smooth skin were lovely and itchy. The long eyelashes were black as a crow feather and fluttered gently from time to time, and the warm flowing light under the eyelashes moved as if flowing.

The atmosphere was too quiet, quiet enough to hear the breathing of the two and the beating heart in their chest.

Lu Zhi Yao’s throat moved, and he unconsciously slowly approached…

“All right.”

Bai Xun suddenly stood up and turned her back to Lu Zhi Yao. She deliberately raised her voice and said, “Mr. Lu, go back and have a good rest. Tomorrow, the bruise will disappear.”

Lu Zhi Yao maintained his previous standing position and paused. He looked at the people standing far away from him as if avoiding him.

The calm tone was elegant and apologetic. “I don’t want you to be afraid of me. What I said that day, you think about it, I’m not in a hurry.”

Did he want to talk about dating? Bai Xun’s body was frozen for a moment.

How was it possible, the blackened Xiao Yuan just emerged! If she stayed with him, won’t the other party blow up?

Lu Zhi Yao wasn’t annoyed with Bai Xun’s response and he wasn’t upset. He buttoned up his sleeve and said lightly, “Then, I will go back first.”  

Bai Xun didn’t speak until the door was closed and Lu Zhi Yao was far away. She was relieved and collapsed onto the sofa.  

Motherfucker, I worked myself to death. Older brother, just added three points of good feelings, are you a penny-pincher?

As expected, love with purpose wasn’t simple…she still must rest early. Tomorrow, she will have to deal with the blackened value, the other side will make sure she won’t be better.


Early the next morning, there was a sudden knock on the door.

Bai Xun opened the door and looked at the landlady sister that stood in front of her. She realized in her heart that it has begun.

She was surprised, “Sister Wu, why are you here? What can I do for you?”

The other side looked embarrassed. “Xiao Xun, this… I have something to tell you, this house… I may not be able to rent it to you anymore. You will have to move out today…”

“What?” It seemed that Bai Xun didn’t return to her senses for a while, it was too sudden…

She anxiously said, “Sister Wu, why would you say this all of a sudden? Is it about rent? We can discuss….besides, it’s too late for me to move out today…”

“Oh, no… Xiao Xun don’t ask. I won’t force you to move out now, so move out before tonight.”

When the other party finished speaking, they hurried away.

Bai Xun was in a daze for a long time. She looked at the time, she was in a hurry and went to the company after washing. Her face was still sad because of the house.

However, she felt that everyone was staring at her as soon as she entered the building. Their eyes were very strange.

Bai Xun was somewhat puzzled. As usual, she arrived at her office. When she first entered, she found that all the designers were standing on one side, while two big men were sitting beside her workstation.

The office was terribly quiet, Lu Zhi Yuan sat in her spot, rotated the pen in his hand, his face was iron-cold and tauntingly stared at her.

It seemed that Bai Xun didn’t expect to encounter this situation. Her face changed a little, she looked at Lu Zhi Yao who stood on the side, “General manager, this is…?”

“Bai Xiao Xun, right?” Lu Zhi Yuan interrupted her. He threw the pen away, propped himself back and stretched his back against the seat.

He looked at Bai Xun with his cold eyes and smiled maliciously and rudely said, “You’re fired.”

Author’s Notes:

Yesterday, I was drinking and now that I’m sober and want to vomit, what am I saying [covers face] But you guys are too cute, I can only work harder and love you all~

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