Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 32

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 07

“What?” Bai Xun’s face was startled. She couldn’t believe it and looked at Lu Zhi Yuan with disbelief and turned to Lu Zhi Yao.

Lu Zhi Yao, who had been cold faced didn’t speak, he waved his hand and drove others out. He didn’t turn to Lu Zhi Yuan until there was only the three of them left in the office.

Lu Zhi Yao’s aloofness had some strength, “As I just said, you have no right to make such a decision. Bai Xiao Xun’s designs were our company’s main designs this year. I won’t allow others to fire my employees at will.”

“I don’t have the right?” Lu Zhi Yuan seemed to have heard something funny. He stood up and looked cold. “This whole Lu family is mine. I don’t have the right to fire a small designer?”

“As the representative of the Lu family, I have the right to make any decision.” Lu Zhi Yao was unmoved, calm but sharp, “But, this decision has convinced people, wouldn’t this be a personal abuse of power to dismiss a designer at will?”

Lu Zhi Yuan sneered, “Lu Zhi Yao, it doesn’t have anything to do publicly or privately, right? Because she’s your lover, so reluctant?”

At first, Lu Zhi Yao’s face was faint but suddenly changed from his momentum. His eyes were cold, “Please pay attention to your words.”

“Do you still want to fight?” Lu Zhi Yuan squinted.

The height of the two men were so high that no one could lose, and the oppressed person couldn’t breathe.

Bai Xun finally spoke up. “Enough.”

The faint two words broke the two’s silent competition with its coldness.

She walked step by step forward to Lu Zhi Yuan, and her expression was surprisingly calm. “Do you want me to leave? Well, I’ll take the initiative to resign. So, will you be happy?”

She asked easily, and Lu Zhi Yuan’s expression was even more heavy.

Yes, he just wants her to roll! But what he wanted to see was her crying appearance while she knelt and begged for mercy, rather than how she had just coldly left.

It’s as if the loser was still him.

Lu Zhi Yuan’s heart was blocked, and it made him feel uncomfortable.  

He gritted his teeth and looked at the person in front of him. “Do you think it would be over once you leave? No company will accept you and you won’t be able to rent any place to live. You will have nothing!”  

Bai Xun looked at him in amazement, as if she didn’t know him. Lu Zhi Yuan’s heart was finally pleased by the incredulous look in her eyes. This made him ignore the sorrowful taste coming from the small corner of his heart.  

Bai Xun seem to be relieved. She no longer looked at him, turned around and looked at Lu Zhi Yao and barely smiled. “General manager, thank you for your guidance and assistance during this period. I’m leaving now, goodbye.”

Her attitude was different towards Lu Zhi Yao and made Lu Zhi Yuan clench his fists.

In this way, Bai Xun left the company in full view of the public. Her colleagues of the design department had recognized her talent in yesterday’s successful show, but now the result made them sigh for a while.

Lu Zhi Yao looked at Bai Xun’s figure and slowly opened his mouth, “Lu Zhi Yuan, you will regret it.”

When he finished, he chased after her, and Lu Zhi Yuan looked slightly shocked.

He clearly thought about how to torture that vain woman in a terrible way after finding her, and how to make the other have nothing and cry for mercy step by step!

However, it was less than two days since their encounter and his heart seemed to have been shaken a bit.

As long as he sees the other person’s tears, he will become soft-hearted.

Even, he sometimes thought, didn’t she just love money? Let her see how much money he has now!….1Dude he wants to get back together with her but thinks she won’t cause she ain’t that cheap. BX too ruthless

No, she can’t be so cheap…. Lu Zhi Yuan sat on the seat dejectedly.


Bai Xun walked on the road and the early spring breeze blew the corner of her coat.

She looked at Lu Zhi Yuan’s blackening value that constantly fell, there was a black line in Bai Xun’s heart. Can you have a little backbone Xiao Yuan! – It’s really good, so easy for a man!

When Lu Zhi Yao called her, Bai Xun’s expressionless face hung with a look of emptiness and hesitation. She turned to look at the approaching person and caressed her long hair that was disturbed by the wind.

“Chief Lu? Why are you following me…” She asked doubtfully. After a pause, she seemed to have thought of something. She smiled and reassured: “I’m okay. Go back to your work quickly. I just lost my job, it’s not a big deal. I’ll find a new job soon…”

Lu Zhi Yao looked at her face that had a strong smile and didn’t say anything. He just took out a key and handed it to her. “Take it and go to the previous address.”  

Bai Xun didn’t pick it up, she hesitated, “Chief Lu, what is this…?”

“Don’t you have nowhere to live? Stay with me for the time being.” He said it dully and didn’t have an unnatural expression.

But Bai Xun stared and shook her head again and again, “How could I do that? I, I can find a house…”

“If Lu Zhi Yuan wants, no matter where you rent, he will have a way to drive you out. What’s more, where can you find a suitable place to live so soon?”

Lu Zhi Yao analyzed from start to finish. He looked at Bai Xun who was still hesitant and directly gave her the key. “Do you think you would live for free? I’m short of a personal cook, so it will pay for rent.”

“Then… okay.” Bai Xun took the key.

She looked at Lu Zhi Yao with some emotion, “Chief Lu, don’t worry, I will find a place to move out as soon as possible.”

Lu Zhi Yao nodded his head.

It seemed that he wasn’t in a hurry for her to move out.

Mom, this is exciting! If Xiao Yuan knew that he had given her to his big brother for “cohabitation”, she wouldn’t know what his expression would be!

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