Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 33

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 08

Bai Xun happily moved her luggage to Lu Zhi Yao’s villa. She didn’t have many things, she finished at noon.

She thought about the first day of “cohabitation”, she must give the other party a good celebration.

Bai Xun went to the supermarket to buy food before he returned from work.

Pots and pans weren’t a problem to her. After all, she was originally born as a poor child and her cooking skills weren’t bad.

When she prepared the meal, Lu Zhi Yao also got off work. She pinched it well, watched the other party’s car return and quickly placed the hot meal onto the table.

When the door rang, Bai Xun wiped her hands and ran to open the door.

“You’re back.” She was a little embarrassed. “I don’t know what you like to eat, so I made something. Are you hungry? Come and have a taste.”

Lu Zhi Yao was momentarily in a trance after he opened the door. She looked as if she was a wife who waited for her husband to come back from work.

He let go of his clothes and sat down at the table. When he went to pick up the chopsticks, Bai Xun stopped him. She didn’t agree with him and naturally said, “You haven’t washed your hands yet.”

Lu Zhi Yao didn’t say anything, he got up and washed his hands.  

However, it was this small detail that touched his heart.

Bai Xun looked at the affection that rose to 85%, she couldn’t help but exclaim that “home” was really Lu Zhi Yao’s weakness!

When they finished eating, Lu Zhi Yao said, “You don’t have to worry about work. Tomorrow, you should be able to come back to work.”  

“Really?” Bai Xun couldn’t believe it.

Lu Zhi Yao didn’t say anything and slightly smiled, “Wait and see.”  

Bai Xun went into her room and laid down. She was still thinking about Lu Zhi Yao’s words. It seemed that tomorrow, the other party had made some arrangements.

This was a guest room, no one has ever lived in it. Fortunately, she didn’t mind the bed, she had a good night’s rest for her first night.  

The next day, in order to brush his affections, Bai Xun didn’t sleep in. She got up and made breakfast and waited for Lu Zhi Yao to finished eating and watched him go to work.  

She wanted to roast herself for acting like a very cute little wife.

Of course, for Bai Xun’s performance, she was just grateful to Lu Zhi Yao for taking her in, so she cooked in return.

On the other hand, Bai Xun, a brilliant designer from the spring show, was inexplicably dismissed, this quickly occupied the headlines of major media business sectors.

Bai Xun saw the news and jumped when she saw it. It could be seen that it had a big impact. This was probably the good thing that Lu Zhi Yao did. This situation even affected the Lu stock price that day.  

In the conference room of Lu headquarters, the atmosphere was tense.

A group of directors were discontent and suppressed their emotions.

“President Lu, why are you acting out of line? Was there any reason to fire a designer who had just brought benefits to the company?”

“Yes, the gossip circulating outside has a big influence on our reputation.”

“Yes, today’s stock price has fallen…”

Everyone’s brief remarks made him standup with dissatisfaction.  

“All right.” Lu Zhi Yuan gently tapped the table twice, glanced at the people and quietly said: “If this is the case, let her come back to work.”

After a pause, his mouth curved, “However, she can’t stay at the branch office anymore.”


Bai Xun received a phone call from the human resource department in the morning to ask her to go to Lu. She raised her eyebrows, how fast?

She rushed to the company and was taken directly by the president’s secretary to the HR department to go through the formalities.

It was worthy of headquarters, it was more magnificent than Lu Zhi Yao’s branch office.

She stood in the elevator, Bai Xun seemed to look uneasily at the young man with glasses in front of her. “Secretary Zhao, excuse me, where are we going?”

The man smiled politely. “We are going to the president’s office, the president wants to see you.”

Bai Xun frowned slightly. When she was about to ask something else, the elevator had arrived at the designated floor.

The man courteously helped her to hold the elevator door, “This way please.”

Bai Xun could only keep up.

The office door was pushed open and the secretary signaled to her. After Bai Xun went in, the man had already left, she could only continue forward alone.

This office was much more comparable than Lu Zhi Yao’s.

The tall man stood by the huge floor-to-ceiling window, his shirt sleeve was pulled up to his forearm and revealed the beautiful muscle lines.

He turned around and looked at her familiar and beautiful face.

Although Bai Xun was psychologically prepared, she was still somewhat unnatural.

“A’Yuan…president Lu…” She opened her mouth and changed how she address him. She had her eyes closed and said, “What’s the matter?”  

“I am asking you to join the design department.”

“Me? Join the design department?” Bai Xun was confused and looked at him with uncertainty.

“The design department of Lu headquarters.” Lu Zhi Yuan emphasized again, “This is where all fashion designers dream to work at.”

But Bai Xun didn’t have much joy, she just looked at him stupidly. “Why would you suddenly let me…”  

“Don’t think about it too much, I just…it’s for the sake of the Lu stock price.” Lu Zhi Yuan blurted out, he didn’t know whether he was trying to persuade Bai Xun or himself, and coldly added. “And you still have some use now. When your fame wears off, I’ll kick you out. You better do your best and pray to establish yourself in the design department.”

“I know.” Bai Xun understood and nodded.

Lu Zhi Yuan looked at her “It’s like this” expression, which unknowingly caused him to smother his anger. His face was cold and said, “Okay, let’s go, I will take you to the design department.”  

… Xiao Yuan, your mouth says yes and heart no, oh! If it really wasn’t important, wouldn’t he had just arranged someone to take her to the design department. Did he wanted to take her personally? Aren’t you afraid of those people that would secretly kill her?

Bai Xun rolled her eyes and went to the design department behind him.

As soon as Lu Zhi Yuan entered the office, the secretary had gathered all the people.

“This is Bai Xiao Xun. From now on, she will be one of you as a new designer in the design department.”

They all looked at each other inexplicably and then clapped.

Bai Xun felt that in order to not embarrass Lu Zhi Yuan, she took the initiative to greet others with a smile, “Hello everyone, it’s nice to meet you.”  

“Well, I’ll take you to the design director.”

Lu Zhi Yuan was far away with Bai Xun. The office personnel who was gathered, looked confused and gossiped.

“Who is she? How can the president bring in a person?”

“Don’t you know? Didn’t you watch today’s news? Bai Xiao Xun, the main designer of this spring show, was a huge success.”

Someone lowered their voice and mysteriously said, “…I heard that she’s president Lu’s girlfriend.”  

“President Lu? Which Lu?”

“The branch office…but now that I look, our Lu treatment towards her isn’t simple.”

“No, doesn’t he have a fiancée? Miss Huang is so nice.”

“It seems that this person isn’t so simple.”

Before Bai Xun had made contact with others, she was already labeled with having a profound mind.

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